Australian music stars deceased in Lung cancer

Here are 3 famous musicians from Australia died in Lung cancer:

Lobby Loyde

Lobby Loyde (May 18, 1941 Longreach-April 27, 2007 Box Hill) also known as John Baslington Lyde, John Barrie Lyde, Barry Lyde or Lobby Lyde was an Australian , .

Genres he performed include Rock music, Hard rock, Psychedelic rock, Blues and Rhythm and blues.

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Dean Turner

Dean Turner (January 6, 1972-August 21, 2009) also known as Turner, Dean was an Australian , .

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Dutch Tilders

Dutch Tilders (August 29, 1941 Nijmegen-April 23, 2011) also known as Tilders, Dutch was an Australian musician and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Live at the Station, The Blues Is My Life and The Blues Had a Baby. Genres: Blues, Folk music and Jazz.

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