Austrian movie stars born in 1904

Here are 5 famous actors from Austria were born in 1904:

Paul Löwinger

Paul Löwinger (November 10, 1904 Tulln an der Donau-December 17, 1988 Vienna) was an Austrian actor, film director, theatre manager and writer. His children are called Sissy Löwinger, Guggi Löwinger and Paul Löwinger Jr..

Peter Igelhoff

Peter Igelhoff (July 22, 1904 Vienna-April 8, 1978 Bad Reichenhall) also known as Igelhoff, Peter, Rudolf August Ordnung, Professor Peter Igelhoff or Petrus was an Austrian composer, film score composer, pianist, actor, music arranger and entertainer.

Jean Lenauer

Jean Lenauer (August 9, 1904 Vienna-October 23, 1983 New York City) was an Austrian actor and film director.

Richard Tomaselli

Richard Tomaselli (June 2, 1904 Salzburg-June 2, 1981 Vienna) was an Austrian actor.

Willy Danek

Willy Danek (October 8, 1904 Vienna-) is an Austrian actor.

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