Spanish movie actresses died when they were 57

Here are 1 famous actresses from Spain died at 57:

Lina Romay

Lina Romay (June 25, 1954 Barcelona-February 15, 2012 Málaga) otherwise known as Rosa M. Almirall, Rosa María Almirall, Candice Coster, Candy Coster, Rosa María Almirall Martínez, Rosa Mª Almirall, Rosa Maria Almiral, Lennie Hayden, Betty Carter, Lulu Laverne, Jean Collins, Rosa Almirail, Rosa Almirall, Roas Almirall, Rosa M-a Almirall, R.M. Almirall, Lulú Laverne, Linan Romay or Lola Falana was a Spanish actor, pornographic film actor, screenwriter, film director, film editor, model, film producer and film art director.

She died in cancer.

Lina Romay is best known for her work in the Spanish exploitation film industry. She appeared in over one hundred films throughout her career, many of which were directed by her partner, director Jess Franco. Some of the most notable films she appeared in include "Female Vampire," "Barbed Wire Dolls," and "Jack the Ripper," as well as numerous films in the "Women in Prison" genre. In addition to acting, Romay was also a prolific writer and director, often collaborating with Franco on the scripts for their films. She was also involved in the production and editing of several of their films. Despite the controversial and often explicit nature of her work, Romay was widely admired for her fearless approach to her craft and her dedication to independent filmmaking.

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