American musicians born in 1917

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1917:

Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz (March 2, 1917 Santiago de Cuba-December 2, 1986 Del Mar) a.k.a. Desiderio Arnaz, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz ye de Acha the Third, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha, III or Desi Arnaz, Sr. was an American comedian, singer, musician, television producer, actor, television director and film producer. His children are Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Madeline Jane Dee.

His albums include Babalu Music! I Love Lucy's Greatest Hits, The Best of Desi Arnaz: The Mambo King, Babalu, Desi Arnaz 1937-1947, Conga!, Cuban Originals, Cocktail Hour, Big Bands of Hollywood and Musical Moments From I Love Lucy.

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John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker (August 22, 1917 Clarksdale-June 21, 2001 Los Altos) also known as Johnny Lee Hooker was an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter, songwriter and guitarist. His child is John Lee Hooker, Jr..

His most recognized albums: That's My Story, Burnin', Burning Hell, It Serve You Right to Suffer, Urban Blues, Coast to Coast Blues Band, My Story Is Blues, Volume 1, My Story Is Blues, Volume 2, My Story Is Blues, Volume 3 and The Healer. Genres related to him: Delta blues, Country blues, Electric blues, Talking blues, Blues and Americana.

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Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917 Newport News-June 15, 1996 Beverly Hills) also known as Ella Fitzgerard, Ella Jane Fitzgerald, Queen of Jazz, Lady Ella, First Lady of Song, The First Lady of Jazz or The First Lady of Swing was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Ray Brown, Jr..

Discography: Rhythm Is My Business, Ella Sings Broadway, The Enchanting Ella Fitzgerald: Live at Birdland 1950-1952, Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!, The Early Years, Part 2, Ella Swings Gently With Nelson, First Lady of Song, Verve Jazz Masters 6: Ella Fitzgerald, The Best of Ella Fitzgerald: The First Lady of Song and Pure Ella. Genres: Jazz, Swing music, Ballad, Traditional pop music, Vocal jazz and Bebop.

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Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie (October 21, 1917 Cheraw-January 6, 1993 Englewood) a.k.a. Dizzie Gillespie, Dizzy, John Birks Gillespie, DG or John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was an American singer, musician, composer, bandleader, film score composer, voice actor and actor. His child is Jeanie Bryson.

His albums include Shaw 'Nuff, Verve Jazz Masters 10, Ultimate Dizzy Gillespie, Just Jazz: Groovin' With Diz & Co., 'S Wonderful, 1953-02-05 Paris, France, Absolutely the Best Dizzy Gillespie, Afro, An Electrifying Evening With the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet and Be Bop. Genres related to him: Afro-Cuban jazz, Bebop and Jazz.

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Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk (October 10, 1917 Rocky Mount-February 17, 1982 Englewood) also known as Thelonios Monk, Thelonius Monk, Theolonius Monk, Monk Thelonious, Monk, Thelonious, Thelonious Sphere Monk, Monk, Thelonius, The High Priest of Bebop, The Mad Monk, Melodious, The Genius of Modern Music or The Thelonious Monk Quintet was an American composer, musician and pianist. He had two children, T. S. Monk and Barbara Monk.

His albums include Thelonious Himself, Greatest Hits, It's Monk's Time, Monk's Blues, 1962 - 1968, Straight, No Chaser, The London Collection, Volume 1, The Complete Prestige Recordings, The London Collection, Volume 3 and Underground. Genres he performed include Jazz, Stride, Bebop, Hard bop and Cool jazz.

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Dean Martin

Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 Steubenville-December 25, 1995 Beverly Hills) also known as Dino Paul Crocetti, Dino Martini, King of Cool, Kid Crochet, Martin & Lewis, Dino, King Leer, Dino Crocetti or The King of Cool was an American singer, comedian, actor, professional boxer, film producer, musician, songwriter, presenter, radio personality and businessperson. His children are called Deana Martin, Gina Martin, Dean Paul Martin, Ricci Martin, Claudia Martin, Craig Martin, Sasha Martin and Barbara Gail Martin.

