American musicians born in 1912

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1912:

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly (August 23, 1912 Highland Park-February 2, 1996 Beverly Hills) also known as Eugene Curran Kelly or Eugene Curran "Gene" Kelly was an American singer, dancer, actor, film director, choreographer, film producer and television producer. He had three children, Kerry Kelly, Bridget Kelly and Timothy Kelly.

His albums: 'S Wonderful, Gotta Dance! The Best Of, Singin' in the Rain, For Me and My Gal and An American in Paris.

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Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie (July 14, 1912 Okemah-October 3, 1967 New York City) also known as Woodie Guthrie, Woddy Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson Guthrie or Guthrie, Woody was an American singer, songwriter, sailor, singer-songwriter and musician. He had eight children, Nora Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Joady Guthrie, Sue Guthrie, Cathy Guthrie, Bill Guthrie, Gwen Guthrie and Lorinna Lynn Guthrie.

His albums: The Woody Guthrie Story, 900 Miles, Hard Travellin', A Legendary Performer, Cowboy Songs, Dust Bowl Ballads, House of the Rising Sun, Long Ways to Travel: The Unreleased Folkways Masters, 1944-1949, Ramblin' Round and Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child. His related genres: Folk music, Country and American folk music.

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John Cage

John Cage (September 5, 1912 Los Angeles-August 12, 1992 Manhattan) also known as John Milton Cage or John Milton Cage Jr. was an American philosopher, composer, author, visual artist, actor, musician and film score composer.

Discography: Music for Merce Cunningham, Music for ..., In a Landscape, Works for Percussion, Volume 1: 1935-1941, Music for Prepared Piano, Volume 2 (Boris Berman), Early Piano Music (feat. piano: Herbert Henck), Cheap Imitation, Complete Piano Music, Volume 1: The Prepared Piano 1940-1952, The Complete String Quartets, Volume 1 (Arditti Quartet) and Daughters of the Lonesome Isle. Genres he performed include 20th-century classical music, Ballet, Aleatoric music and Opera.

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Les Brown

Les Brown (March 14, 1912 Reinerton-Orwin-Muir-January 4, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Lester Raymond Brown, Brown, Les, Lester Raymond "Les" Brown, Sr., Les Brown and his Music, Les Brown and His Orchestra, Les Brown and His Band of Reknown or Les Brown and His Band of Renown was an American bandleader, actor, saxophonist and film score composer. He had two children, Denise Brown and Les Brown Jr..

Discography: Dance to South Pacific / The Les Brown Story, Anything Goes, Best of Big Bands: Les Brown, Hollywood Palladium 1954 - #3, Hollywood Palladium 1954-55 #9, Hollywood Palladium 1957 #15, Hollywood Palladium 1957 #17, Hollywood Palladium 1957 - #2, Live in Concert: Madison, Wisconsin and Hollywood Palladium 1954-55 #4.

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Perry Como

Perry Como (May 18, 1912 Canonsburg-May 12, 2001 Jupiter Inlet Colony) a.k.a. Pierino Ronaldo Como, Como, Perry, Pierino Roland Como, Pierino Ronald Como, Pierino Ronald "Perry" Como, Perry, Mr. C. or Pierino Como was an American singer, actor and tv personality. He had three children, Ronnie Como, David Como and Terri Como.

His albums: Glendora, Perry Como Sings Merry Christmas Music, Como Swings / For the Young at Heart, By Request / Sing to Me, Mr. C, Saturday Night With Mr. C / When You Come to the End of the Day, So Smooth / We Get Letters, Till the End of Time, 20 Greatest Hits, 20 Outstanding Classics and A Perry Como Christmas. Genres: Jazz, Swing music, Rock music, Country, Adult contemporary music, Big Band, Easy listening, Pop music, Latin American music, Sacred music and Rock and roll.

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Sonny Boy Williamson II

Sonny Boy Williamson II (December 5, 1912 Glendora-May 25, 1965 Helena) also known as Sonny Boy Williamson, Aleck Miller, Alex Ford Miller, Aleck "Sonny Boy Williamson" Miller, Aleck Ford Miller, "Rice" Miller, Alex "Rice" Miller, Sonny Boy Wiliamson, Williamson, Sonny Boy, Alex Miller, Willie "Sonny Boy" Williamson, Willie Miller, Little Boy Blue, Sonny Boy Williamson number two, Sonny Boy Williamson the second or Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) was an American songwriter, bandleader, singer, musician and music arranger.

