Spanish movie actors died when they were 70

Here are 3 famous actors from Spain died at 70:

Antonio Casas

Antonio Casas (November 11, 1911 A Coruña-February 14, 1982 Madrid) also known as Antonio Casas Barros was a Spanish actor and football player.

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Júnior (September 10, 1943 Manila-April 15, 2014 Torrelodones) otherwise known as Antonio Morales Barretto, Antonio Morales, Antonio Barreto Morales Jr., Juan y Junior, Los Brincos or Junior was a Spanish singer, actor and singer-songwriter. He had three children, Shaila Dúrcal, Carmen Morales and Antonio Morales.

He died in natural causes.

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Emilio García Riera

Emilio García Riera (November 17, 1931 Ibiza-October 11, 2002 Zapopan) was a Spanish actor and screenwriter.

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