Austrian musicians died at 58

Here are 13 famous musicians from Austria died at 58:

Wolfgang Pauli

Wolfgang Pauli (April 25, 1900 Vienna-December 15, 1958 Zürich) also known as Wolfgang Ernst Pauli was an Austrian physicist and scientist.

He died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Eugen Sänger

Eugen Sänger (September 22, 1905 Bohemia-February 10, 1964 Berlin) a.k.a. Eugen Sanger was an Austrian scientist, aerospace engineer, engineer and /m/02h65y5.

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Ernst Hofbauer

Ernst Hofbauer (August 22, 1925 Vienna-February 24, 1984 Munich) a.k.a. Ernest Goodman, Ernest Hofbauer, Ernest Farmer or Herb Al Bauer was an Austrian film director and screenwriter.

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Anton Hanak

Anton Hanak (March 22, 1875 Brno-January 7, 1934 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Karl Zsigmondy

Karl Zsigmondy (March 27, 1867 Vienna-October 14, 1925 Vienna) was an Austrian mathematician.

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Ernst Melchior

Ernst Melchior (June 26, 1920 Villach-August 5, 1978 Rouen) was an Austrian personality.

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Johann Schnitzler

Johann Schnitzler (April 10, 1835 Nagykanizsa-May 2, 1893 Vienna) also known as Dr. Johann Schnitzler was an Austrian laryngologist. He had three children, Arthur Schnitzler, Julius Schnitzler and Gisela Schnitzler.

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Franz Weselik

Franz Weselik (April 20, 1903 Vienna-March 15, 1962) was an Austrian personality.

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Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Johann Nepomuk Hummel (November 14, 1778 Bratislava-October 17, 1837 Weimar) also known as J. N. Hummel, Johann Nepomus Hummel, Hummel, Jan Nepomuk Hummel or Hummel, Johann Nepomuk was an Austrian composer and pianist.

His albums: Piano Concerto in B minor, op. 89 / Piano Concerto in A minor, op. 85, Septets, Fantasies (feat. piano: Madoka Inui), Piano Trios, Oberon's Magic Horn / Grand Rondeau Brilliant / Variations and Finale (Gävle Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Uwe Grodd, piano: Christopher Hinterhuber), Piano Works, Volume 1, Piano Concertos: No.2, Op. 85 / No. 3, Op. 89, Bläserserenaden (Consortium Classicum), Flute Sonatas (Complete) and Die Klassiksammlung 101: Hummel: Virtuosität der Klassik. Genres he performed: Opera.

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Theodor Meynert

Theodor Meynert (June 15, 1833 Dresden-May 31, 1892 Klosterneuburg) was an Austrian personality.

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Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor

Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (July 9, 1578 Graz-February 15, 1637 Vienna) was an Austrian personality. His children are called Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, Cecilia Renata of Austria, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria.

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Adrian Hoven

Adrian Hoven (May 18, 1922 Wöllersdorf-Steinabrückl-April 28, 1981 Tegernsee) also known as Adrian Horen, Percy Parker, Peter Adrian Hoven, Willi, Percy G. Parker, Peter Hofkirchner, Adrian Hooven, Wilhelm Arpad Hofkirchner or Wilhelm Arpad Peter Hofkirchner was an Austrian actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. His child is called Percy Hoven.

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Hermann Hiltl

Hermann Hiltl (June 16, 1872 Olomouc-August 15, 1930 Bad Hall) was an Austrian personality.

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