His albums include Down and Out Blues, The Real Folk Blues, Nine Below Zero, His Best, Bummer Road, The Chess Years, Keep It to Ourselves, King Biscuit Time, The Best Of and The Bluebird Blues. Genres he performed include Blues, Gospel music and Harmonica blues.

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Lightnin' Hopkins

Lightnin' Hopkins (March 15, 1912 Centerville-January 30, 1982 Houston) a.k.a. Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Lightnin' Sam Hopkins, Sam Hopkins, Lightnin Hopkins, Lightning Hopkins, Hopkins, Lightnin', Lightnin' Hookins, Sam John Hopkins or Lightnin'Hopkins was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums: Lightnin' Hopkins, Autobiography in Blues, Country Blues, The Texas Bluesman, Lightnin's Love, The Best of Lightning Hopkins, Free Form Patterns, Blues in My Bottle, Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 8: Morning Blues and Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 33: Coffee House Blues. Genres he performed include Country blues, Electric blues and Texas blues.

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Dale Evans

Dale Evans (October 31, 1912 Uvalde-February 7, 2001 Apple Valley) also known as Lucille Wood Smith, Frances Octavia Smith, Queen of the West, Queen of the Cowgirls or Dale Rogers was an American actor, writer and singer-songwriter. She had six children, Thomas F. Fox, Jr., Robin Rogers, Mimi Rogers, Debbie Rogers, Sandy Rogers and Little Doe Rogers.

Her albums include Christmas Is Always, Our ReCollections and Happy Trails / California Rose.

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Larry LaPrise

Larry LaPrise (January 2, 1912 Detroit-April 1, 1996) was an American , .

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David Raksin

David Raksin (August 4, 1912 Philadelphia-August 9, 2004 Van Nuys) otherwise known as D. Raksin, Grandfather of Film Music or David Raskin was an American film score composer and teacher. He had two children, Alex Raksin and Tina Raksin.

His albums: Forever Amber / The Bad and the Beautiful, , Too Late Blues, What's the Matter with Helen?, The Revolt of Mamie Stover / Hilda Crane, Preminger at Fox, Two Weeks in Another Town, Forever Amber, The Unforgiven: Classic Western Scores From United Artists and at M-G-M. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker (September 30, 1912 Monrovia-August 10, 1985 Solvang) a.k.a. Kenneth Laurence Baker was an American singer and actor.

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Saul Chaplin

Saul Chaplin (February 19, 1912 Brooklyn-November 15, 1997 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Saul Kaplan, Saul Elias Kaplan, Cahn and Chaplin or Chaplin was an American film score composer, film producer and music director. He had one child, Judy Prince.

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Arthur Berger

Arthur Berger (May 15, 1912 New York City-October 7, 2003 Boston) also known as Arthur Victor Berger was an American , .

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Rosina Lawrence

Rosina Lawrence (December 30, 1912 Westboro, Ottawa-June 23, 1997 New York City) also known as Miss Lawrence or Miss Jones was an American actor, dancer and singer.

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Irving Fazola

Irving Fazola (December 10, 1912 New Orleans-March 20, 1949 New Orleans) a.k.a. Fazola, Irving was an American , .

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Dick Manning

Dick Manning (June 12, 1912 Gomel-April 11, 1991 Marietta) also known as Samuel Medof was an American , .

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Trummy Young

Trummy Young (January 12, 1912 Savannah-September 10, 1984 San Jose) also known as James "Trummy" Young, James Young or Trummy was an American trombonist.

His albums include The Chronological Classics: Trummy Young 1944-1946 and Swing Is Here. His related genres: Jazz.

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Frances Faye

Frances Faye (November 4, 1912 Brooklyn-November 8, 1991 Los Angeles) also known as Frances Cohen, Francis Faye, Faye, Frances or Miss Frances Faye was an American singer, actor and pianist.

Her most well known albums: The Complete Ellington Indigos, Caught in the Act, No Reservations, No Regrets, Relaxin' With Frances Faye / I'm Wild Again and Bad, Bad Frances Faye.

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Ken Lane

Ken Lane (December 20, 1912 United States of America-November 23, 1996) was an American songwriter. He had one child, Robin Lane.

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Rudolf Firkušný

Rudolf Firkušný (February 11, 1912 Napajedla-July 19, 1994) was an American pianist.

His albums include Cello Sonatas, , Dvořák: Sonatina / Janáček, Brahms, Beethoven: Sonatas, and Czech Piano Music.

