American music stars died in Suicide

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America died in Suicide:

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 Aberdeen-April 5, 1994 Seattle) also known as Kurdt Cobain, Kurdt Kobain, Nirvana or Kurt Donald Cobain was an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, artist and visual artist. His child is Frances Bean Cobain.

Discography: The "Priest" They Called Him, 1969-11-xx: Aunt Mari's House, Seattle, WA and 1993-09-08: Rock Against Rape Benefit, Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Grunge and Punk rock.

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Brad Delp

Brad Delp (June 12, 1951 Peabody-March 9, 2007 Atkinson) otherwise known as Delp, Brad or Bradley E. Delp was an American singer, musician and songwriter.

Discography: Delp and Goudreau. Genres he performed include Rock music, Hard rock and Classic rock.

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Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 Jamaica Plain-February 11, 1963 London) otherwise known as Plath, Sylvia was an American poet, writer, novelist and author. She had two children, Nicholas Hughes and Frieda Hughes.

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Wendy O. Williams

Wendy O. Williams (May 28, 1949 Webster-April 6, 1998 Storrs) also known as Wendy Orlean Williams, Wendy Williams, W.o.W., Wendy Orleans Williams or Williams, Wendy O. was an American singer, musician and actor.

Discography: Stand by Your Man, WOW, Deffest! and Baddest!, Kommander of Kaos and Fuck You!!! And Loving It!!!. Her related genres: Heavy metal, Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Thrash metal, Rap rock and Shock rock.

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Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1899 Oak Park-July 2, 1961 Ketchum) a.k.a. "Papa" Hemingway, Ernest Hemmingway, Ernest Miller Hemingway, Hemingway, ernest_hemingway, Hemingway, Ernest, E. Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's or Papa was an American author, journalist and novelist. His children are Gregory Hemingway, Jack Hemingway and Patrick Hemingway.

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Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937 Louisville-February 20, 2005 Woody Creek) also known as Hunter Thompson, Hunter Stockton Thompson, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Raoul Duke, Dr. Gonzo or The Wild One of Big Sur was an American journalist, author, writer and novelist. He had one child, Juan Fitzgerald Thompson.

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Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith (August 6, 1969 Omaha-October 21, 2003 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Elliott Smoth, Elliot Smith, Steven Paul Smith, Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith, Elliott or Elliott Stillwater-Rotter was an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, film score composer, film editor and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Roman Candle, Elliott Smith, Needle in the Hay, Speed Trials, Either/Or, Ballad of Big Nothing, Division Day / No Name #6, XO, Baby Britain and Figure 8. Genres: Indie folk, Indie rock, Folk rock, Acoustic music, Lo-fi music and Indie pop.

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Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs (December 19, 1940 El Paso-April 9, 1976 Far Rockaway) also known as Philip David Ochs or Ochs, Phil was an American singer and singer-songwriter.

His most important albums: The War Is Over: The Best of Phil Ochs, The Broadside Tapes 1, All the News That's Fit to Sing, American Troubadour, Farewells & Fantasies, Greatest Hits, Gunfight at Carnegie Hall, I Ain't Marching Anymore, In Concert and Pleasures of the Harbor. Genres he performed include Folk music, Folk rock and Country.

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Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze (June 22, 1954 Washington Heights-January 29, 1977 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Frederick Karl Pruetzel, Pete, Frederick Karl Pruetezl, freddie_prinze or Freddie James Prinze was an American actor and stand-up comedian. He had one child, Freddie Prinze, Jr..

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Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman (November 30, 1936 Worcester-April 12, 1989 Solebury Township) also known as abbie_hoffman, Abbott Howard Hoffman, Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman or Hoffman, Abbie was an American writer, social activist, actor and psychologist. He had three children, Andrew Hoffman, Amy Hoffman and America Hoffman.

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Doodles Weaver

Doodles Weaver (May 11, 1911 Los Angeles-January 17, 1983 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Winstead Sheffield Weaver, Winstead Sheffield Glenndenning Dixon Weaver, Doodles Win Weaver, Winstead Weaver, Doddles Weaver or Doodlebug was an American actor, comedian, musician, singer and presenter. He had two children, Janella J. Weaver and Winstead B. Weaver.

