American musicians born in 1975

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1975:

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich (December 17, 1975 Kiev-) also known as Milla, Milica Natasha Jovovich, Milica Jovović, Milla Yovovich, Reigning Queen of Kick-Butt or Milica Nataša Jovović is an American singer, supermodel, fashion designer, actor, musician, film producer and voice actor. Her child is called Ever Gabo Anderson.

Her most well known albums: The Peopletree Sessions, The Divine Comedy, Gentleman Who Fell, Every Leaf, Electric Sky, Bang Your Head and It's Your Life.

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Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill (May 26, 1975 East Orange-) also known as Hill, Lauryn, L-Boogie, Lauren Hill, Lauryn Noelle Hill, Ms. Hill, L. Boogie or Ms. Lauryn Hill is an American singer, record producer, songwriter, actor, rapper, artist, singer-songwriter, musician and music artist. She has six children, Zion David Marley, Selah Louise Marley, Joshua Omaru Marley, John Nesta Marley, Sarah Marley and Micah Hill.

Her albums include The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, MTV Unplugged 2.0, Everything Is Everything, Ex-Factor, MTV Unplugged, The Live Education of Lauryn Hill, Turn Your Lights Down Low, Ms. Hill, Doo Wop (That Thing) and Greatest Singles Collection. Genres: Folk music, Reggae, Alternative hip hop, Neo soul, Soul music, Acoustic music, Contemporary R&B, Reggae fusion, Hip hop music and Hip hop soul.

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Juvenile (March 25, 1975 New Orleans-) also known as Juvinile, Terius Gray or Juve is an American songwriter, actor, rapper and musician.

His albums: Solja Rags, 400 Degreez, Tha G-Code, Playaz of da Game, Project English, Juve the Great, The Greatest Hits, Reality Check, Sets Go Up and 600 Degreez. Genres he performed include Bounce music, New Orleans hip hop, Southern hip hop, Hip hop music, Dirty rap, Pop rock and Gangsta rap.

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Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli (October 3, 1975 Brooklyn-) also known as Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal), Talib Greene, Talib Kweli Greene, Kweli, Talib, Kweli Snitch, The Get By Man, The Prince of Brooklyn or BK MC is an American poet, musician, singer, screenwriter, actor, rapper, artist and music artist. His children are called Amani Fela Greene and Diani Eshe Greene.

His albums include Quality, Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD, The Beautiful Struggle, Eardrum, The MCEO Mixtape, Party Robot, Top Kwelity Classics, Volume 1, Focus, Gutter Rainbows and Get Familiar. Genres he performed: Alternative hip hop, Conscious hip hop and Hip hop music.

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Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips (June 26, 1975 Brunswick-) a.k.a. Phillips, Paul is an American musician, guitarist and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative metal, Country, Alternative rock, Grunge and Ska punk.

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Amy Dumas

Amy Dumas (April 14, 1975 Fort Lauderdale-) also known as Lita, Amy Christine Dumas, Angelica, Miss Congeniality, Lita TM, The Extreme Diva, Lovely Lita, LuchaLita or The Walking Kiss of Death is an American wrestler, singer and model.

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Layzie Bone

Layzie Bone (September 23, 1975 Cleveland-) also known as L-Burna, L-Burna (aka Layzie Bone), Steven Howse, Steve Howse, Lazie Bone, Lil Lay, #1 Assassin or Howse, Steve is an American actor, singer, rapper and music executive. He has three children, Jeremy Howse, Tyrone Howse and Steven Howse.

His albums include It's Not a Game, Thug by Nature, Thug Brothers, The New Revolution, Cleveland, Startin' from Scratch: How a Thug Was Born, Thugs Nation, Thugz Nation, Thug Luv and Ruthless. Genres: Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Daron Malakian

Daron Malakian (July 18, 1975 Hollywood-) a.k.a. Malakian, Daron or Daron Vartan Malakian is an American singer, guitarist, musician, songwriter, record producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Genres: Alternative metal, Nu metal, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Experimental rock, Hardcore punk, Heavy metal, Avant-garde metal, Crossover thrash, Rock music, Experimental music and Progressive rock.

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias (May 8, 1975 Madrid-) also known as Enriqué, Iglesias, Enrique, Enrique, Enrique Eglesias, Enrique Igleslas, Enrique Inglesias, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, Quique, "E", EI or Super Nova is an American singer-songwriter, actor, model, record producer, musician, singer and composer.

