Spanish movie actresses died in the year 2007

Here are 3 famous actresses from Spain died in 2007:

Conchita Montenegro

Conchita Montenegro (September 11, 1912 Donostia / San Sebastián-April 22, 2007 Madrid) also known as Concepción Andrés Picado was a Spanish model, actor and dancer.

She began her career as a dancer at the Teatro María Guerrero in Madrid, and soon after she became a model for various Spanish magazines. Montenegro made her acting debut in the film "El Bailarín y el trabajador" (The Dancer and the Worker) in 1936. She quickly gained fame for her beauty and talent, and was described by some as the "Spanish Greta Garbo". Montenegro went on to star in over 20 films, including "La Niebla y la doncella" (The Mist and the Maiden) and "Volando hacia Río Janeiro" (Flying to Rio de Janeiro). She also acted in Hollywood films, such as "The Crime of Doctor Crespi" and "Road to Rio". Outside of acting, Montenegro was an accomplished painter and writer.

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Emma Penella

Emma Penella (March 2, 1930 Madrid-August 27, 2007 Madrid) also known as Manuela Ruiz Penella was a Spanish actor. Her children are called Emma Piedra, Lola Piedra and Emiliana Piedra.

Emma Penella was born into a family of actors, and she started her own acting career at a young age. She made her film debut in 1947 with the Spanish film "Obsesión," and quickly went on to become a popular face in the Spanish entertainment industry.

She appeared in over 100 films throughout her career, and worked with many renowned directors and actors. She is perhaps best known for her role as Doña Rogelia in the Spanish sitcom "Aquí no hay quien viva."

In addition to her success on screen, Penella also had a thriving career in theater. She worked with some of the most prestigious theater companies in Spain, and was recognized for her outstanding performances with numerous awards and nominations.

Penella was married three times, and had three daughters. She continued to act until her death in 2007, leaving behind a legacy as one of Spain's most beloved actors.

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Isabel de Pomés

Isabel de Pomés (April 10, 1924 Barcelona-May 31, 2007 Barcelona) also known as Isabel de Pomes, Isabel de Pomés López or Isabel de Pomes Lopez was a Spanish actor.

She began her acting career in the 1940s, appearing in several Spanish films of the era. De Pomés was noted for her versatility as an actor, having played a wide range of characters in her film and television work. She was also highly respected for her dramatic performances on stage, having appeared in productions of classic Spanish plays such as "La Celestina" and "Yerma." In addition to her work as an actor, de Pomés was also a director and playwright, and was actively involved in the Spanish theater community throughout her career. She was honored with several awards for her contributions to Spanish culture, including the Cross of Saint George in 2002.

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