His albums: This Is Dean Martin, The Best of the Capitol Years, All the Hits 1948-1969, Memories Are Made of This, The Dean Martin TV Show / Songs From the Silencers, The Very Best of Dean Martin, French Style / Dino Latino, The Very Best of Dean Martin, Volume 2, The Very Best, Volume 1 and The Magic Memories. His related genres: Big Band, Traditional pop music, Country, Easy listening, Vocal jazz, Rock and roll and Swing music.

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Stick McGhee

Stick McGhee (March 23, 1917 Kingsport-August 15, 1961 The Bronx) a.k.a. Sticks McGhee or Granville Henry McGhee was an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Discography: Sticks McGhee & John Lee Hooker: Highway of Blues, Sticks McGhee, Volume 1: 1947-1951, Sticks McGhee, Volume 2: 1951-1960, and the Complete Recorded Works of John Hogg, Stormy Herman, Square Walton and Levi Seabury, On the Road and Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Sticks McGhee 1947-1951. Genres he performed include Rhythm and blues, Jump blues and Electric blues.

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Lou Harrison

Lou Harrison (May 14, 1917 Portland-February 2, 2003 Lafayette) also known as Harrison, Lou, The Santa Claus of New Music or Lou Silver Harrison was an American composer and film score composer.

His albums: Complete Harpsichord Works (Linda Burman-Hall), La Koro Sutro, Music of Lou Harrison, Rhymes with Silver, Gamelan Music, Concerto for Violin; Concerto in Slendro for Violin, Celesta, Tackpianos, Chamber and Gamelan Works, Piano Concerto - Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra (feat. Keith Jarrett, New Japan Philharmonic, Naoto Otomo - Lucy Stoltzman, Robert Hughes), Suite for Symphonic Strings / Strict Songs for Eight Baritones (Louisville Orchestra feat. conductor: Robert S. Whitney) and In Retrospect (feat. Miller (Fl), Kromm (Baritone), USCS Singers and Cham Orch, Etc). Genres related to him: 20th-century classical music and Contemporary classical music.

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Tadd Dameron

Tadd Dameron (February 21, 1917 Cleveland-March 8, 1965 New York City) also known as Tad Dameron or Dameron, Tadd was an American jazz pianist and composer.

His albums include Fontainebleau, The Chronological Classics: Tadd Dameron 1947-1949 and Mating Call. Genres: Jazz.

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Lena Horne

Lena Horne (June 30, 1917 Bedford-Stuyvesant-May 9, 2010 Manhattan) a.k.a. Lena Horn, Horne Lena, Lene Horne, Lena Mary Calhoun Horne, Horne, Lena or Lena Calhoun Horne was an American singer, actor, musician, pin-up girl, dancer and civil rights activist. She had two children, Gail Buckley and Terry Jones.

Her most important albums: Lena in Hollywood, Lena Goes Latin / Sings Your Requests, Love Is the Thing, At the Waldorf Astoria / At the Sands, Best of the War Years, Back in My Baby's Arm's, Lena Horne: A Musical Anthology, Love Songs, Mad About the Boy and Stormy Lady. Genres: Jazz, Pop music, Traditional pop music and Vocal jazz.

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Papa John Creach

Papa John Creach (May 28, 1917 Beaver Falls-February 22, 1994 Los Angeles) otherwise known as John Henry Creach or Creach, Papa John was an American fiddler, actor, violinist and musician.

His albums: Papa John Creach, Filthy!, Playing My Fiddle for You, I'm the Fiddle Man, Rock Father, Inphasion, The Cat and the Fiddle, Papa Blues and El camino de los ingleses. Genres he performed: Cajun music, Psychedelic rock, Alternative rock, Folk music, Blues and Blues rock.

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Jo Stafford

Jo Stafford (November 12, 1917 Coalinga-July 16, 2008 Century City) also known as Jo Staffard, Jo Elizabeth Stafford or Stafford, Jo was an American singer and actor.

Her albums include The Big Band Sound, Jo Stafford on Capitol, Just Reminiscin, The Ultimate Jo Stafford, Ballad of the Blues, Meet Jo Stafford, Best, Drifting and Dreaming, G.I. Jo Sings the Hits and G.I. Joe: Jo Stafford Sings Songs of World War II. Genres: Traditional pop music.