His albums: Quizás, The Ultimate Collection, Addicted, Adicto + Remixes, Hero, Not in Love, Rhythm Divine, The Best Hits, Insomniac, Enrique Iglesias and Vivir. His related genres: Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Latin pop, Rock music, Dance music, Dance-pop, Soft rock, Alternative rock, Synthpop, Rock en español, Electropop and House music.

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Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson (June 7, 1975 Hampton-) also known as Allen Ezail Iverson, Ivy, The Answer, Al or Allen E. Iverson is an American basketball player, rapper and athlete. He has five children, Tiaura Iverson, Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, Messiah Lauren Iverson, Dream Alijha Iverson and Allen Iverson II.

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Jennifer Arroyo

Jennifer Arroyo (March 20, 1975 Staten Island-) also known as Arroyo, Jennifer is an American bassist.

Genres related to her: Heavy metal.

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Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson (May 18, 1975 North Shore-) also known as Jack Hody Johnson or Jack of all Trades is an American musician, singer-songwriter, film director, guitarist, surfer and businessperson.

His discography includes: Brushfire Fairytales, 2002-02-13: KFOG Private Concert, On and On, In Between Dreams, Rolling Stone Original, Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George, Acoustic Mix, Bonnaroo, Flake and Live House of Blues. Genres: Folk music, Surf music, Acoustic music, Soft rock, Pop music, Alternative rock, Tropical rock, Pop rock, Folk rock, Indie pop and Indie rock.

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André 3000

André 3000 (May 27, 1975 Atlanta-) otherwise known as Andre 3000, André Benjamin, Dookie, Johnny Vulture, Possum Jenkins, Dre, André Lauren Benjamin, Cupid Valentino, Ice Cold, Dré, Andre 3K, Benjamin André, 3000, Three Stacks, Possum Aloysius Jenkins, Dookie Blossom Gain the 3rd, The Feat, Feat, Andre Benjamin or André "André 3000" Benjamin is an American actor, musician, television producer, dancer, composer, record producer, voice actor, rapper, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. His child is Seven Sirius Benjamin.

His discography includes: Class of 3000: Music Volume One. Genres: Alternative hip hop, Funk, Southern hip hop, Alternative rock, Soul music, Hip hop music, Pop music, Blues, Electronic music, Drum and bass, Jazz fusion, Rock music, Rhythm and blues and Jazz.

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mc chris

mc chris (September 2, 1975 Libertyville-) a.k.a. mcchris, Christopher Brendan Ward IV, Chris Ward, MC Chris Ward, Chistopher Ward or MC Chris is an American writer, comedian, actor, voice actor, rapper, screenwriter and film score composer.

His albums: Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp, Knowing Is Half the Hassle, Eating's Not Cheating, Dungeon Master of Ceremonies, mc chris is dead, Part Six Part One, Part Six Part Two, apple tummy, mc chris Goes To Hell and Race Wars. His related genres: Nerdcore, Underground hip hop and Hip hop music.

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Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock (July 9, 1975 Helena-) also known as Isaac K. Brock, Ugly Casanova or Modest Mouse is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, film score composer and musician.

Genres related to him: Indie rock and Indie folk.

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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik (December 12, 1975 San Diego-) also known as Mayim Hoya Bialik or Blossom Russo from Blossom is an American actor, author, voice actor and neuroscientist. She has two children, Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone and Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone.

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Andrew Sega

Andrew Sega (May 20, 1975 Austin-) a.k.a. The Alpha Conspiracy, Alpha Conspiracy, Necros, Sega, Andrew Gregory, Alpha Conspiracy, The or Andrew Gregory Sega is an American composer, musician, programmer and game designer.

His most well known albums: Aura EP, Cipher (Sampler), Progression, Aura, Cipher and Forward Rewinding. Genres related to him: Electronica, Intelligent dance music, Electronic dance music, Electronic rock, Synthpop, Indietronica, Ambient music and Electropop.

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Rose Polenzani

Rose Polenzani (March 7, 1975 Waukesha-) also known as Polenzani, Rose is an American singer.

Her albums: August, Dragersville, The Rabbit, When the River Meets the Sea and Anybody.

