Thai musicians died at 68

Here are 2 famous musicians from Thailand died at 68:

Phichit Kriangsakphichit

Phichit Kriangsakphichit (July 20, 1896 Samut Prakan Province-July 29, 1964 Bangkok) also known as Mangkor Phromyothi was a Thai personality.

He was a renowned economist, historian, and politician who made significant contributions to the economic and political development of Thailand. Kriangsakphichit was a graduate of Chulalongkorn University and later received his PhD in economics from the University of London. He served as the Director-General of the Department of Economic Affairs and was also appointed as the Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs during his political career. Kriangsakphichit played a crucial role in shaping the economic policies and institutions of Thailand, including the establishment of the Bank of Thailand and the creation of the first five-year economic development plan. He was also a prolific writer and authored many books on Thai history and economics, such as "A History of Thai-Cambodian Relations" and "The Thai Economy". Today, he is still regarded as one of the foremost intellectuals in modern Thai history.

Kriangsakphichit's contributions to Thai society extended beyond his work in politics and economics. He was also a dedicated advocate for education, and he played a key role in the creation of several educational institutions in Thailand, including the Faculty of Economics at Thammasat University. In addition, Kriangsakphichit was a strong supporter of the arts and culture, and he played a significant role in the establishment of the National Museum in Bangkok. He was known for his belief in using education, arts, and culture to promote national unity and identity. Kriangsakphichit received numerous honors and awards for his contributions, including the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant, the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, and the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan. His legacy continues to inspire generations of Thai scholars, economists, and policymakers.

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Varananda Dhavaj

Varananda Dhavaj (August 19, 1922 Bangkok-September 14, 1990 Bangkok) was a Thai personality.

Varananda Dhavaj was a highly respected Thai writer, poet, journalist, and social activist. She graduated with a degree in literature from Chulalongkorn University before going on to work as a journalist for several local newspapers.

Throughout her life, Varananda was known for her strong advocacy for women's rights and social justice. She published several books on the topic, including "Faith in Women" and "Women in the Changing Society." She was also a founding member of a number of social and political organizations in Thailand, including the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women, the Women's Action Group, and the Foundation for the Promotion of Social Sciences and Humanities Textbooks.

In addition to her activism work, Varananda was also an accomplished poet and writer. She published several collections of poetry, including "Five Poems," "Moon Dreams," and "Season of Love." Her literary work was known for its introspection, emotional depth, and commitment to social justice.

Varananda's legacy continues to inspire generations of Thai activists and writers. She was posthumously honored with the Thai Literary Award in 1994 for her contributions to Thai literature and society.

Varananda Dhavaj was born to a prominent family in Bangkok and was exposed to the arts and literature from a young age. Her father, Prince Dhavaj Snidvongs, was a respected poet and writer, and her mother, Mom Rajawongse Orapin Adulyakit, was a pioneer in the field of women's education in Thailand. Varananda's upbringing instilled in her a passion for writing and social justice, which she carried with her throughout her life.

After graduating from Chulalongkorn University, Varananda began her career as a journalist, working with several local newspapers. Her writing focused on social issues, particularly those affecting Thai women, and she used her platform to advocate for women's rights and gender equality. In addition to her newspaper work, she also wrote for literary magazines and published her own collections of poetry.

Varananda's activism work was equally important to her writing. She was a founding member of several organizations focused on social justice, including the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women and the Women's Action Group. Through these organizations, she championed causes such as equal pay, access to education, and reproductive rights for women in Thailand.

Varananda's work as a writer and activist faced opposition from conservative groups in Thailand. Despite this, she maintained her commitment to social justice and continued to fight for women's rights until her death in 1990. Her legacy as a writer and activist has continued to inspire generations of Thai women to fight for a more just and equal society.

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