American movie stars died in 1999

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America died in 1999:

George C. Scott

George C. Scott (October 18, 1927 Wise-September 22, 1999 Westlake Village) a.k.a. George Campbell Scott, George Scott, G.C. or George C Scott was an American actor, film director, film producer, theatrical producer, theatre director, soldier and voice actor. He had seven children, Campbell Scott, Devon Scott, Michelle Scott, Matthew Scott, Alexander R. Scott, Victoria Scott and George D. Scott.

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Lester Bowie

Lester Bowie (October 11, 1941 Frederick-November 8, 1999 Brooklyn) a.k.a. Bowie, Lester was an American trumpeter, composer and actor.

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Noam Pitlik

Noam Pitlik (November 4, 1932 Philadelphia-February 18, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Noam Pitlick was an American actor, television director and television producer.

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David Holliday

David Holliday (August 4, 1937 Illinois-March 26, 1999 Miami) was an American actor and voice actor.

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Richard Kiley

Richard Kiley (March 31, 1922 Chicago-March 5, 1999 Warwick) also known as Richard David Kiley or Richard Paul Kiley was an American actor, voice actor and narrator. He had six children, David Kiley, Michael Kiley, Kathleen Kiley, Dorothea Kiley, Erin Kiley and Dierdre Kiley.

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Brion James

Brion James (February 20, 1945 Redlands-August 7, 1999 Malibu) also known as Brion Howard James or Brian James was an American actor and voice actor.

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Hayes Gordon

Hayes Gordon (February 25, 1920 Boston-October 19, 1999 Sydney) was an American actor, theatre director and teacher. He had one child, Kati Gordon.

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Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards (September 14, 1918 New Jersey-December 21, 1999 Newport Beach) a.k.a. William Edwards was an American actor, painter, illustrator and diving instructor.

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Del Close

Del Close (March 9, 1934 Manhattan-March 4, 1999 Chicago) otherwise known as Del Clos or Del P. Close was an American actor, writer, teacher and voice actor.

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John Berry

John Berry (September 6, 1917 The Bronx-November 29, 1999 Paris) also known as Jak Szold, Jack, Jack Berry, Stuart Hofmann or Jackie Sold was an American actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter and theatre director. His children are called Dennis Berry, Arny Berry and Jan Berry.

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Shepard Menken

Shepard Menken (November 2, 1921 New York City-January 2, 1999 Woodland Hills) also known as Shephard Menken, Shep Menken, Shepard Menkin or Shep Menkin was an American voice actor, character actor and actor.

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Danny Dayton

Danny Dayton (November 20, 1923 Jersey City-February 6, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Dan Dayton or Daniel David Segall was an American actor and television director. He had one child, Charles Dayton.

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Albert Popwell

Albert Popwell (July 15, 1926 New York City-April 9, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Poppy was an American actor and dancer.

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Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton (March 25, 1938 Duncan-October 26, 1999 Victor) also known as Hoyt Wayne Axton or Axton was an American sailor, actor, singer-songwriter and film score composer. His child is called Mark Axton.

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Ross Elliott

Ross Elliott (June 18, 1917 The Bronx-August 12, 1999 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ross Elliot, Ross Elloitt or Sgt. Ross Elliot was an American actor.

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Mel Tormé

Mel Tormé (September 13, 1925 Chicago-June 5, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Mel Torne, Torme, Mel, Mel Torme, Mel Tormè, Tormé, Mel, Melvin Howard Tormé, Mel Tormé, Melvin Howard Tormé, The Kid With the Gauze In His Jaws, The Velvet Fog, Mr. Butterscotch or Mr. Mel Tormé was an American singer, actor, musician, music arranger, film score composer, drummer, pianist, author and composer. His children are called Daisy Tormé, James Tormé, Steve March-Tormé, Melissa Torme-March and Tracy Tormé.

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Iron Eyes Cody

Iron Eyes Cody (April 3, 1904 Kaplan-January 4, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Espera Oscar DeCorti, Tony Corti, Tony de Corti, Tony Cody, The Crying Indian, Iron Eyes, Espera Oscar de Corti, Espera DeCorti or Iron Cody was an American actor. His children are called Joseph Cody, Robert "Tree" Cody and Arthur Cody.