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Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell (February 20, 1975 Lexington-) a.k.a. Brian T. Littrell, Brian Thomas Littrell, Brian "B-Rok" Littrell, brian_littrell or Littrell, Brian T. is an American singer, singer-songwriter, artist, actor, musician and music artist.

His albums include Welcome Home, In Christ Alone and Welcome Home. Genres he performed include Contemporary Christian music, Pop music and Christian music.

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Travis Barker

Travis Barker (November 14, 1975 Fontana-) a.k.a. Baron Von Tito, Travis Landon Barker, Barker, Travis, The Baron von Tito, Trav, Blink 182, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, The Transplants or +44 is an American musician, drummer, record producer, songwriter, fashion designer, entrepreneur and actor. He has two children, Landon Asher Barker and Alabama Luella Barker.

His discography includes: Give the Drummer Some, Give the Drummer Some, and Can a Drummer Get Some?. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Pop punk, Punk rock, Third-wave of ska, Ska punk, Rapcore, Drum and bass, Skate punk, Electronic rock, Rap metal, Power pop, Post-hardcore, Ska, Hip hop music, Progressive rock and Rap rock.

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Adam Carson

Adam Carson (February 5, 1975 Ukiah-) a.k.a. Carson, Adam, Adam Alexander Carson or AFI is an American musician and drummer.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Punk rock and Hardcore punk.

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John Butler

John Butler (April 1, 1975 Torrance-) a.k.a. Butler, John or John Charles Wiltshire-Butler is an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, didgeridooist and record producer.

His albums: Searching for Heritage, Live at Twist & Shout, One Small Step, Tin Shed Tales, Losing You and iTunes Live: ARIA Awards Concert Series '10. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Jam band, Bluegrass, Funk rock, Celtic music and American folk music.

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Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens (July 1, 1975 Detroit-) also known as Stevens, Sufjan is an American songwriter, singer, musician, oboist, singer-songwriter, artist, composer, music artist and film score composer.

Related albums: A Sun Came, Enjoy Your Rabbit, Ding! Dong! Songs for Christmas, Volume III, Michigan, Seven Swans, Illinois, The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album, Noel! Songs for Christmas - Vol. I, Hark! Songs for Christmas - Vol. II and Ding! Dong! Songs for Christmas - Vol. III. Genres he performed include Indie folk, Folk rock, Baroque pop, Indie rock, Christian music, Alternative country, Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Art rock, Electronica, Experimental music, Christian rock, Indie pop and Roots rock.

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Tift Merritt

Tift Merritt (January 8, 1975 Houston-) also known as Catherine Tift Merritt is an American songwriter, singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: Tambourine, The Two Dollar Pistols with Tift Merritt, Bramble Rose, Home is Loud, Another Country, Live from Austin, TX, Buckingham Solo, See You on the Moon, Traveling Alone and Night. Genres she performed include Alternative country, Rock music, Country and Folk music.

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Thomas DeLonge

Thomas DeLonge (December 13, 1975 Poway-) also known as Tom "Hot Pants" DeLonge, DeLonge, Tom, Thomas Matthew "Tom" DeLonge, Jr., Thomas Matthew DeLonge Jr., Hot Pants, Tom, Tom Matthew Delonge, Blink 182, Thomas M. DeLonge, Blink-182, Box Car Racer or Tom DeLonge is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, musician, record producer, film producer, actor, author, entrepreneur and fashion designer. His children are Ava Elizabeth DeLonge and Jonas Rocket DeLonge.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Pop punk, Punk rock, Post-hardcore, Skate punk, Emo, Post-punk, Space rock, Hardcore punk, Neo-progressive rock and Pop music.

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Michael Stuart

Michael Stuart (January 9, 1975 New York City-) a.k.a. Stuart, Michael is an American singer, singer-songwriter, actor and drummer.

His discography includes: Michael Stuart, Sin miedo and Back to da barrio. Genres: Pop music, Latin American music, Salsa music and Latin pop.

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DJ Clue?

DJ Clue? (January 8, 1975 Queens-) also known as DJ Clue?, DJ Clue??, DJ Clue ?, Ernesto Shaw, Ernesto D Shaw Jr, MC Drama, Cluemanatie or DJ Clue is an American record producer, disc jockey, vj, radio personality, rapper and actor.

