Spanish actresses who died due to Natural causes

Here are 3 famous actresses from Spain died in Natural causes:

Conchita Montenegro

Conchita Montenegro (September 11, 1912 Donostia / San Sebastián-April 22, 2007 Madrid) also known as Concepción Andrés Picado was a Spanish model, actor and dancer.

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Isabel de Pomés

Isabel de Pomés (April 10, 1924 Barcelona-May 31, 2007 Barcelona) also known as Isabel de Pomes, Isabel de Pomés López or Isabel de Pomes Lopez was a Spanish actor.

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Marivi Bilbao

Marivi Bilbao (January 22, 1930 Bilbao-April 3, 2013 Bilbao) a.k.a. Mariví Bilbao, Mariví Bilbao Goyoaga, Maria Victoria Bilbao, Marivi Bilbao-Goioaga, María Victoria Bilbao Goyoaga, Maribi Bilbao, María Victoria Bilbao-Goyoaga Álvarez or Mariví was a Spanish actor. She had one child, Elvira Urkijo.

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