Austrian movie stars born in 1900

Here are 7 famous actors from Austria were born in 1900:

Hans Thimig

Hans Thimig (July 23, 1900 Vienna-February 17, 1991 Vienna) also known as Hans Emil Thimig, Hans Werner, John Werne or His Thimig was an Austrian film director, actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Henriette Thimig.

Thimig was born into a family of actors, with both his parents, Hugo Thimig and Emilie Prager, being actors themselves. He began his acting career at a young age and went on to become a successful theater and film actor in Austria and Germany during the 1920s and 30s. Thimig acted in over 100 films and directed more than 20 films throughout his career.

However, Thimig's career came to a halt when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938 and he was forced to flee to the United States. He continued his acting career in Hollywood, where he mainly appeared in supporting roles in films such as "The Seventh Cross" and "The Razor's Edge". Thimig returned to Austria in 1947 and resumed his career as an actor and director in the Viennese theater scene.

Aside from his work in film and theater, Hans Thimig also taught acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. He was awarded the title of Kammerschauspieler, which is the highest honor an actor can receive in Austria, in 1952. Thimig continued to work in the theater until his death in 1991 at the age of 90.

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Charles Goldner

Charles Goldner (December 7, 1900 Vienna-April 15, 1955 London) was an Austrian actor.

He began his career in the 1920s in Austria and Germany, appearing in silent films such as "Geheimnisse des Orients" (1928). He became known for his roles in British films such as "The Third Man" (1949) as the traitorous taxi driver, "The Lavender Hill Mob" (1951) and "The Titfield Thunderbolt" (1953). Goldner was also a talented stage actor, and appeared in London's West End in productions of "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Witness for the Prosecution". Outside of acting, Goldner was an accomplished musician and could play several instruments, including the piano and violin. He continued acting until his death in 1955 at the age of 54.

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Friedrich von Ledebur

Friedrich von Ledebur (June 3, 1900 Nisko-December 25, 1986 Linz) a.k.a. Graf Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius von Ledebur-Wicheln, Fredrick Ledebur, Frederic Ledebur, Frederich Ledebur, Frederick von Ledebur, Fredrich Ledebur, Friedrich Von Ledebur, Friedrich Ledebur, Frederick Ledebur or Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius Graf von Ledebur-Wicheln was an Austrian actor and military officer. He had two children, Christian von Ledebur and John Friedrich von Ledebur.

During World War II, Friedrich von Ledebur served in the German army and was captured by American troops in Italy in 1943. He later emigrated to the United States and began a successful acting career. He appeared in over 100 films and television shows, often playing roles as a nobleman or military officer. Some of his notable roles include Hagen in the 1954 film "The Black Shield of Falworth" and King Mark in the 1967 film "Camelot". Friedrich von Ledebur was also a noted art collector and philanthropist, supporting causes such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Salzburg Festival. He passed away in Linz, Austria in 1986.

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Ludwig Donath

Ludwig Donath (March 6, 1900 Vienna-September 29, 1967 New York City) a.k.a. Louis Donath was an Austrian actor.

He began his acting career in Vienna in the 1920s and later became a well-known stage actor in Berlin. Donath's film career began in 1931 and he acted in over 50 films, including the classic film "Judgment at Nuremberg". After fleeing Nazi Germany, he settled in the United States in 1939 and continued acting on Broadway and in Hollywood. Donath became known for his naturalistic acting style and was highly respected in the industry for his talent. He also worked as a drama coach for many actors in New York City. Donath died in 1967 at the age of 67 in New York City.

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Wolfgang Heinz

Wolfgang Heinz (May 18, 1900 Pilsen-October 30, 1984 Berlin) also known as David Hirsch or Wolfgang Hirsch was an Austrian actor and film director. He had one child, Gabriele Heinz.

Heinz started his career as a theater actor in Vienna during the early 1920s. In 1933, he moved to Berlin and worked in various German films including the classic "Münchhausen" (1943). During the Nazi regime, Heinz was blacklisted due to his Jewish heritage, and he then changed his name to Wolfgang Hirsch to continue his work in the film industry.

He directed his first film in 1942, "The Secret Way," and continued to direct several more films throughout his career. After World War II, Heinz remained active in the German theater scene and became an influential figure in the German Actors' Association. He was also a founding member of the Academy of Arts in East Germany.

Heinz died in East Berlin in 1984 at the age of 84. Throughout his career, he appeared in more than 130 films and left a lasting impact on the German film industry.

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Teddy Bill

Teddy Bill (November 18, 1900 Vienna-February 11, 1949 Vienna) also known as Hans Günther Leo Kern was an Austrian actor.

He began his acting career in the 1920s and became well-known for his performances in German-speaking films. In the 1930s, Teddy Bill moved to Hollywood, where he appeared in several films including "The Great Waltz" and "The Fighting 69th". He returned to Austria in the early 1940s and continued his acting career despite the political turmoil of World War II. Teddy Bill was known for his versatility in portraying various characters in both comedic and dramatic roles, earning him critical acclaim throughout his career. However, he passed away at the young age of 48 due to a heart attack.

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André Mattoni

André Mattoni (February 23, 1900 Karlovy Vary-January 11, 1985 Vienna) also known as Andrea Mattoni or Andreas von Mattoni was an Austrian actor.

He was born in present-day Czech Republic and began his acting career in Vienna in the 1920s. Mattoni appeared in numerous films and stage productions throughout his career, and became known for his versatility as an actor. He played both comedic and dramatic roles, and worked with many notable directors of the time. Mattoni was also a member of the Vienna Burgtheater, one of the most prestigious theaters in Europe. Despite being of Italian descent, Mattoni chose to work primarily in Austria and was a well-respected figure in the Austrian acting community. After his retirement from acting in 1970, he remained active in the arts and was a patron of the theater. Mattoni passed away in Vienna at the age of 84.

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