Swedish actors who deceased in 1979

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden died in 1979:

Edvin Adolphson

Edvin Adolphson (February 25, 1893 Norrköping Municipality-October 31, 1979 Solna Municipality) a.k.a. Gustav Edvin Adolphson or Edvin Adolfsson was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. He had six children, Kristina Adolphson, Olle Adolphson, Anna-Greta Adolphson, Kari Thomée, Leo Cullborg and Per B. Adolphson.

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Sture Ericson

Sture Ericson (September 27, 1912 Salem-March 15, 1979 Stockholm) a.k.a. Sture Fredrik Magnus Eriksson was a Swedish actor.

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Curt Masreliez

Curt Masreliez (July 19, 1919 Gothenburg-June 21, 1979 Stockholm) a.k.a. Curt Mazreliez, Kurt Masreliez or Curt Mazereliez was a Swedish actor.

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Toivo Pawlo

Toivo Pawlo (December 25, 1917 London-June 14, 1979 Stockholm) a.k.a. Toivo Pavlo was a Swedish actor. His children are called Rebecca Pawlo and Clara Pawlo.

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Anders Ek

Anders Ek (April 7, 1916 Gothenburg-November 17, 1979 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor. He had seven children, Mats Ek, Malin Ek, Niklas Ek, Johan Ek, Marion Ek, Maria Ek and Judit Ek.

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