His albums: The Professional 3, Fidel Cashflow 2006, Backstage: A Hard Knock Life, The Minatti Report, You Can't Impeach the President, The Professional, The Professional 2, Cluemanati Project, Part 1 and I'm a Show You How to Do This. Genres related to him: Hip hop music and Rhythm and blues.

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The Alchemist

The Alchemist (October 25, 1975 Beverly Hills-) otherwise known as Alchemist, Alan Daniel Maman, Alan Maman, Al or Mudfoot is an American record producer, disc jockey, rapper and musician.

Discography: Lab Tested, Street Approved, Insomnia, No Days Off, 1st Infantry, Chemical Warfare, The Alchemist's Cookbook, The Cutting Room Floor, The Chemistry Files, Return of the Mac and The Midnight Creep / Fourth of July. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Brian Fair

Brian Fair (May 30, 1975-) also known as Fair, Brian is an American singer, musician and guitarist.

Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Space rock, Melodic death metal, Metalcore, Hardcore punk and Thrash metal.

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Killer Mike

Killer Mike (April 20, 1975 Adamsville, Atlanta-) also known as Michael Render or T.I. Feat. Mac Boney & Killer Mike is an American rapper, actor, voice actor and film score composer.

His albums include Akshon (Yeah!), Monster, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II, Underground Atlanta, Ready Set Go, Pledge, 2 Sides, A.D.I.D.A.S. and R.A.P. Music. Genres he performed include Southern hip hop and Hip hop music.

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Mia Doi Todd

Mia Doi Todd (June 30, 1975 Los Angeles-) also known as Todd, Mia Doi is an American singer.

Her discography includes: Manzanita, La Ninja: Amor and Other Dreams of Manzanita, Pink Sun, Zeroone, The Golden State, Gea, The Ewe and The Eye, Come Out of Your Mine, Morning Music and Cosmic Ocean Ship. Her related genres: Hip hop music, Rock and roll, Electronica and Indie folk.

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Bo Bice

Bo Bice (November 1, 1975 Huntsville-) also known as Harold Elwin Bice III, Bogart or Harold Elwin Bice, Jr. is an American musician and singer-songwriter. He has four children, Aidan Michael Bice, Caleb James Bice, Ean Jacob Bice and Merrin Elizabeth Joy Bice.

His albums include The Real Thing, See the Light, 3 and Inside Your Heaven / Vehicle. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Pop rock, Southern rock, Post-grunge, Funk, Blues, Country rock and Christian music.

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Jerry Horton

Jerry Horton (March 10, 1975 Dixon-) also known as Jerry Allan Horton is an American songwriter, guitarist, musician and composer. He has one child, Amelia Horton.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Nu metal, Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Rapcore and Punk rock.

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Bree Sharp

Bree Sharp (December 17, 1975 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. Sharp, Bree is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter and actor.

Her most important albums: A Cheap and Evil Girl, Robots in Love, Live at Fez and More B.S.. Her related genres: Folk music, Pop music and Rock music.

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Adam Goren

Adam Goren (January 14, 1975 The Bronx-) also known as Atom and His Package or Atom & His Package is an American , .

Related albums: Atom and His Package, Making Love, A Society of People Named Elihu, Hamburgers, Attention! Blah Blah Blah, Hair: Debatable, Redefining Music, Attack of the B-Killers, Going to Ames: A Tribute to the Mountain Goats and Shopping Spree EP. Genres he performed: Punk rock.

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Andy Khachaturian

Andy Khachaturian (May 4, 1975 Tehran-) also known as OnTroniK or Ontronik Khachaturian is an American musician, songwriter, drummer, record producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Genres related to him: Alternative metal, Alternative rock, Heavy metal, Electronic music and Progressive rock.

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Zia McCabe

Zia McCabe (June 2, 1975-) also known as Aimee Springer or The Dandy Warhols is an American musician, keyboard player, percussionist, bassist and film score composer. She has one child, Matilda Louise McCabe.

Genres she performed: Psychedelic rock, Garage rock, Alternative rock and Country.

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Chris Carrabba

Chris Carrabba (April 10, 1975 West Hartford-) also known as Carrabba, Chris, Christopher Carrabba, Christopher Andrew Carabba, Christopher Andrew "Ender" Carrabba or Christopher Andrew Carrabba is an American singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter and musician.