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Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg (November 13, 1938 Marshalltown-August 30, 1979 Paris) also known as Jean Dorothy Seberg was an American actor. She had two children, Alexandre Diego Gary and Nina Hart Gary.

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Charles Boyer

Charles Boyer (August 28, 1899 Figeac-August 26, 1978 Phoenix) otherwise known as the last of the cinema's great lovers was an American actor, television producer and film producer. He had one child, Michael Charles Boyer.

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J. J. Johnson

J. J. Johnson (January 22, 1924 Indianapolis-February 4, 2001 Indianapolis) a.k.a. JJ Johnson, Jay Jay Johnson, J.J. Johnson, James Louis Johnson or Johnson, J. J. was an American composer, bandleader, trombonist, musician and film score composer.

His discography includes: J.J.!, La Confusion Des Genres, Original Soundtrack, Quintergy: Live at the Village Vanguard, The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Volume 2, Vivian, The Trombone Master, Man and Boy, Planet Jazz: J.J. Johnson, Blue Trombone and Savoy Prestige & Sensation: Complete Early Master Takes. Genres he performed: Jazz, Bebop, Hard bop and Third stream.

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Richard Brautigan

Richard Brautigan (January 30, 1935 Tacoma-September 14, 1984 Bolinas) otherwise known as Richard Gary Brautigan or Brautigan, Richard was an American writer, novelist, poet and author. His child is Ianthe Elizabeth Brautigan.

His most recognized albums: Listening To Richard Brautigan.

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Del Shannon

Del Shannon (December 30, 1934 Grand Rapids-February 8, 1990 Santa Clarita) also known as Charles Weedon Westover or Charlie Johnson was an American singer, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His discography includes: Runaway With Del Shannon, Hats Off to Del Shannon, Little Town Flirt, Handy Man, One Thousand Six-Hundred Sixty-One Seconds of Del Shannon, This Is My Bag, The Further Adventures of Charles Westover, Drop Down and Get Me, Rock On! and 1961-1990: A Complete Career Anthology. His related genres: Hard rock, Rock music, Country rock and Country.

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Spalding Gray

Spalding Gray (June 5, 1941 Providence-January 11, 2004 New York City) also known as Spalding Rockwell Gray, Victor Alexander, Spud or Spuddy was an American screenwriter, actor, playwright, writer and performer. He had two children, Forrest Dylan Gray and Theo Spalding Gray.

His discography includes: Monster in a Box and Terrors of Pleasure.

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Doug Hopkins

Doug Hopkins (April 11, 1961 Arizona-December 5, 1993 Tempe) also known as Hopkins, Doug or Douglas Hopkins was an American songwriter and guitarist.

Genres: Pop rock and Alternative rock.

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Robert Quine

Robert Quine (December 30, 1942 Akron-May 31, 2004 New York City) otherwise known as Quine, Robert was an American musician and guitarist.

His most recognized albums: Painted Desert, Basic and Escape. His related genres: Rock music.

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Francis Parker Yockey

Francis Parker Yockey (September 18, 1917 Chicago-June 16, 1960 San Francisco) was an American philosopher.

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Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman (June 5, 1961 Los Angeles-November 11, 1999 Venice) also known as Shelley Marsh, Stan's Sister, Sharon Marsh, Sheila Broflovski, Wendy Testaburger, Liane Cartman, Ms. McCormick, Shannen Cassidy, Mary-Kay Bergman, Mark Kay Bergman or Shannon Cassidy was an American voice actor, teacher, actor and comedian.

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Charles Rocket

Charles Rocket (August 24, 1949 Bangor-October 7, 2005 Canterbury) also known as Charles Claverie, Charles Hamburger, Charles Kennedy, Charlie Rocket, Charles Adams Claverie, Charlie Kennedy, Charlie Rockett or Charlie Hamburger was an American journalist, actor, voice actor, presenter and musician.

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Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack (June 22, 1903 Chicago-June 7, 1971 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Father of Swing was an American musician, bandleader, drummer, film score composer and actor.

