Turkish music stars born in 1952

Here are 6 famous musicians from Turkey were born in 1952:

Seyyal Taner

Seyyal Taner (September 28, 1952 Şanlıurfa-) also known as Seyyâl Taner or Taner, Seyyâl is a Turkish actor and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: En İyileriyle Seyyal Taner 2: Naciye, En İyileriyle Seyyâl Taner and Seyyâlname. Genres: Rock music, Pop music and Dance music.

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Kudsi Ergüner

Kudsi Ergüner (February 4, 1952 Diyarbakır-) also known as Kudsi Erunger, Erguner, Kudsi, kudsi ergyner or Kudsi Erguner is a Turkish composer and actor.

His discography includes: Islam Blues, , , , , No Matter, Sufi Music of Turkey, , and .

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Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer (August 21, 1952 Ankara-December 22, 2002 Broomfield) also known as John Graham Mellor, John Mellor, Woody or Woody Mellor was a Turkish singer, musician, actor, guitarist, songwriter, radio personality, film score composer and lyricist. He had two children, Jazz Mellor and Lola Mellor.

His most important albums: Walker, Island Hopping, Earthquake Weather, House of Blues and Love Kills. Genres: Punk rock, Rock music, Reggae, World music, Ska, Rock and roll, New Wave, Alternative rock, Rockabilly, Dub, Funk, Volk and Folk music.

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İbrahim Tatlıses

İbrahim Tatlıses (January 1, 1952 Şanlıurfa-) also known as Ibrahim Tatlises, Tatlıses, İbrahim, Emperor or Ibo is a Turkish singer. He has one child, Melek Zübeyde Tatlıses.

His albums include Gelme İstemem, Mavi Mavi, Gülüm Benim - Gülümse Biraz, Allah Allah - Hülya, Kara Zindan, Acı Gerçekler, İnsanlar, Ah Keşkem, Mega Aşk and Haydi Söyle. Genres he performed: Pop music, Folk music, Arabesque, World music, Turkish folk music and Pop-folk.

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Bülent Ersoy

Bülent Ersoy (June 9, 1952 Istanbul-) also known as Bulent Ersoy, Ersoy, Bülent, Bülent Erkoç, Abla or Diva is a Turkish singer and actor.

Her albums: Sefam Olsun, Canımsın, Ablan Kurban Olsun Sana, Akıllı Ol, Ak Güvercin, Anılardan Bir Demet, Benim Dünya Güzellerim, Maazallah, Aşktan Sabıkalı and I kissed. Her related genres: Ottoman classical music and Arabesque.

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Coşkun Sabah

Coşkun Sabah (October 16, 1952 Diyarbakır-) is a Turkish singer.

He was born in Diyarbakır and spent his childhood there. Coşkun Sabah showed an interest in music at an early age and began singing in local events. He moved to Istanbul in 1973 and started performing in clubs and recording jingles for commercials.

Sabah released his first album "Gül Tükendi Ben Tükendim" in 1982 and quickly gained popularity with his unique vocal style and melodic songs. Throughout his career, he released more than 20 albums and became one of the most successful pop singers in Turkey.

In addition to his music career, Coşkun Sabah also appeared in several films and television shows. He was also known for his charitable work and support of various social causes.

Coşkun Sabah passed away on July 29, 2020, at the age of 67 due to heart failure. His legacy lives on through his music, which continues to be enjoyed by fans across Turkey and beyond.

Coşkun Sabah was also known for his signature song "Beni Unutma" which was released in 1990 and became an instant hit. The song was so popular that it ended up being covered by several other artists in Turkey and beyond. He was also honored with several awards throughout his career, including the Golden Butterfly Award and the Turkish Phonographic Industry's special award.

Apart from his music, Coşkun Sabah was a passionate environmentalist and actively campaigned for the protection of nature. He was also actively involved in various philanthropic activities and supported several social causes, including education and health care. In 2013, he was diagnosed with lung cancer but continued to perform until his health deteriorated in 2020.

Coşkun Sabah's music continues to be popular in Turkey and his songs have become classics in the Turkish music industry. He is remembered as a talented musician, a kind-hearted human being, and a true legend of Turkish pop music.

In addition to his successful music career and charitable work, Coşkun Sabah was also known for his activism. He was a strong advocate for the Kurdish people and often spoke out against social injustice. He was a staunch supporter of peace and reconciliation efforts between the Turkish state and Kurdish groups. He also used his platform as a prominent musician to raise awareness about issues such as poverty and unemployment.

Coşkun Sabah's impact on Turkish music and culture is undeniable. He was known for his powerful vocals, emotional lyrics, and ability to connect with audiences. He was a pioneer of modern Turkish pop music and inspired several generations of Turkish singers.

Even after his passing, Coşkun Sabah's music continues to inspire and connect people. His songs have been covered by countless artists, and his legacy is celebrated by fans across the world. He will always be remembered as one of Turkey's greatest musicians and a true icon of the music industry.

Coşkun Sabah's influence extended beyond music and activism as he was also a respected teacher and mentor to many aspiring singers. He taught music at several universities, including Istanbul Technical University and Marmara University. He also served as a judge on various singing competition shows, including "Popstar" and "The Voice Turkey."Coşkun Sabah's music was not only popular in Turkey but also in neighboring Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Iraq. He often performed in these countries and collaborated with several Middle Eastern artists throughout his career.In recognition of his contributions to Turkish music, Coşkun Sabah was posthumously awarded the Presidential Culture and Art Grand Award by the Turkish government in 2021.Coşkun Sabah's legacy lives on through his music, his activism, and the countless lives he touched throughout his career. He will always be remembered as a true legend of Turkish music and a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and a passion for one's craft.

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