Swedish actors who deceased in 1999

Here are 4 famous actors from Sweden died in 1999:

Torsten Lilliecrona

Torsten Lilliecrona (January 4, 1921 Jönköping-October 15, 1999 Höganäs) a.k.a. Torsten Casimir Wilhelm Florusson Lilliecrona or Tor Steen was a Swedish actor. His children are called Peter Lilliecrona and Magnus Lilliecrona.

Lilliecrona began his acting career in 1944 and soon became a prominent actor in Swedish theater and film. He is perhaps best known for his role as Melker Melkersson in the popular TV series "The Children of Bullerby Village" (1986), a role he reprised in the film adaptation "Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn" (1986). Lilliecrona also acted in several other popular Swedish films such as "Pippi Longstocking" (1969) and "The Brothers Lionheart" (1977).

Away from acting, Lilliecrona was an accomplished sailor and owned several boats. He was also a skilled violinist, often playing with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lilliecrona passed away at the age of 78 in Höganäs, Sweden.

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Oscar Ljung

Oscar Ljung (September 6, 1909 Landskrona-April 29, 1999 Lidingö) a.k.a. Oscar Albin Ljung was a Swedish actor.

He began his acting career in the 1930s, appearing in a number of Swedish theater productions before moving on to film in the late 1940s. Ljung quickly became one of Sweden's most beloved actors, appearing in over 50 films throughout his career, including the comedy-drama "Miss Julie" (1951) and the drama "Wild Strawberries" (1957). In addition to his acting work, he also wrote several plays and was an accomplished director. Throughout his career, Ljung was honored with numerous awards, including the Swedish Film Institute's Guldbagge Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

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Ernst Günther

Ernst Günther (June 3, 1933 Karlskrona-December 8, 1999 Glemmingebro) also known as Ernst Harry Ingemar Günther was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Rickard Günther and Savva Ernst Günther.

Ernst Günther initially started his career in the early 1950s as a radio host and a stage actor. He then made his film debut in 1955 and went on to appear in over 70 films and TV shows. Some of his notable film credits include "The Virgin Spring" (1960), "Shame" (1968), and "Fanny and Alexander" (1982), all directed by legendary Director Ingmar Bergman.

In addition to acting, Günther also directed and wrote screenplays for several films. He made his directorial debut in 1974 with the film "Märit" and went on to direct other movies such as "Kiss Myggen" (1978) and "Kalle Blomkvist - Mästerdetektiven lever farligt" (1996).

Günther's notable TV appearances include the popular TV series "The Sandhamn Murders" (1996) and "Rederiet" (1992-1999) among others.

Ernst Günther was highly regarded in the Swedish film industry for his versatility and talent both as an actor and a filmmaker. He passed away in 1999 at the age of 66 after a long battle with cancer.

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Olof Widgren

Olof Widgren (June 9, 1907 Stockholm-March 6, 1999 Stockholm) a.k.a. Johan Olof Pettersson Widgren, Adolf Fredriks or Olov Widgren was a Swedish actor. He had four children, Kerstin Widgren, Lillemor Widgren Matlack, Jonas Olof Widgren and Mats Olof Widgren.

Widgren began his career as a stage actor, performing at various theaters in Sweden, including the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. He later moved on to film and television, becoming one of Sweden's most recognizable actors during the mid-1900s. He appeared in over 40 films and numerous television shows, often playing comedic roles.

In addition to his acting work, Widgren was also a talented painter and enjoyed exhibiting his artwork. He was a member of the artist collective known as "De Unga" or "The Young Ones." Widgren was also a lover of literature and wrote several books, including a collection of short stories and a memoir about his childhood.

Throughout his life, Widgren was a prominent figure in Swedish culture and was honored with several awards for his contributions to the arts. He passed away in his hometown of Stockholm at the age of 91.

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