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Jack Little

Jack Little (May 30, 1899 London-April 9, 1956) also known as Little, Little Jack, John Leonard or Little Jack Little was an American songwriter, singer, actor and conductor.

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Michael Mann

Michael Mann (April 21, 1919 Munich-January 1, 1977 Orinda) also known as Michael Thomas Mann was an American musician and professor.

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Dennis Crosby

Dennis Crosby (July 13, 1934 Los Angeles-May 4, 1991 Novato) a.k.a. Dennis Michael Crosby, The Crosby Brothers or Dennis Michael Crosby Sr. was an American singer and actor. He had seven children, Denise Crosby, Gregory Crosby, Dennis Crosby Jr., Patrick Anthony Crosby, Erin Colleen Crosby, Kelly Lee Crosby and Catherine Denise Crosby.

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Philip Taylor Kramer

Philip Taylor Kramer (July 12, 1952 United States of America-February 12, 1995) a.k.a. Kramer, Philip Taylor was an American , .

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Steven "Jesse" Bernstein

Steven "Jesse" Bernstein (December 4, 1950 Los Angeles-October 22, 1991) a.k.a. Steven J. Bernstein, Steve J. Bernstein, Steven J Bernstein, Bernstein, Steven Jesse or Steven Jesse Bernstein was an American writer.

His albums include Prison and The Sport / No No Man.

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Jack Purvis

Jack Purvis (December 11, 1906 Kokomo-March 30, 1962) was an American pilot.

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John Spence

John Spence (February 3, 1969 Anaheim-December 21, 1987 Anaheim) a.k.a. Spence, John was an American singer and musician.

Genres: 2 Tone, Ska, Alternative rock, Ska punk and Pop rock.

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Faron Young

Faron Young (February 25, 1932 Shreveport-December 10, 1996 Nashville) also known as Young Faron, Faronyoung, Farron Young, Young, Faron, The Singing Sheriff, The Young Sheriff or The Hillbilly Heartthrob was an American singer, singer-songwriter and actor. His child is Robyn.

Discography: Faron Young Aims at the West, Pen and Paper, Leavin' and Sayin' Gooodbye, Country Christmas, The Classic Years 1952-1962, Walk Tall: The Mercury Hit Singles 1963-75, 20 Best Hits, 20 Greatest Hits, Essential Faron Young and Golden Hits: American Essentials. Genres: Country.

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Danny Rapp

Danny Rapp (May 9, 1941 Philadelphia-April 5, 1983) a.k.a. Rapp, Danny was an American singer.

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Jason Thirsk

Jason Thirsk (December 25, 1967 California-July 29, 1996 United States of America) also known as Thirsk, Jason or Jason Matthew Thirsk was an American musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Hardcore punk, Skate punk, Punk rock and Melodic hardcore.

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Vince Welnick

Vince Welnick (February 21, 1951 Phoenix-June 2, 2006 Sonoma County) also known as The Tubes was an American keyboard player, organist and musician.

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Jaromír Weinberger

Jaromír Weinberger (January 8, 1896 Prague-August 8, 1967 St. Petersburg) also known as Jaromir Weinberger, Weinberger or Weinberger, Jaromír was an American , .

His most important albums: Schwanda (Munich Radio Orchestra & Bavarian Radio Chorus feat. conductor: Heinz Wallberg) and New World Symphony and Other Orchestral Masterworks.

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Derrick Plourde

Derrick Plourde (October 17, 1971 Goleta-March 30, 2005) also known as Plourde, Derrick or Derrick William Plourde was an American musician and drummer.

His related genres: Pop punk, Skate punk and Punk rock.

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John Berryman

John Berryman (October 25, 1914 McAlester-January 7, 1972 Minneapolis) a.k.a. John Allyn Smith, Jr., Berryman, John, John Allyn Berryman or John Smith was an American writer and poet.

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Richard Jeni

Richard Jeni (April 14, 1957 Brooklyn-March 10, 2007 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Richard John Colangelo, Richard Colangelo or Jeni, Richard was an American actor and comedian.

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Bruce Waibel

Bruce Waibel (July 9, 1958 Dover-September 2, 2003) also known as Bruce Kenneth Waibel was an American musician and bassist.

