Spanish movie actors died in the year 2000

Here are 4 famous actors from Spain died in 2000:

Pablito Calvo

Pablito Calvo (March 16, 1948 Madrid-February 1, 2000 Alicante) also known as Pablo Calvo or Pablo Calvo Hidalgo was a Spanish actor and industrial engineer. He had one child, Pablito Calvo Jr..

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Ángel Aranda

Ángel Aranda (September 18, 1934 Jaén-July 4, 2000 Spain) also known as Angel Miranda, Angelo Aranda, Ángel Pérez Aranda, Angel Aranda or Angel Armada was a Spanish actor.

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Antonio Ferrandis

Antonio Ferrandis (February 28, 1921 Paterna-October 16, 2000 Valencia) a.k.a. Antonio Ferrandiz, Antonio Ferrandis Monrabal or Antonio Ferrándiz was a Spanish actor and teacher.

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Jesus Puente

Jesus Puente (December 18, 1930 Madrid-October 26, 2000 Madrid) a.k.a. Jesús Puente, George Gordon or Jesús Puente Alzaga was a Spanish actor and television presenter. He had three children, Ágata Puente, Chesu Puente and Jesus Puente.

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