Australian musicians died at 76

Here are 21 famous musicians from Australia died at 76:

John Kerr

John Kerr (September 24, 1914 Balmain-March 24, 1991 Sydney) a.k.a. Sir John Robert Kerr or Judge John Kerr was an Australian judge.

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Henry Handel Richardson

Henry Handel Richardson (January 3, 1870 East Melbourne-March 20, 1946 Hastings) a.k.a. Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson, Et, Ettie or Etta was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Charlotte Jay

Charlotte Jay (December 17, 1919 Adelaide-October 27, 1996 Adelaide) otherwise known as Geraldine Halls or Geraldine Mary Jay was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Ruth Cracknell

Ruth Cracknell (July 6, 1925 Maitland-May 13, 2002 Sydney) a.k.a. Ruth Winifred Cracknell, Crackers, Dame Ruth or Dame Cracker was an Australian actor and author. She had three children, Jane Moore, Anna Jeffery and Jonathan Phillips.

She died in pneumonia.

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Clement Meadmore

Clement Meadmore (February 9, 1929 Melbourne-April 19, 2005 Manhattan) a.k.a. Clement Lyon Meadmore was an Australian artist and visual artist.

He died in parkinson's disease.

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James Cockle

James Cockle (January 14, 1819-January 27, 1895) also known as Judge James Cockle was an Australian judge and mathematician.

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Monica Maughan

Monica Maughan (September 15, 1933 Nuku'alofa-January 8, 2010 Melbourne) also known as Monica Cresswell Wood or Monica Wood was an Australian actor. She had three children, Olivia Ball, Ruth Ball and Susannah Ball.

She died in cancer.

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David Malcolm

David Malcolm (May 6, 1938 Bunbury-October 20, 2014) a.k.a. David Kingsley Malcolm or Judge David Malcolm was an Australian judge and lawyer.

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Moss Christie

Moss Christie (November 26, 1902 Australia-December 19, 1978) was an Australian swimmer.

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Lionel Lukin

Lionel Lukin (January 4, 1868-June 1, 1944) was an Australian judge.

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Edward Albert Stone

Edward Albert Stone (March 9, 1844 Perth-April 2, 1920) was an Australian lawyer and judge.

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Frank Dalby Davison

Frank Dalby Davison (June 23, 1893 Hawthorn-May 24, 1970 Melbourne) also known as Frank Davison, F.D. Davison or Freddie Davison was an Australian writer, novelist and author.

He died caused by cancer.

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John Willcock

John Willcock (August 9, 1879 New South Wales-July 7, 1956 Subiaco) was an Australian politician.

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Peter Underwood

Peter Underwood (October 10, 1937 Hobart-July 7, 2014 Hobart) was an Australian judge.

He died as a result of kidney tumour.

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Samuel Ball

Samuel Ball (January 9, 1933-December 9, 2009) also known as Professor Sam Ball or Sam Ball was an Australian researcher, author and educator.

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John Behan

John Behan (May 8, 1881-September 30, 1957) was an Australian educator.

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June Maston

June Maston (March 14, 1928-December 4, 2004) was an Australian personality.

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Frank Loughran

Frank Loughran (January 31, 1931 Belfast-January 11, 2008 Australia) was an Australian personality.

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Manning Clark

Manning Clark (March 3, 1915 Sydney-May 23, 1991 Canberra) also known as C. M. H. Clark was an Australian personality.

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Herbert Hopkins

Herbert Hopkins (July 6, 1895 Adelaide-February 23, 1972 Milverton) was an Australian personality.

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James Munro

James Munro (January 7, 1832 Sutherland-February 25, 1908) was an Australian politician.

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