Genres related to him: Rock music.

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Lindsay Crosby

Lindsay Crosby (January 5, 1938 Los Angeles-December 11, 1989 Calabasas) also known as Lindsay Harry Crosby, Lindsey Crosby, The Crosby Brothers, Lin Crosby or Lindsay Harry Chip Crosby, Sr. was an American singer and actor. He had five children, L. Chip Crosby Jr., David Crosby, Sean Crosby, Adam C. Crosby and Kevin Crosby.

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Diane Linkletter

Diane Linkletter (October 31, 1948 Los Angeles County-October 4, 1969 West Hollywood) was an American , .

Discography: We Love You Call Collect.

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Marie McDonald

Marie McDonald (July 6, 1923 Burgin-October 21, 1965 Hidden Hills) a.k.a. Marie MacDonald, Cora Marie Frye, The Body or The Body Beautiful was an American actor and singer. Her child is Tina Marie McDonald.

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Jerry Hadley

Jerry Hadley (June 16, 1952 Princeton-July 18, 2007 Poughkeepsie) a.k.a. Hadley, Jerry was an American singer.

Discography: Standing Room Only, Requiem and Candide.

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Jason Raize

Jason Raize (July 20, 1975 Oneonta-February 3, 2004 Yass) a.k.a. Jason Raize Rothenberg, Jason Rothenberg or Raize, Jason was an American actor.

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Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson (July 4, 1943 Arlington-September 3, 1970 Topanga) also known as Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, Al Wilson, Blind Owl, A. Wilson, Wilson, Alan or Alan C. Wilson was an American singer, guitarist, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Blues rock and Blues.

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Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward (November 18, 1962-March 19, 1993) was an American , .

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Susannah McCorkle

Susannah McCorkle (January 1, 1946 Berkeley-May 19, 2001 New York City) a.k.a. Susannah McCorkie or McCorkle, Susannah was an American singer.

Her discography includes: The People That You Never Get to Love, The Songs of Johnny Mercer, From Bessie to Brazil, Ballad Essentials, Dream, Easy to Love: The Songs of Cole Porter, From Broadway to Bebop, From Broken Hearts to Blue Skies, How Do You Keep the Music Playing? and I'll Take Romance. Genres she performed include Jazz.

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Rozz Williams

Rozz Williams (November 6, 1963 Pomona-April 1, 1998 West Hollywood) a.k.a. Williams, Rozz was an American singer, musician, songwriter and poet.

His most recognized albums: Accept the Gift of Sin, Every King a Bastard Son, Neue Sachlichkeit, The Whorse's Mouth, Live In Berlin and Dream Home Heartache. Genres he performed: Gothic rock, Deathrock, Dark cabaret, Industrial music, Spoken word, Dark ambient, Experimental music, Punk rock, Post-punk and Industrial rock.

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Donny Hathaway

Donny Hathaway (October 1, 1945 Chicago-January 13, 1979 New York City) also known as Danny Hathaway, donny_hathaway or Hathaway, Donny was an American record producer, songwriter, singer, conductor, musician, artist and music artist. He had two children, Lalah Hathaway and Kenya Hathaway.

His albums include A Donny Hathaway Collection, Free Soul. The Classic of Donny Hathaway, In Performance, These Songs for You, Live!, Everything Is Everything, Live, Donny Hathaway, This Christmas / Be There, Extension of a Man and Someday We'll All Be Free. Genres he performed include Rhythm and blues, Chicago soul, Soul music, Funk, Pop music, Blues rock, Jazz, Blues and Gospel music.

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Roy Buchanan

Roy Buchanan (September 23, 1939 Ozark-August 14, 1988 Fairfax) otherwise known as Leroy Buchanan or Buchanan, Roy was an American guitarist, songwriter and musician.

His albums include Secret Love, Buch and the Snake Stretchers, Charly Blues Legends 'Live', Volume 9, Dancing on the Edge, Hot Wires, In the Beginning, My Babe, Second Album, That’s What I Am Here For and You're Not Alone. Genres he performed: Rockabilly, Country rock, Rock music, Country, Blues, Rock and roll, Blues rock and Electric blues.

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