West German movie stars died at 74

Here are 1 famous actors from West Germany died at 74:

Hubert von Meyerinck

Hubert von Meyerinck (August 23, 1896 Potsdam-May 13, 1971 Hamburg) also known as Hubert Georg Werner Harald von Meyerinck, Hubert v. Meyerinck, Hubsi, Hubert von Meyerink, Hubert "Hubsi" von Meyerinck or Hubert v Meyerinck. was a West German actor.

He died as a result of heart failure.

Meyerinck began his acting career in 1915 in Munich and worked as a stage actor in various theaters throughout Germany. He made his film debut in 1933 and appeared in over 150 films throughout his career. He was known for his comedic and character roles, and his distinctive appearance with his bald head and thick glasses. Some of his notable films include "The Captain from Köpenick" (1956), "The Haunted Castle" (1960), and "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964). He was also a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to numerous German dubs of foreign films and TV shows. Apart from his acting career, Meyerinck was also a passionate collector of art and antiques.

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