Australian movie stars born in 1937

Here are 5 famous actors from Australia were born in 1937:

Reg Gorman

Reg Gorman (August 2, 1937 Sydney-) is an Australian comedian and actor. His children are called Kate Gorman, Charmaine Gorman and Karl Gorman.

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Robin Ramsay

Robin Ramsay (May 31, 1937 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor. He has two children, Tamasin Ramsay and Robina Ramsay.

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Jimmy Little

Jimmy Little (March 1, 1937 Cummeragunja Reserve-April 2, 2012 Dubbo) a.k.a. Little, Jimmy, James Oswald Litle, James Oswald "Jimmy" Little, AO, Uncle Jimmy, James Oswald Little or James Oswald "Jimmy" Little was an Australian musician, actor, teacher, singer-songwriter and guitarist. He had one child, Frances Claire Peters-Little.

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Kevin Colson

Kevin Colson (August 28, 1937 Sydney-) also known as Kevin William Colson is an Australian actor.

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Grant Tilly

Grant Tilly (December 12, 1937 Sydney-April 10, 2012 Wellington) a.k.a. Grant Leonard Ridgway Tilly or Grant Leonard Ridgway Tilly, MBE was an Australian actor, artist, tutor, illustrator, visual artist and screenwriter.

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