Swiss movie stars died in 1986

Here are 1 famous actors from Switzerland died in 1986:

Robert Trösch

Robert Trösch (November 25, 1911 Zürich-January 14, 1986 East Berlin) also known as Robert Kohli, Robert Trosch or Trösch, Robert was a Swiss actor and film director.

Trösch had an impressive career spanning over three decades, with notable roles in films such as "People on Sunday" (1930), "Emil and the Detectives" (1931) and "Kuhle Wampe" (1932). He also directed and wrote screenplays for several films, such as "The World Without a Mask" (1947) and "Ehe im Schatten" (1947).

Trösch was married to the German actress Steffi Duna and was a friend of famous Swiss writer and artist Hermann Hesse. He left Switzerland in 1933 due to his political beliefs and settled in the Soviet Union, where he became involved in the film industry. He moved to East Germany in 1946 and became a prominent figure in the East German film scene.

Despite his success, Trösch became disillusioned with the film industry and politics, which led to his retirement from acting in 1972. He spent his later years writing and focusing on his philosophical and spiritual pursuits.

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