Swedish actresses who were born in 1973

Here are 10 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1973:

Linda Ulvaeus

Linda Ulvaeus (February 23, 1973 Vallentuna Municipality-) also known as Ulvaeus, Linda or Linda Elin Ulvaeus is a Swedish singer, singer-songwriter and actor. Her children are called Tilda Eliza Frida Ekengren Ulvaeus, Esther Ulvaeus-Ekengren and Signe Ulvaeus-Ekengren.

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Eva Röse

Eva Röse (October 16, 1973 Vårberg-) also known as Eva Charlotta Röse, Röse, Eva or Eva Rööse is a Swedish actor and presenter. Her children are called Floyd Felländer, Flynn Felländer and Florian Felländer.

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Ellen Jelinek

Ellen Jelinek (December 5, 1973 Sollentuna-) a.k.a. Ellen Jelinek, Ellen Mattson or Ellen Marianne Mattsson Jelinek is a Swedish actor. She has two children, Liva Jelinek and Sam Jelinek.

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Maria Bonnevie

Maria Bonnevie (September 26, 1973 Västerås-) also known as Anna Maria Cecilia Bonnevie is a Swedish actor.

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Irina Björklund

Irina Björklund (February 7, 1973 Danderyd Municipality-) also known as Irrku, Irina Felicia Björklund, Irkku or Irina Bjorklund is a Swedish actor, singer and musician. She has one child, Diego Aaron Vilhelm Franzén.

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Livia Millhagen

Livia Millhagen (May 23, 1973 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor. She has two children, Hedda Norbeck and Valter Norbeck.

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Hanna Zetterberg

Hanna Zetterberg (February 15, 1973 Skarpnäck-) also known as Hanna Zetterberg is a Swedish politician and actor.

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Vanna Rosenberg

Vanna Rosenberg (April 3, 1973 Farsta-) also known as Vanna Rosenberg Isaksson, Vanna Rosenberg Synnerholm or Vanna Felicia Rosenberg Synnerholm is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, singer and comedian. Her children are called Dafne Synnerholm and Bille Synnerholm.

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Anna Odell

Anna Odell (October 3, 1973 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Anna Carolina Odell is a Swedish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Josefin Crafoord

Josefin Crafoord (April 5, 1973 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish presenter, radio personality and actor. Her children are called Roderick Crafoord and Charlie Aliaga.

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