Norwegian musicians born in 1979

Here are 14 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1979:

Thomas Dybdahl

Thomas Dybdahl (April 12, 1979 Sandnes-) also known as Thomas Dybedahl, Thomas Dyhdahl, Thomas Dybdhal or Dybdahl, Thomas is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, musician and film score composer.

His discography includes: Rain Down on Me, Bird, John Wayne EP, Stray Dogs, One Day You'll Dance for Me, New York City, That Great October Sound, Science, En samling, Waiting for That One Clear Moment and .

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Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick (June 26, 1979 Furnes, Norway-) also known as Eick, Mathias is a Norwegian composer.

Related albums: The Door, and I Concentrate on You. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Marcus Paus

Marcus Paus (October 14, 1979-) is a Norwegian , .

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Anita Auglend

Anita Auglend (January 24, 1979-) is a Norwegian , .

Genres: Gothic metal.

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Christer-André Cederberg

Christer-André Cederberg (May 22, 1979-) a.k.a. Christer Cederberg is a Norwegian music producer, musician and audio engineer.

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Hanne Hukkelberg

Hanne Hukkelberg (April 17, 1979 Kongsberg-) otherwise known as Hukkelberg, Hanne is a Norwegian singer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Little Things, Cast Anchor, Rykestrasse 68, Blood From a Stone and Featherbrain. Genres: Art rock, Independent music, Experimental music and Pop music.

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Maria Haukaas Storeng

Maria Haukaas Storeng (August 3, 1979 Finnsnes-) also known as Storeng, Maria Haukaas is a Norwegian actor and singer.

Her most well known albums: Breathing.

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Heidi Skjerve

Heidi Skjerve (July 24, 1979 Rennebu-) is a Norwegian singer and composer.

Her albums include Vegen Åt Deg. Genres related to her: Jazz.

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Sailorine (October 19, 1979-) is a Norwegian , .

Her discography includes: Tea Leaves. Genres she performed: Folk music, Alternative country and Roots rock.

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Haddy N'Jie

Haddy N'Jie (June 25, 1979 Norway-) also known as N'Jie, Haddy is a Norwegian , .

His albums: White Lies.

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Hanne Sørvaag

Hanne Sørvaag (December 27, 1979 Norway-) a.k.a. Paris is a Norwegian songwriter and singer.

Related albums: All Is Forgiven.

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Stian Westerhus

Stian Westerhus (April 2, 1979 Steinkjer-) a.k.a. Westerhus, Stian is a Norwegian composer and musician.

His most well known albums: Pitch Black Star Spangled, The Matriarch and the Wrong Kind of Flowers and . Genres: Jazz.

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Samsaya (November 3, 1979 Hamirpur-) a.k.a. Sampda Sharma or Samsaya Sampda Sharma is a Norwegian singer and actor.

Her albums include ADHD Love Me Not, Jaywalking (Remixes), Stereotype, Samsaya and Shedding Skin.

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Kenneth Kapstad

Kenneth Kapstad (April 20, 1979 Løkken Verk-) also known as Kapstad, Kenneth is a Norwegian musician and composer.

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