Austrian movie stars born in 1972

Here are 8 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1972:

Muriel Baumeister

Muriel Baumeister (January 24, 1972 Salzburg-) otherwise known as Muriel Baumeister Noël or Muriel Baumeister-Noel is an Austrian actor. Her children are called Frieda Besson and Linus Strecker.

Feo Aladag

Feo Aladag (January 13, 1972 Vienna-) otherwise known as Feo Aladağ, Feodora Schenk or Feo Schenk is an Austrian actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

Yelda Reynaud

Yelda Reynaud (January 17, 1972 Vienna-) also known as Yelda Kaymakçı, Yelda Kaymakçı Reynaud or Yelda Kaymakci is an Austrian actor and film producer.

Eva Löbau

Eva Löbau (April 26, 1972 Waiblingen-) is an Austrian actor.

Doris Schretzmayer

Doris Schretzmayer (May 31, 1972 Tulln an der Donau-) is an Austrian actor.

Ruth Brauer-Kvam

Ruth Brauer-Kvam (February 8, 1972 Vienna-) a.k.a. Ruth Brauer is an Austrian actor.

Julia Cencig

Julia Cencig (September 18, 1972 Salzburg-) is an Austrian actor.

Heidelinde Pfaffenbichler

Heidelinde Pfaffenbichler (August 18, 1972 Vienna-) is an Austrian actor.

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