His discography includes: Covered in the Flood and Covered in the Flood. Genres: Emo, Alternative rock, Christian rock, Indie rock and Acoustic music.

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Loon (June 20, 1975 Harlem-) otherwise known as Amir Junaid Muhadith, Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, 'Loon' Chauncey Hawkins or Amir Junaid is an American rapper and actor.

His albums include Loon, The Cry of the Loon, No Friends, Wizard of Harlem and Bad Boy. Genres: Rhythm and blues and Hip hop music.

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Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready (November 30, 1975 Fort Myers-February 17, 2013 Heber Springs) also known as Malinda Gayle McCready or Malinda Gayle "Mindy" McCready was an American singer. Her children are Zander Ryan McCready and Zayne Wilson.

Her albums: Super Hits, Ten Thousand Angels, I'm Not So Tough, Mindy McCready, If I Don't Stay the Night, I'm Still Here, What If I Do and All American Country. Genres she performed include Country.

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Nick Harmer

Nick Harmer (January 23, 1975 Landstuhl-) also known as Nicholas Harmer or Harmer, Nick is an American musician.

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Ryan Martinie

Ryan Martinie (August 6, 1975 Peoria-) a.k.a. RDM, Rü-d or Ry-Know is an American bassist and actor.

Genres: Heavy metal, Rock music, Alternative metal, Groove metal, Hard rock, Nu metal, Progressive metal and Progressive rock.

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Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley (November 20, 1975 Phoenix-) also known as Dierks Bently or Bentley, Dierks is an American singer, musician, artist, songwriter, guitarist and music artist. He has two children, Evelyn Day Bentley and Jordan Catherine Bentley.

His most recognized albums: Don't Leave Me In Love, What Was I Thinking / Whiskey Tears, Dierks Bentley, Modern Day Drifter, Long Trip Alone, Greatest Hits // Every Mile a Memory 2003-2008, Feel That Fire, Up on the Ridge, Home and Country & Cold Cans. His related genres: Country.

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Gina Haley

Gina Haley (April 23, 1975-) is an American songwriter, singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres she performed: Pop music, Rockabilly, Alternative country and Neofolk.

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Samantha Maloney

Samantha Maloney (December 11, 1975 New York City-) also known as Maloney, Samantha, Hot Damn Sweet Sam or Sammy Lee is an American drummer, musician, songwriter and actor.

Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Electronic music and Alternative rock.

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Tameka Cottle

Tameka Cottle (July 14, 1975 College Park-) otherwise known as Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, Cottle, Tameka "Tiny", Tameka Harris, Tiny, lil mama, Xscape, Tameka, Tameka Cottle-Pope or Tiny Harris is an American singer, singer-songwriter, tv personality, television producer and actor. Her children are Clifford "King" Joseph Harris III, Major Philant Harris, Lelah Amore Harris and Zonnique Jailee Pullins.

Genres related to her: Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Contemporary R&B.

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Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan (November 28, 1975-) also known as Andrew Duncan, Duncan, Andrew or Andy Scott Duncan is an American guitarist, keyboard player and musician.

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Smokie Norful

Smokie Norful (October 31, 1975 Muskogee-) also known as Norful, Smokie, Rev. W.R. "Smokie" Norful, Jr., Willie Ray Norful, Jr. or Smokey Norful is an American singer, songwriter, pastor and pianist.

His albums: Nothin Without You, Smokie Norful, I Need You Now, Smokie Norful Live, Life Changing, Nothing Without You, Live, Once in a Lifetime, Smokie Norful Presents Victory Cathedral Choir and Forever Yours. Genres: Gospel music and Contemporary worship music.

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K Brosas

K Brosas (July 15, 1975 Samar-) a.k.a. Kaye Brosas, Kaye, Maria Carmela Brosas or K. Brosas is an American singer, comedian, actor and presenter.

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Taboo (July 14, 1975 Boyle Heights-) also known as Jaime Luis Gomez, Jaime Gomez, Taboo Nawasha, Taboo the rapper, Jim Luis Angryfoot, Jaime Luis Gómez or J. Comez is an American rapper, actor and singer-songwriter. He has three children, Joshua Gómez, Journey Gomez and Jimmy Gomez.

Genres related to him: Hip hop music, Electro hop, Alternative hip hop and Electro.

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