Swiss musicians died at 65

Here are 19 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 65:

Johann Heinrich Heidegger

Johann Heinrich Heidegger (July 1, 1633 Bäretswil-July 18, 1698 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Rolf Wüthrich

Rolf Wüthrich (September 4, 1938-June 1, 2004) also known as Rolf Wuthrich was a Swiss personality.

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Josef Hügi

Josef Hügi (January 23, 1930 Riehen-April 16, 1995 Basel) a.k.a. Josef Hugi was a Swiss personality.

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Alexander Burgener

Alexander Burgener (January 10, 1845 Saas-Fee-July 8, 1910 Bernese Oberland) was a Swiss personality.

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Joseph Widmer

Joseph Widmer (August 15, 1779-December 10, 1844) was a Swiss philosopher.

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Giovanni Giacometti

Giovanni Giacometti (March 7, 1868 Stampa-June 25, 1933 Glion) was a Swiss personality. His child is called Alberto Giacometti.

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Alice Bailly

Alice Bailly (February 25, 1872 Geneva-January 1, 1938 Lausanne) was a Swiss personality.

She died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Adolphe Appia

Adolphe Appia (September 1, 1862 Geneva-February 29, 1928 Nyon) was a Swiss architect.

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Clara Haskil

Clara Haskil (January 7, 1895 Bucharest-December 7, 1960 Brussels) also known as Haskil, Clara was a Swiss pianist.

Related albums: The Legacy, Volume 1: Chamber Music, The Violin Sonatas, Le Monde du piano, Violin Sonatas, Piano Concertos Nos. 20 & 24, Hommage, Clara Haskell, Piano Concerto in A minor / Kinderszenen / Waldszenen / ABEGG-Variationen, Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 43: Clara Haskil I and Philips Recordings 1951-1960. Genres she performed include Classical music.

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François Simon

François Simon (August 16, 1917 Geneva-October 5, 1982 Geneva) a.k.a. Michel François or Francois Simon was a Swiss actor.

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Georges Brunschvig

Georges Brunschvig (February 21, 1908 Bern-October 14, 1973 Bern) was a Swiss personality.

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Isabelle de Charrière

Isabelle de Charrière (October 20, 1740 Utrecht-December 27, 1805 Colombier) otherwise known as Isabelle de Charriere or Belle van Zuilen was a Swiss poet, writer, playwright and novelist.

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Johannes Buxtorf II

Johannes Buxtorf II (August 13, 1599 Basel-August 16, 1664 Basel) was a Swiss personality.

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Jürg Amann

Jürg Amann (July 2, 1947 Winterthur-May 5, 2013) was a Swiss personality.

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Nella Martinetti

Nella Martinetti (June 4, 1946 Brissago-July 29, 2011) was a Swiss musician.

She died as a result of pancreatic cancer.

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Richard Schweizer

Richard Schweizer (December 23, 1899 Zürich-March 30, 1965 Zürich) also known as Richard Schwieizer was a Swiss screenwriter and writer.

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Victor Villiger

Victor Villiger (September 1, 1868 Cham-June 10, 1934 Ludwigshafen) was a Swiss chemist.

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Willi Ritschard

Willi Ritschard (September 28, 1918 Deitingen-October 16, 1983) was a Swiss personality.

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Henry Suso

Henry Suso (March 21, 1300 Überlingen-January 25, 1366 Ulm) otherwise known as Heinrich Seuse or Amandus was a Swiss personality.

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