Spanish movie actors died when they were 80

Here are 11 famous actors from Spain died at 80:

Alfredo Landa

Alfredo Landa (March 3, 1933 Pamplona-May 9, 2013 Madrid) also known as Alfredo Landa Areitio or Alfredo Landa Areta was a Spanish actor. His children are Ainhoa Landa, Idoia Landa and Alfredo Landa.

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Ricardo Castro Ríos

Ricardo Castro Ríos (April 2, 1920 Vigo-January 21, 2001 Buenos Aires) also known as Richard Castro Rios or Manuel Francisco Castro Ríos was a Spanish actor.

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José Isbert

José Isbert (March 3, 1886 Tarazona de la Mancha-November 28, 1966 Madrid) also known as José Ysbert Alvarruiz, Pepe Isbert or Jose Isbert was a Spanish actor and teacher. His children are María Isbert, Matilde Isbert, José Isbert and Julieta Isabel Isbert.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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Juan Antonio Bardem

Juan Antonio Bardem (June 2, 1922 Madrid-October 30, 2002 Madrid) also known as J.A. Bardem, Juan Antonio Bardem Muñoz, Juan Antonio Barden, Juan Bardem or J. Antonio Bardem was a Spanish screenwriter, film director, engineer, television director and actor. He had four children, Maria Bardem, Rafael Bardem, Miguel Bardem and Juan Bardem.

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Benito Perojo

Benito Perojo (June 14, 1894 Madrid-November 11, 1974 Madrid) was a Spanish film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor and film producer.

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Víctor Israel

Víctor Israel (June 13, 1929 Barcelona-September 19, 2009 Spain) also known as Victor Rael, Josep Maria Soler Vilanova, Víctor D'Israel, Victor Israel, Víctor Isrrael or José María Soler Vilanova was a Spanish actor.

He died in natural causes.

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Jesus Tordesillas

Jesus Tordesillas (January 28, 1893 Madrid-March 24, 1973 Madrid) otherwise known as Jesús Tordesillas Fernández or Jesús Tordesillas was a Spanish actor.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Félix de Pomés

Félix de Pomés (February 5, 1889 Barcelona-July 17, 1969 Barcelona) also known as Felix De Pomes, de Pomés, Pomés de Félix, de Pomès, Felix de Pomèz or Félix Pomés Soler was a Spanish actor and athlete. His child is Isabel de Pomés.

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José Nieto

José Nieto (May 3, 1902 Murcia-August 10, 1982 Matalascañas) also known as José García Nieto, José Antonio Nieto, Jose Nieto, Jose Pepe Nieto, Pepe Nieto, José García López or Josele was a Spanish actor.

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Fernando Guillén

Fernando Guillén (November 22, 1932 Barcelona-January 17, 2013 Madrid) also known as Fernando Guillen, Fernando Gallego Guillén or Fernando Guillén Gallego was a Spanish actor. He had three children, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Natalia Guillén.

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Pepe Rubio

Pepe Rubio (September 10, 1931 Lubrín-March 15, 2012 Madrid) also known as José Rubio Urrea, Jose Rubio, José 'Zambudio' Rubio or José Rubio was a Spanish actor.

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