South African movie actresses died in the year 1992

Here are 1 famous actresses from South Africa died in 1992:

Yvonne Bryceland

Yvonne Bryceland (November 18, 1925 Cape Town-January 13, 1992 London) also known as Yvonne Heilbuth or Yvonne Brayceland was a South African actor.

She was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and began her acting career in her late teens. In 1946, she joined the Cape Performing Arts Board and later moved to England in the 1960s to pursue her acting career. Yvonne became well-known for her stage performances and was also a prolific television actor. She received critical acclaim for her roles in several television dramas such as "The Fight Against Slavery" (1975) and "The Bass Player and the Blonde" (1978). She also made appearances in films, including "The Shout" (1978) and "Quest for Love" (1971). In 1980, she won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the play "Clouds." Yvonne continued acting until her death in 1992, and we remember her as a talented and versatile actor.

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