Turkish music stars died at age 25

Here are 9 famous musicians from Turkey died at 25:

Cemal Süreya

Cemal Süreya (April 5, 2015 Pülümür-January 9, 1990 Istanbul) also known as Cemal Sureya was a Turkish writer.

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Süreyya Ağaoğlu

Süreyya Ağaoğlu (April 5, 2015-December 29, 1989) was a Turkish writer.

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Deniz Gezmiş

Deniz Gezmiş (February 28, 1947 Ayaş-May 6, 1972 Ankara) also known as Deniz Gezmis was a Turkish personality.

He died in hanging.

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Sinan Sofuoğlu

Sinan Sofuoğlu (July 15, 1982-May 9, 2008) was a Turkish personality.

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Marika Nezer

Marika Nezer (April 5, 2015 Istanbul-July 18, 1989 Athens) was a Turkish actor.

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Ali Şen

Ali Şen (April 5, 2015 Adana-December 15, 1989 Istanbul) also known as Ali Sen was a Turkish actor. His child is called Şener Şen.

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Sevag Balıkçı

Sevag Balıkçı (April 1, 1986 Istanbul-April 24, 2011 Batman) was a Turkish personality.

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Musa Anter

Musa Anter (April 5, 2015 Nusaybin-September 20, 1989 Diyarbakır) a.k.a. Ape Musa was a Turkish journalist and writer.

He died caused by assassination.

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Çetin Emeç

Çetin Emeç (April 5, 2015 Istanbul-March 7, 1990 Istanbul) was a Turkish journalist. He had two children, Mehveş Emeç and Mehmet Emeç.

He died in assassination.

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