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David Strickland

David Strickland (October 14, 1969 Glen Cove-March 22, 1999 Las Vegas) also known as David Gordon Strickland Jr. was an American actor.

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Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore (September 14, 1914 Chicago-December 28, 1999 West Hills) a.k.a. Jack Carlton Moore, Jack Moore, Clay Moore, Jack Carlton, Clay or Jerry Potter was an American actor and model. He had one child, Dawn Angela Moore.

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Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn (October 8, 1910 Oxford Township-March 14, 1999 The Woodlands) otherwise known as John Feggo Jr., Jack Fago, Kirk Allyn, Kirk Allen or John Feggo, Jr. was an American actor. He had three children, Terri O'Brien, Liz Watkins and John Feggo.

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Wally Albright

Wally Albright (September 3, 1925 Burbank-August 7, 1999 Sacramento) also known as Walton Algernon Albright Jr., Wally Albright Jr. or Walton Algernon Albright was an American actor, child actor, athlete and businessperson.

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Buddy Rogers

Buddy Rogers (August 13, 1904 Olathe-April 21, 1999 Rancho Mirage) otherwise known as Charles Rogers, Chas. Buddy Rogers, Buddy Rogers, Charles Buddy Rogers, Charles ['Buddy'] Rogers and his California Cavaliers, America's Boyfriend, Buddy, Charles Edward Rogers, Charles Edward “Buddy” Rogers or Charles "Buddy" Rogers was an American actor and film producer. He had two children, Roxanne Rogers and Ronald Charles Rogers.

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Rory Calhoun

Rory Calhoun (August 8, 1922 Los Angeles-April 28, 1999 Burbank) also known as Francis Timothy McCown Durgin, Francis Timothy McCown, Frank Durgin, Francis Timothy Cuthbert, Smoky, Frank McCown, Calhoun or Smoke was an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer. His children are called Cindy Calhoun, Tami Calhoun, Rory Patricia Calhoun, Lorri Calhoun and Athena Marcus Calhoun.

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Henry Jones

Henry Jones (August 1, 1912 Philadelphia-May 17, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Henry Burk Jones was an American actor. He had one child, Jocelyn Jones.

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Regis Cordic

Regis Cordic (May 15, 1926 Hazelwood-April 16, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Rege Cordic, Regis J. Cordic, Regis John Cordic or Regis John "Rege" Cordic was an American actor, radio personality and voice actor. He had three children, Claudia Cordic, John Cordic and Nanette Tevrow.

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Bobby Troup

Bobby Troup (October 18, 1918 Harrisburg-February 7, 1999 Sherman Oaks) otherwise known as Bobby Troupe, Bob Troup, Jr. Robert Wesley Troup, Robert William Troup Jnr., Robert W. Troup Jr., Bobby Troup Jr. or Robert Wesley Troup Jr. was an American actor, jazz pianist, songwriter and film score composer. His children are called Ronne Troup, Kelly Troup, Cynnie Troup, Jody Troup and Reese Troup.

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Ronny Graham

Ronny Graham (August 26, 1919 Philadelphia-July 4, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Ronald Montcrief Stringer was an American writer, screenwriter, actor, composer, lyricist, theatre director and comedian.

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Lee Philips

Lee Philips (January 10, 1927 New York City-March 3, 1999 Brentwood) a.k.a. Lee Phillips was an American actor, film director and television director. He had one child, Julie Philips.

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Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks (August 12, 1942 Columbus-December 1, 1999) was an American actor.

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Bert Remsen

Bert Remsen (February 25, 1925 Glen Cove-April 22, 1999 Sherman Oaks) a.k.a. Bert Ramsen, Herbert Birchell Remsen, Herbert Birchell "Bert" Remsen or Bert was an American actor, casting director and soldier. His children are called Kerry Remsen and Ann Remsen Manners.

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Augie Blunt

Augie Blunt (August 17, 1929 Monroe-May 2, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Augustine Durell Blunt was an American actor. His children are called Erin Blunt, Jean Adele Scott- Blunt and Carla Nicole Scott- Blunt.

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Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson (September 3, 1923 Huntington Park-March 30, 1999 Canoga Park) a.k.a. Terry W. Wilson was an American actor and stunt performer. He had three children, Monica Wilson, Timothy T. Wilson and Kathryn Wilson.