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Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich (September 30, 1917 Brooklyn-April 2, 1987) also known as Bernard Rich, Rich, Buddy or Bernard "Buddy" Rich was an American bandleader, drummer, actor, songwriter and musician.

His most recognized albums: Big Band Machine, Plays and Plays and Plays, Compact Jazz: Buddy Rich, Rags to Riches, The Roar of '74, Very Live at Buddy's Place, No Funny Hats, Buddy's Cherokee: The Lionel Hampton Sessions, Last Blues Album and No Jive. Genres he performed include Jazz, Big Band, Bebop and Swing music.

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Alice Pearce

Alice Pearce (October 16, 1917 New York City-March 3, 1966 Hollywood) also known as Alicia Pearce or Alicia “Alice” Pearce was an American singer and actor.

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Celeste Holm

Celeste Holm (April 29, 1917 Brooklyn-July 15, 2012 Manhattan) was an American actor. Her children are Ted Nelson and Daniel Dunning.

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Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner (October 15, 1917 United States of America-February 5, 2013 Carlsbad) also known as Paul O.W Tanner was an American , .

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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William Marshall

William Marshall (October 12, 1917 Chicago-June 8, 1994 Paris) also known as Billy Marshall, Bill Marshall or Gerard William Marshall was an American actor, singer, bandleader, film director and film producer. His children are called Tonie Marshall and Mike Marshall.

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Merle Travis

Merle Travis (November 29, 1917 Rosewood, Kentucky-October 20, 1983 Tahlequah) also known as Mearle Travis, Travis, Merle, Merle Robert Travis, Merle Travis and His Bronco Busters, Merl Travis or Travis, Merl was an American singer, musician, songwriter and guitarist. He had one child, Thom Bresh.

His discography includes: Folk Songs of the Hills / Back Home / Songs of the Coal Mines, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 1, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 2, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 3, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 4, Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past, Volume 5, The Best of Merle Travis 1946-1953, The Best of Merle Travis, The Guitar Player and The Merle Travis Story: 24 Greatest Hits. Genres he performed include Country, Blues, Americana, Gospel music and Western swing.

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Kal Mann

Kal Mann (May 6, 1917 Philadelphia-November 28, 2001) a.k.a. Mann, Kal or Jon Sheldon was an American songwriter and lyricist.

Genres: Popular music and Rock and roll.

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Robert Merrill

Robert Merrill (June 4, 1917 Williamsburg-October 23, 2004 New Rochelle) also known as Moishe Miller, Merrill, Robert, Morris Miller, Bob Merrill or Robert Merril was an American opera singer and actor. He had two children, David Merrill and Lizanne Merrill.

His albums include Dinah Shore Sings … Songs from Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick a.k.a. Marshmallow Moon, Americana, , Il tabarro, Puccini: La bohème, Carmen: RCA Victor, La Traviata and Carmen.

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John Raitt

John Raitt (January 29, 1917 Santa Ana-February 20, 2005 Pacific Palisades) also known as John Emmett Raitt was an American singer and actor. He had three children, Bonnie Raitt, David Raitt and Steven Raitt.

Discography: Broadway Legend, The Pajama Game, Mediterranean Magic and Carousel (1945 original Broadway cast).

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Big Walter Horton

Big Walter Horton (April 6, 1917 Horn Lake-December 8, 1981 Chicago) a.k.a. Walter Horton, Big Walter 'Shakey' Horton, Shakey Walter Horton, Walter 'Shakey' Horton, Big Walter 'Shaky' Horton, Horton, Big Walter, Walther Horton, Walter "Shakey" Horton, "Shakey" Horton or "Mumbles" Horton was an American musician.

Discography: They Call Me Big Walter, Live at the El Mocambo, Harmonica Blues Kings, Memphis Recordings 1951, Walter "Shakey" Horton Live, The Soul of Blues Harmonica, Mouth Harp Maestro, Little Boy Blue, Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell and The Blues Collection 69: Shuffle and Swing. Genres: Blues.