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George Tunnell

George Tunnell (June 29, 1912 Pennsylvania-May 20, 1975) was an American , .

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Roscoe Holcomb

Roscoe Holcomb (September 5, 1912 Daisy, Kentucky-February 1, 1981) also known as Roscoe Halcomb was an American musician, farmer, miner, construction worker and singer.

His most recognized albums: The High Lonesome Sound and An Untamed Sense of Control. Genres he performed: Folk music, Gospel music, Country, Bluegrass and Old-time music.

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George T. Simon

George T. Simon (May 9, 1912 New York City-February 13, 2001 New York City) otherwise known as George Simon, George Thomas Simon or George T. Simon was an American songwriter, writer and drummer.

His most recognized albums: Bing Crosby - A Legendary Performer.

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Clarence Profit

Clarence Profit (June 26, 1912 New York City-October 22, 1944) was an American jazz pianist.

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Bob Zurke

Bob Zurke (January 7, 1912 Detroit-February 16, 1944 Los Angeles) also known as B. Zurke was an American , .

Discography: Honky Tonk Train Blues.

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Teddy Wilson

Teddy Wilson (November 24, 1912 Austin-July 31, 1986 New Britain) otherwise known as Wilson, Teddy or Teddy Wilson (with Benny Goodman Trio) was an American pianist, jazz pianist and musician.

His most recognized albums: Storyville Masters of Jazz, Volume 11: Teddy Wilson, Teddy Wilson & His All Stars, Volume 1, How High the Moon?, Gypsy in Jazz, Gentleman of Keyboard 1934-1957, The Chronological Classics: Teddy Wilson 1942-1945, Piano Solos/Teddy Wilson, Edmond Hall Quartet With Teddy Wilson, The Chronological Classics: Teddy Wilson 1947-1950, The Chronological Classics: Teddy Wilson 1946 and The Chronological Classics: Teddy Wilson 1952-1953. Genres: Jazz.

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Don Byas

Don Byas (October 21, 1912 Muskogee-August 24, 1972) a.k.a. Byas, Don was an American musician.

His albums include Jazz in Paris: Laura, Jazz in Paris: En ce temps-là, Walkin', Laura / Stardust, Midnight at Minton's, Laura, The Chronological Classics: Don Byas 1945, Volume 2, The Chronological Classics: Don Byas 1945, The Chronological Classics: Don Byas 1946 and The Chronological Classics: Don Byas 1952. Genres: Bebop and Swing music.

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Earl Bostic

Earl Bostic (April 25, 1912 Tulsa-October 28, 1965 Rochester) a.k.a. Bostic, Earl was an American musician.

His albums include Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Earl Bostic 1952-1953, Earl Bostic Flamingo, Flamingo, Jazz Time, The Earl Bostic Story, Sweet Tunes of the Sentimental 40s, Twilight Time/ Over the Waves Rock, Harlem Nocturne / I Hear a Rhapsody, September Song / Temptation and Tuxedo Junction/ Air Mail Special. Genres he performed include Jazz and Rhythm and blues.

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Conlon Nancarrow

Conlon Nancarrow (October 27, 1912 Texarkana, Arkansas-August 10, 1997 Mexico City) also known as Nancarrow, Conlon or Samuel Conlon Nancarrow was an American composer.

Related albums: Studies for Player Piano and Solos (feat. piano: Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo), Studies for Player Piano (Ensemble Modern), Studies for Player Piano, Player Piano 7, Volume 4: Studies 42-48, Studies for Player Piano: Volume IV, Lost Works, Last Works, Quartets and Studies (feat. Arditti String Quartet), American Counterpoint, Late and Unknown: Works on Rolls and Studies for Player Piano, Volume III & IV.

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Nellie Lutcher

Nellie Lutcher (October 15, 1912 Lake Charles-June 8, 2007 Los Angeles) was an American musician and actor. She had one child, Talmadge Lewis.

Her albums: Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm, The Best of Nellie Lutcher and Whee! Nellie!.

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Dave Barbour

Dave Barbour (May 28, 1912 Flushing-December 11, 1965 Malibu) a.k.a. David Michael Barbour or Dave Barbour and His Music was an American actor. He had one child, Nicki Lee Foster.

His albums: 20 Ans de Carrière and The Mambo Jambo / Dave's Boogie.

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Buddy Clark

Buddy Clark (July 26, 1912 Dorchester-October 1, 1949 Los Angeles) also known as Samuel Goldberg was an American singer.