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Harry Monty

Harry Monty (April 15, 1904 Dallas-December 28, 1999 Beverly Hills) also known as Hymie Liechtenstein or Harry Monte was an American actor and stunt performer.

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Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell (February 27, 1923 Washington, D.C.-March 17, 1999 New York City) also known as Paul N. Campbell was an American actor.

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Robert Kramer

Robert Kramer (June 22, 1939 New York City-November 10, 1999 Rouen) was an American screenwriter, film director, actor, film editor and cinematographer. His children are called Rain Kramer and Keja Kramer.

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Gary Morton

Gary Morton (December 19, 1924 The Bronx-March 30, 1999 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Morton Goldaper was an American comedian, television producer, actor and film producer.

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Eddie Dean

Eddie Dean (July 9, 1907 Posey, Texas-March 4, 1999 Westlake Village) also known as Edgar Dean Glosup or Edward Dean was an American songwriter, actor and singer. He had two children, Donna Lee Daniel and Ed Glosup Dean.

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Ralph Foody

Ralph Foody (November 13, 1928 Chicago-November 21, 1999 Lexington) was an American actor.

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Fred Draper

Fred Draper (September 2, 1925 Chester-December 28, 1999 Rancho Cucamonga) a.k.a. Frederick P. Draper, Frederick Draper or Frederick P. "Fred" Draper was an American actor.

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Ed Gilbert

Ed Gilbert (June 29, 1931-May 8, 1999 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Edmund Gilbert, Edmund F. Giesbert or Edmund Glibert was an American voice actor and actor.

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Frank De Vol

Frank De Vol (September 20, 1911 Moundsville-October 27, 1999 Lafayette) also known as Herman Frank DeVol, De Vol, Frank Denny De Vol, Frank DeVol, Franck Devol, DeVol, Frank, DeVol and Worrall, Devol & Worrall or DeVol was an American actor, film score composer, composer and music arranger. His children are called Donna Copeland DeVol and Linda Morehouse DeVol.

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David Brooks

David Brooks (September 24, 1915 Portland-March 31, 1999 Manhattan) was an American actor, singer, theatre director and theatrical producer.

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Richard B. Shull

Richard B. Shull (February 24, 1929 Evanston-October 14, 1999 New York City) also known as Richard Shull, Richard Bruce Shull or Richard B. Schull was an American actor, screenwriter and soldier.

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Victor Mature

Victor Mature (January 29, 1913 Louisville-August 4, 1999 Rancho Santa Fe) otherwise known as Victor John Mature, The Hunk or Beautiful Hunk of Man was an American actor. His child is called Victoria Mature.

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Dean Fredericks

Dean Fredericks (January 21, 1924 Los Angeles-June 30, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Frederick Joseph Foote, Frederick Foote, Fred Foote, Norman Frederic, Norman Frederick, Norman Fredric or Norm Fredric was an American actor.

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Huntz Hall

Huntz Hall (August 15, 1920 New York City-January 30, 1999 North Hollywood) a.k.a. Henry Richard Hall, Henry Hall, Henry Richard "Huntz" Hall or Huntz was an American comedian and actor. He had one child, Gary Hall.

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Rex Allen

Rex Allen (December 31, 1920 Willcox-December 17, 1999 Tucson) also known as Elvie Rex Allen, Rex Elvie Allen, Cactus Rex, The Voice of the West or The Arizona Cowboy was an American singer, actor, songwriter and voice actor. He had two children, Rex Allen, Jr. and Rexine Allen.

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David W. Allen

David W. Allen (October 22, 1944 Los Angeles-August 16, 1999 Burbank) also known as David Allen, David William Allen or Dave Allen was an American actor, film director, animator and visual effects designer.

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Bobs Watson

Bobs Watson (November 11, 1930 Los Angeles-June 27, 1999 Laguna Beach) also known as Robert Ball Watson, Robert S. Watson, The Crybaby of Hollywood, Bobs, Robert S. "Bobs" Watson, Reverend Bobs Watson, Rev. Bobs Watson or Robert B. Watson was an American actor and minister.

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William Benedict

William Benedict (April 16, 1917 Haskell-November 25, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as William 'Billy' Benedict, Billy Benedict, Bill Benedict, Willam Benedict or William Benedict. was an American actor.

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