Thai movie stars born in 1966

Here are 6 famous actors from Thailand were born in 1966:

Pongsak Pongsuwan

Pongsak Pongsuwan (April 7, 1966 Sawankhalok District-) also known as Theng Therdtherng, Theng Thoetthoeng, Phongsak Phongsuwan or Teng TerdTerng is a Thai actor, comedian and film director.

Anuwat Niwaswong

Anuwat Niwaswong (July 28, 1966 Thailand-) also known as Anuway Niwartwong is a Thai actor. He has one child, Nuddaporn Niwartwong.

Methanee Buranasiri

Methanee Buranasiri (November 29, 1966 Bangkok-) otherwise known as Emtni Buranasiri, Nino or Metanee Buranasiri is a Thai actor, presenter and tv personality.

Phanudet Watanasuchart

Phanudet Watanasuchart (September 25, 1966-) a.k.a. Panudaj Wattanasuchart or Panudej Watanasuchat is a Thai actor.

Ping Lumpraploeng

Ping Lumpraploeng (September 24, 1966 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Phoophing Pangsaard is a Thai actor, film director and screenwriter.

Bordin Duke

Bordin Duke (April 20, 1966 Thailand-) also known as Boordin Duke or Duke is a Thai actor and singer.

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