His albums: The Best Of, The Buddy Clark Collection: The Columbia Years 1942 -1949, If This Isn't Love / How Are Things in Glocca Mora, My One and Only Highland Fling / Baby, It's Cold Outside and Love Somebody / Confess. His related genres: Traditional pop music.

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Walter Davis

Walter Davis (March 1, 1912 Grenada-October 22, 1963 St. Louis) a.k.a. Davis, Walter was an American singer, musician and pianist.

His albums include Please Remember Me: 1930-1947, Sweet Sixteen / Lay Around on Your D.B.A., Howling Wind Blues / Pleading to My Baby and Keep on Dealing / I Can Tell by the Way You Smell. Genres: Delta blues and Blues.

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Betty Noyes

Betty Noyes (October 11, 1912 Tulsa-December 24, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as Noyes, Betty was an American actor.

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Jack Lawrence

Jack Lawrence (April 7, 1912 Brooklyn-March 16, 2009 Redding) a.k.a. jack_lawrence, Lawrence, Jack, Jack Lawrence Schwartz or Jacob Louis Schwartz was an American songwriter.

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Rex Griffin

Rex Griffin (August 12, 1912 Gadsden-October 11, 1959 New Orleans) was an American songwriter.

His albums: Old Faded Photograph / Last Love Call Yodel. Genres he performed include Country.

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Archibald (September 14, 1912 New Orleans-January 8, 1973) otherwise known as Leon T. Gross or Archie Boy was an American pianist and singer.

His albums include The Complete New Orleans Sessions 1950-1952. Genres related to him: Rhythm and blues.

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Bea Booze

Bea Booze (March 23, 1912 Baltimore-March 1, 1975 Scottsville) was an American singer.

Genres she performed: Jazz.

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Tyree Glenn

Tyree Glenn (November 23, 1912 Corsicana-May 18, 1974 Englewood) also known as Glenn, Tyree was an American musician.

Discography: The Chronological Classics: Tyree Glenn 1947-1952.

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Anne Brown

Anne Brown (August 9, 1912 Baltimore-March 13, 2009 Oslo) also known as Brown, Anne was an American singer.

Her albums include Selections from George Gershwin's Folk Opera Porgy and Bess.

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May Sarton

May Sarton (May 3, 1912 Wondelgem-July 16, 1995 York) also known as Eleanore Marie Sarton or Sarton, May was an American writer, poet and novelist.

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Johnny Lee Wills

Johnny Lee Wills (September 2, 1912 Jewett-October 25, 1984 Tulsa) also known as Wills, Johnny Lee or Lee Wills, Johnnie was an American actor and musician.

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Paul Bascomb

Paul Bascomb (February 12, 1912 Birmingham-December 2, 1986 Chicago) also known as Bascomb, Paul was an American , .

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Buster Harding

Buster Harding (March 19, 1912-November 14, 1965) was an American , .

His related genres: Swing music.

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Mack David

Mack David (July 5, 1912 New York City-December 30, 1993 Rancho Mirage) was an American songwriter, lyricist, screenwriter, composer, author and film score composer.

His albums: Cinderella. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Hugo Weisgall

Hugo Weisgall (October 13, 1912 Ivančice-March 11, 1997 Manhasset) also known as Weisgall, Hugo or Hugo David Weisgall was an American , .

His albums: The Tenor / The Stronger / Two Song Cycles (Vienna State Opera Orchestra feat. conductor: Herbert Grossman).

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Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl (October 25, 1912 Centerville-March 4, 1996 Nashville) also known as Sarah Ophelia Colley, Pearl, Minnie or Sarah Colley was an American comedian and actor.

Her albums: Queen of The Grand Ole Opry. Genres: Country, Comedy rock and Comedy music.

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Don Gillis

Don Gillis (June 17, 1912 Cameron-January 10, 1978 Columbia) also known as Gillis, Don was an American , .

Discography: Symphony No. 4 "The Pioneers" - Piano Concerto No. 2 (Sinfonia Varsova, conductor Ian Hobson).

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Ingolf Dahl

Ingolf Dahl (June 9, 1912 Hamburg-August 7, 1970 Frutigen) a.k.a. Dahl, Infolf or Walter Ingolf Marcus was an American , .

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György Sándor

György Sándor (September 21, 1912 Budapest-December 9, 2005 New York City) a.k.a. Gyorgy Sandor or Sándor, György was an American pianist.

His discography includes: Complete Solo Piano Music.

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