Argentine actresses who were born in 1938

Here are 6 famous actresses from Argentina were born in 1938:

Libertad Leblanc

Libertad Leblanc (February 24, 1938 Guardia Mitre-) also known as Libertad María de los Ángeles Vichich Blanco is an Argentine actor.

María Nieves

María Nieves (September 6, 1938 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor and dancer.

Ana Diosdado

Ana Diosdado (May 21, 1938 Buenos Aires-) also known as Ana Isabel Álvarez Diosdado Gisbert is an Argentine screenwriter and actor.

Rosanna Yanni

Rosanna Yanni (February 27, 1938 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Marta Susanna Iannì Paxot, Rossana Yani, Rosana Yanni, Rossana Yanni, Rossanna Yanni, Rossana Yanny, Roxana Yany or Marta Susana Yanni Paxot is an Argentine actor.

Mabel Manzotti

Mabel Manzotti (July 28, 1938 Pergamino-January 25, 2012 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Mabel Gladys Manzotti was an Argentine actor and politician.

Sara Bonet

Sara Bonet (May 19, 1938 Buenos Aires-) also known as Sara Boned Guash is an Argentine actor.

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