American movie stars in Madrid

Here are 5 famous actors from United States of America who live or lived in Madrid:

Wally Szczerbiak

Wally Szczerbiak (March 5, 1977 Madrid-) also known as Walter Robert Szczerbiak Jr. or Walter Robert "Wally" Szczerbiak is an American basketball player and actor. He has three children, Amberley Szczerbiak, Annabella Szczerbiak and Maximus Jack Szczerbiak. He has been widely known to be residing in Madrid.

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Kane (April 26, 1967 Torrejón de Ardoz-) a.k.a. The Big Red Machine, Mike Unabomb, The Seven–Foot Monster, The Big Red Monster, Fake Diesel, The Christmas Creature, Isaac Yankem, Glenn Thomas Jacobs, Unabomb, Doomsday, Angus King, Glen Thomas Jacobs, Diesel 2, Unibomb, Dr. Isaac Yankem, Isaac Yankem D.D.S., Diesel, Big Bruiser Mastino, Christmas Creature, Bruiser Mastino, The Big Red Psycho, The Big Red Machine of Destruction or The Devil's Favorite Demon is an American wrestler and actor. He has been publicly known to be residing in Knoxville and Madrid.

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias (May 8, 1975 Madrid-) also known as Enriqué, Iglesias, Enrique, Enrique, Enrique Eglesias, Enrique Igleslas, Enrique Inglesias, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, Quique, "E", EI or Super Nova is an American singer-songwriter, actor, model, record producer, musician, singer and composer. He has been known to be residing in Madrid, Miami and Belgrade.

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Vincente Gomez

Vincente Gomez (July 8, 1911 Madrid-December 23, 2001 Los Angeles) was an American composer, actor and guitarist. He was residing in Madrid.

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Antonio Moreno

Antonio Moreno (September 26, 1887 Madrid-February 15, 1967 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Antonio Garride Monteagudo, Antonio Garrido Monteagudo, Anthony Moreno, Antonio "Tony" Moreno or Tony was an American actor and film director. He owned an apartment in Madrid.

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