American musicians died at 69

Here are 31 famous musicians from United States of America died at 69:

Fred Imus

Fred Imus (January 11, 1942 Los Angeles-August 6, 2011 Tucson) was an American songwriter.

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Thomas Hastings

Thomas Hastings (March 11, 1860 New York City-October 22, 1929) was an American architect.

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Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman (May 11, 1918 Manhattan-February 15, 1988 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Richard Phillips Feynman, Richard P. Feynman, Feynman or Feynman, Richard was an American physicist and scientist. He had two children, Carl Feynman and Michelle Louise Feynman.

His albums: Tuva Talk.

He died in cancer.

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Pete Conrad

Pete Conrad (June 2, 1930 Philadelphia-July 8, 1999 Ojai) also known as Commander Charles 'Pete' Conrad, Charles P. Conrad Jr., Charles 'Pete' Conrad Jr., Charles 'Pete' Conrad, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr., Charles Conrad Jr. or Pete was an American astronaut, actor and pilot. His children are called Peter Conrad, Andew Conrad, Christopher Conrad and Thomas Conrad.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Deke Slayton

Deke Slayton (March 1, 1924 Sparta-June 13, 1993 League City) a.k.a. Donald K. Slayton was an American fighter pilot and astronaut. His child is Kent S. Slayton.

He died as a result of brain tumor.

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue (August 14, 1931 West Memphis-August 23, 2000 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Baby Betty was an American nude glamour model and actor.

She died caused by heart failure.

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Charles Bowden

Charles Bowden (July 20, 1945 Tucson-August 30, 2014 Las Cruces) also known as Chuck Bowden was an American author, essayist and journalist.

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Thomas Nelson Page

Thomas Nelson Page (April 23, 1853 Hanover County-November 1, 1922 Virginia) was an American writer and novelist.

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Judith Sargent Murray

Judith Sargent Murray (May 1, 1751 Gloucester-June 9, 1820 Natchez) also known as Judith Murray was an American writer, playwright and poet.

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William Graham Sumner

William Graham Sumner (October 30, 1840 Paterson-April 12, 1910 New Haven) was an American historian, political scientist and anthropologist.

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Loren Eiseley

Loren Eiseley (September 3, 1907 Lincoln-July 9, 1977 Philadelphia) also known as Loren C. Eiseley was an American writer and science writer.

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Frank Conroy

Frank Conroy (January 15, 1936 New York City-April 6, 2005 Iowa City) was an American writer, novelist and author.

He died as a result of colorectal cancer.

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Philip Wylie

Philip Wylie (April 12, 1902 Beverly-October 25, 1971 Miami) a.k.a. Philip Gordon Wylie was an American writer, novelist, screenwriter and author. He had one child, Karen Pryor.

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Herbert Kaufman

Herbert Kaufman (March 6, 1878-September 6, 1947) was an American journalist.

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Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener (November 26, 1894 Columbia-March 18, 1964 Stockholm) was an American mathematician and scientist.

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Arthur Amos Noyes

Arthur Amos Noyes (September 13, 1866 Newburyport-June 3, 1936 California) was an American chemist.

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Arthur Compton

Arthur Compton (September 10, 1892 Wooster-March 15, 1962 Berkeley) a.k.a. Arthur Holly Compton, Dr. Arthur H. Compton or Arthur H. Compton was an American physicist.

He died caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

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Janet Dailey

Janet Dailey (May 21, 1944 Storm Lake-December 14, 2013 Branson) a.k.a. Janet Anne Haradon Dailey or Janet Anne Haradon was an American novelist and businessperson.

She died caused by surgical complications.

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Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 Chicago-March 4, 2008 Lake Geneva) a.k.a. Gygax, Gary, Ernest Gary Gygax, E. Gary Gygax, Garrison Ernst or EGG was an American game designer, author, writer and television producer. He had six children, Lucion Paul Gygax, Alexander Hugh Hamilton Gygax, Cindy Lee Gygax, Mary Elise Gygax, Heidi Jo Gygax and Ernest G. Gygax, Jr..

He died caused by abdominal aortic aneurysm.

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Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel (October 17, 1938 Butte-November 30, 2007 Clearwater) a.k.a. Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr., Evil Knievel, Robert Craig Knievel, Jr., evel_knievel or Robert Craig Jr. was an American stunt performer. He had five children, Robbie Knievel, Alicia Knievel, Tracey Knievel, Kelly Knievel and Emma Knievel.

