Thai musicians died at 65

Here are 3 famous musicians from Thailand died at 65:

Khuang Aphaiwong

Khuang Aphaiwong (May 17, 1902 Battambang-March 15, 1968) was a Thai personality.

He was a poet, writer, and politician who served as the Prime Minister of Thailand from 1944 to 1945. He was known for his contributions to Thai literature and was considered one of the leading writers of his time. Khuang Aphaiwong was also an influential political figure during his time in office, implementing several reforms that helped modernize the country. He advocated for democracy and social justice and played an important role in shaping the political landscape of Thailand in the mid-20th century. Despite his relatively short tenure as Prime Minister, Khuang is regarded as one of the most respected and admired leaders in the country’s history.

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Hem Vejakorn

Hem Vejakorn (January 17, 1904 Phra Nakhon District-April 16, 1969 Thon Buri District) also known as Hēm Wētchakō̜n was a Thai writer, artist, illustrator and visual artist.

He was born to a family of traditional Thai doctors and grew up surrounded by art and literature. Vejakorn worked as a civil servant for the Thai government before devoting himself to art and writing. He gained recognition for his illustrations of traditional Thai tales and folklore, and his paintings often depicted scenes from everyday life in Thailand.

Vejakorn was also a prolific writer and his works included novels, short stories, and essays on art and culture. He was known for his wit, humor, and ability to capture the essence of Thai society and its people in his writing. One of his most famous works is the novel "The Puppet Master," which tells the story of a master puppeteer and his troupe during the reign of King Rama VI.

Throughout his career, Vejakorn received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Thai culture and the arts. Today, he is remembered as one of Thailand's most important cultural figures and his art and writing continue to inspire new generations of artists and writers.

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Sangad Chaloryu

Sangad Chaloryu (March 4, 1915-November 23, 1980) was a Thai politician.

During his political career, Sangad Chaloryu served as a member of parliament, deputy prime minister, and foreign minister of Thailand. He played a crucial role in strengthening Thai diplomatic relations with various countries and was instrumental in the formation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Chaloryu was also an advocate for human rights and was instrumental in drafting Thailand's first national human rights legislation. He was highly respected for his dedication to public service and is remembered as a key figure in Thai politics during the post-World War II era.

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