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Tiny Timbrell

Tiny Timbrell (January 15, 1917 Canada-May 7, 1992) was an American , .

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Dorothy DeLay

Dorothy DeLay (March 31, 1917 Medicine Lodge-March 24, 2002 New York City) was an American violinist and teacher.

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Curley Russell

Curley Russell (March 19, 1917 New York City-July 3, 1986 New York City) also known as Curly Russell or Russell, Curley was an American bassist.

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Eddie Constantine

Eddie Constantine (October 29, 1917 Los Angeles-February 25, 1993 Wiesbaden) also known as Eddy Constantine, Constantine, Eddie, Edward Constantinowsky, Israel Constantine or Eddi Constantine was an American singer and actor. His children are Lemmy Constantine, Barbara Constantine, Tania Constantine and Mia Bella Marie Constanine.

His albums: Ah ! les femmes and .

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Yodelin' Slim Clark

Yodelin' Slim Clark (December 11, 1917 Massachusetts-July 5, 2000) was an American songwriter and singer.

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Ulpio Minucci

Ulpio Minucci (June 29, 1917 Campobello di Mazara-March 9, 2007 Brentwood) was an American composer. He had one child, Chieli Minucci.

His albums: Robotech music.

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Sylvia Olden Lee

Sylvia Olden Lee (June 29, 1917 United States of America-April 10, 2004) was an American musician, vocal coach and pianist.

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Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert (June 19, 1917 Boston-October 3, 1966 Connecticut Turnpike) also known as Lambert, Dave was an American singer, musician and songwriter.

Discography: The Young at Bop, Sing Along and Swing Along and Sing Along With Basie. Genres: Jazz.

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Larry Hooper

Larry Hooper (July 22, 1917 Independence-June 10, 1983) was an American singer.

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Art Rupe

Art Rupe (September 5, 1917 Greensburg-) a.k.a. Arthur Goldberg is an American record producer.

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Raymond Rasch

Raymond Rasch (March 1, 1917 Ohio-December 23, 1964) a.k.a. Ray Rasch was an American film score composer.

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John Adriano Acea

John Adriano Acea (September 11, 1917 Philadelphia-July 25, 1963) was an American , .

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Sylvia Syms

Sylvia Syms (December 2, 1917 Brooklyn-May 10, 1992) also known as Silvia Syms or Syms, Silvia was an American singer.

Related albums: A Jazz Portrait of Johnny Mercer, ... Then Along Came Bill, Syms by Sinatra and For Once in My Life.

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Red Sovine

Red Sovine (July 7, 1917 Charleston-April 4, 1980 Nashville) also known as Woodrow Wilson "Red" Sovine or Sovine, Red was an American singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums include The Best of the Best of Red Sovine, (The Late Great Red Sovine) Teddy Bear, Christmas With Red Sovine, Cryin' in the Chapel, Giddy-Up-Go, Golden Hits, Phantom 309, Red Sovine Sings Hank Williams, Red Sovine and Sixteen Greatest Hits. Genres he performed include Country.

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Rufus Thomas

Rufus Thomas (March 26, 1917 Cayce, Mississippi-December 15, 2001 Memphis) a.k.a. Rufus Thomas, Jr., Rufus "Hound Dog" Thomas, Jr., Rufus Thomas Jr., Thomas, Rufus or The Dog was an American singer, disc jockey, presenter and comedian. He had three children, Carla Thomas, Marvell Thomas and Vaneese Thomas.

His most well known albums: Jump Back / All Night Worker, Best Of, Did You Heard Me? / Crown Prince of Dance, Do The Funky Chicken, Rufus Thomas, Walking the Dog, Funky Chicken, Stax Profiles, The Very Best Of and Did You Heard Me?. Genres: Southern soul, Rhythm and blues, Blues, Funk and Memphis soul.

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Helen Forrest

Helen Forrest (April 12, 1917 Atlantic City-July 11, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Helen Forest, Helen Fogel, Forrest, Helen or Helen Forrest (w. Artie Shaw & His Orchestra) was an American singer and actor.