He died caused by idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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Maybelle Carter

Maybelle Carter (May 10, 1909 Nickelsville-October 23, 1978 Hendersonville) also known as Carter, Maybelle, Mother Maybelle Carter or Maybelle Addington was an American singer, guitarist and musician. Her children are June Carter Cash, Helen Carter and Anita Carter.

Discography: Wildwood Pickin' and A Living Legend. Genres: Old-time music, Country and Gospel music.

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Charles Alston

Charles Alston (November 28, 1907 Charlotte-April 27, 1977 New York City) was an American artist and visual artist.

He died in cancer.

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Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz (March 2, 1917 Santiago de Cuba-December 2, 1986 Del Mar) a.k.a. Desiderio Arnaz, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz ye de Acha the Third, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha, III or Desi Arnaz, Sr. was an American comedian, singer, musician, television producer, actor, television director and film producer. His children are Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Madeline Jane Dee.

His albums include Babalu Music! I Love Lucy's Greatest Hits, The Best of Desi Arnaz: The Mambo King, Babalu, Desi Arnaz 1937-1947, Conga!, Cuban Originals, Cocktail Hour, Big Bands of Hollywood and Musical Moments From I Love Lucy.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas (July 2, 1932 Atlantic City-January 8, 2002 Fort Lauderdale) was an American entrepreneur, businessperson and business magnate. He had five children, Wendy Thomas, Pam Thomas, Ken Thomas, Molly Thomas and Lori Thomas.

He died in liver tumour.

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FM-2030 (October 15, 1930 Brussels-July 8, 2000 New York City) also known as F. M. Esfandiary or Fereidoun M. Esfandiary was an American personality.

He died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Franklin J. Schaffner

Franklin J. Schaffner (May 30, 1920 Tokyo-July 2, 1989 Santa Monica) also known as Franklin James Schaffner, Franklin Scaffner, Franklin S. Schaffner, Franklin · J · Schaffner, Frank Schaffner, S. Schaffner or Franklin Schaffner was an American film director, theatre director, television director, film producer, television producer and screenwriter. He had two children, Jenny Schaffner and Kate Schaffner.

He died in lung cancer.

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Herman Hollerith

Herman Hollerith (February 29, 1860 Buffalo-November 17, 1929 Washington, D.C.) was an American inventor, statistician and businessperson.

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Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas (May 7, 1933 Pittsburgh-September 11, 2002 Lutherville) a.k.a. Johnny U, The Golden Arm or John Constantine Unitas was an American american football player and actor. He had eight children, Janice Unitas, John Unitas Jr., Robert Unitas, Christopher Unitas, Kenneth Unitas, Francis Joseph Unitas, Chad Unitas and Alicia Ann Paige Unitas.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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James P. Hogan

James P. Hogan (June 27, 1941 London-July 12, 2010 Ireland) also known as James Patrick Hogan or James Hogan was an American novelist and writer.

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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 New Orleans-July 6, 1971 Corona) a.k.a. Satchmo, Pops, Louis Armstrong: Satchmo, Armstrong, Louis (Satchmo), Armstrong, Louis, Armstrong Louis, Luis Armstrong, Louis Armostrong, Louis Amstrong, Louis Arnstrong, Louie Armstrong, Loouis Aemstrong, Louise Armstrong, Louis Daniel Armstrong, Louis Armstrong's Hot Seven, Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars, Satchel Mouth, Satch, Satchelmouth, Dippermouth, Dipper, Daniel Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, gate mouth, Dippermouth Blues or dipper mouth was an American singer, trumpeter, musician and actor. He had one child, Clarence Armstrong.

Discography: Hello, Dolly!, I Will Wait For You, I Wish You Were Dead, You Rascal You, What A Wonderful World, Laughin' Louie, The Best of the Decca Years, Volume 2: The Composer, 16 Original World Hits, Satchmo at Symphony Hall, Verve Jazz Masters 1 and 16 Most Requested Songs. Genres he performed: Jazz, Swing music, Dixieland, Traditional pop music and Scat singing.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston (January 7, 1891 Notasulga-January 28, 1960 Fort Pierce) was an American writer, novelist, author and anthropologist.

She died caused by hypertensive heart disease.

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