Australian movie stars born in 1942

Here are 6 famous actors from Australia were born in 1942:

Terence Donovan

Terence Donovan (October 28, 1942 United Kingdom-) also known as Terry Donovan or Terry Donavon is an Australian actor. He has one child, Jason Donovan.

Shane Porteous

Shane Porteous (August 17, 1942 Coleraine-) a.k.a. John Shane Porteous, John Hanlon, John Hanlon Jnr. or Shane Porteus is an Australian actor and screenwriter. His children are called Polly Porteous, Ben Porteous and Fiona Porteous.

Nick Tate

Nick Tate (June 18, 1942 Sydney-) a.k.a. Nicholas John Tate, Nicholas Tate or Nicholas John "Nick" Tate is an Australian actor, voice actor and television director. His child is called Tom Tate.

Peter Sumner

Peter Sumner (January 29, 1942 Sydney-) also known as Peter Sumner-Potts is an Australian actor, writer, television director and film director. He has one child, Luke Sumner.

Alex Green

Alex Green (January 19, 1942 Australia-July 20, 2010 British Columbia) a.k.a. Al Green, Alex Greene or Al Greene was an Australian stunt performer and actor.

Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston (May 30, 1942 Cottesloe-) is an Australian actor and novelist. He has two children, Charles Johnston and Venice Partridge Johnston.

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