Her albums include Voice of the Big Bands, Sentimental Journey, Sweet and Simple, The Complete Helen Forrest With Harry James, I Wanna Be Loved and Embraceable You. Genres she performed: Jazz, Swing music, Traditional pop music and Big Band.

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Arbee Stidham

Arbee Stidham (February 9, 1917 De Valls Bluff-April 26, 1988 Cook County) otherwise known as Stidham, Arbee was an American musician.

His albums include Tired of Wandering.

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Jimmy Hamilton

Jimmy Hamilton (May 25, 1917 Dillon-September 20, 1994 Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands) otherwise known as Jimmy Hammilton, Jimmie Hamilton, James Hamilton, J Hamilton or Hamilton, Jimmy was an American , .

His albums: Can't Help Swingin', It's About Time, Sweet but Hot, Rediscovered at the Buccaneer, As Time Goes By, Jimmy Hamilton and the New York Jazz Quintet and Southern Bells. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Lou Monte

Lou Monte (April 2, 1917 Manhattan-June 12, 1989 Pompano Beach) also known as Louis Scaglione or Monte, Lou was an American singer.

Related albums: Pepino the Italian Mouse, Best of the RCA Recordings, Merry Christmas to All From Pepino the Italian Mouse, Pepino the Italian Mouse & Other Italian Fun Songs, The Very Best Of, Songs for Pizza Lovers / Lou Monte Sings for You, Italian Style and All the Hits and More. Genres: Pop music and Novelty song.

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Tex Williams

Tex Williams (August 23, 1917 Ramsey-October 11, 1985) a.k.a. Williams, Tex was an American singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His most important albums: 1946-1951, Vintage Collections, Western Swing Nostalgia, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) / Roundup Polka and On the Air 1947-1949. Genres: Country and Western swing.

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Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson (December 18, 1917 Houston-July 2, 1988 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Eddie Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, Eddie "Clean Head" Vinson, Eddy Vinson, Eddy "Cleanhead" Vinson or Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead" was an American singer and composer.

Related albums: Cleanhead & Cannonball, The Blues Collection 57: Cleanhead Blues, Old Maid Boogie / Kidney Stew Blues, Cherry Red Blues / Things Ain't What They Used to Be, Blues, Boogie & Bebop - Meat's Too High, Oscar Peterson + Harry Edison + Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Blues in the Night Volume One: The Early Show, Cherry Red, Battle of the Blues, Volume 4 and Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Eddie Vinson 1945-1947. Genres related to him: Jazz, Jump blues, Blues and Rhythm and blues.

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Sam Hinton

Sam Hinton (March 31, 1917 Tulsa-September 10, 2009 Berkeley) a.k.a. Hinton, Sam was an American , .

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Cliffie Stone

Cliffie Stone (March 1, 1917 California-January 17, 1998) also known as Stone, Cliffie or Clifford Gilpin Snyder was an American singer and record producer. His child is Curtis Stone.

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Walter Brown

Walter Brown (August 1, 1917 Dallas-June 1, 1956 Lawton) a.k.a. Brown, Walter was an American singer, songwriter and musician.

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Alberta Adams

Alberta Adams (July 26, 1917 Indianapolis-December 25, 2014) also known as Adams, Alberta was an American singer, musician, record producer and songwriter.

Discography: Born with the Blues. Genres she performed: Chicago blues, Jump blues and Detroit blues.

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Wesley Tuttle

Wesley Tuttle (December 30, 1917 Lamar-September 29, 2003) also known as Tuttle, Wesley or Wes Tuttle was an American singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Detour / I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine. Genres: Country.

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Marie Bryant

Marie Bryant (November 6, 1917 Meridian-May 23, 1978 Los Angeles) also known as Bryant, Marie was an American exotic dancer and actor.

Her most recognized albums: Don't Touch My Nylons.

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Ossie Davis

Ossie Davis (December 18, 1917 Cogdell-February 4, 2005 Miami Beach) also known as Raiford Chatman Davis, Ozzie Davis, R.C. Davis or Raiford Chatman "Ossie" Davis was an American actor, poet, playwright, screenwriter, film director, writer, activist, author and voice actor. He had three children, Guy Davis, Nora Day Davis and Hasna Muhammad Davis.

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