Austrian musicians died at 76

Here are 26 famous musicians from Austria died at 76:

Otto Wagner

Otto Wagner (July 13, 1841 Penzing-April 11, 1918 Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

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Felix Salten

Felix Salten (September 6, 1869 Budapest-October 8, 1945 Zürich) also known as Siegmund Salzmann was an Austrian writer, novelist and screenwriter. He had two children, Paul Salzmann and Anna-Katharina Salzmann.

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Ernst Moro

Ernst Moro (December 8, 1874 Ljubljana-April 17, 1951 Heidelberg) also known as Dr. Ernst Moro was an Austrian physician and pediatrician.

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Emil Paur

Emil Paur (July 19, 1855 Austria-June 7, 1932) was an Austrian conductor.

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Siegmund von Hausegger

Siegmund von Hausegger (August 16, 1872 Graz-October 10, 1948 Munich) was an Austrian conductor.

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Gideon Brecher

Gideon Brecher (January 12, 1797-May 14, 1873) was an Austrian physician.

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Adolf Fischhof

Adolf Fischhof (December 8, 1816 Buda-March 23, 1893 Klagenfurt) was an Austrian writer and politician.

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Peter Radacher

Peter Radacher (March 9, 1930 Taxenbach-June 1, 2006 Zell am See) was an Austrian personality.

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Luise Fleck

Luise Fleck (August 1, 1873 Vienna-March 15, 1950 Vienna) also known as Louise Kolm-Fleck, Louise Kolm, Luise Kolm-Fleck, L. Fleck, Louise Fleck, J. & L. Fleck, Luise Kolm, J. und L. Fleck, Luise Veltée or Louise was an Austrian screenwriter, film director and film producer. Her child is called Walter Kolm-Veltée.

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Hans Karl Breslauer

Hans Karl Breslauer (June 2, 1888 Vienna-April 15, 1965 Salzburg) also known as Johann Karl Breslauer, H.K. Breslauer, James O'Cleaner or Jenny Romberg was an Austrian screenwriter, film director and writer.

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Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger

Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger (February 5, 1795 Vienna-March 19, 1871 Mödling District) also known as Wilhelm von Haidinger) was an Austrian physicist, geologist and mineralogist.

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Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von Crantz

Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von Crantz (November 25, 1722 Roodt-sur-Eisch-January 18, 1799 Judenburg) was an Austrian physician and botanist.

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Reinhold Frosch

Reinhold Frosch (April 9, 1935-February 14, 2012) was an Austrian personality.

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Fritz Sauter

Fritz Sauter (June 9, 1906 Innsbruck-May 24, 1983 Garmisch-Partenkirchen) was an Austrian physicist.

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Johann Palisa

Johann Palisa (December 6, 1848 Opava-May 2, 1925 Vienna) also known as J. Palisa was an Austrian astronomer.

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Ivan Illich

Ivan Illich (September 4, 1926 Vienna-December 2, 2002 Bremen) was an Austrian philosopher.

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Eric Wolf

Eric Wolf (February 1, 1923 Vienna-March 6, 1999 Irvington) a.k.a. Eric Robert Wolf was an Austrian anthropologist.

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Joseph Joachim

Joseph Joachim (June 28, 1831 Kittsee-August 15, 1907 Berlin) also known as Joachim, Joseph was an Austrian conductor, violinist and composer.

His discography includes: Violin Concerto in the Hungarian Style, Op. 11 / Violin Concerto in G minor, Op. 3 (Staatskapelle Weimar feat. conductor: Michael Halasz, violin: Suyoen Kim), Hungarian Dances for Violin and Piano / Andantino / Romance and Brahms & Joachim: Violin Concertos.

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Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg (September 13, 1874 Leopoldstadt-July 13, 1951 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Arnold Schönberg, Arnold Schonberg, A. Schoenberg, Arnold Shönberg, Arnold Franz Walter Schoenberg, Schoenberg, Arnold Shoenberg, Arnold Franz Walter Schönberg or Schönberg, Arnold was an Austrian composer, music pedagogue, conductor, author, artist, visual artist, musician and writer. He had five children, Nuria Schoenberg, Ronald Schoenberg, Lawrence Schoenberg, Gertrud Greissle and Georg Schönberg.

His discography includes: Piano Music, Verklärte Nacht / Variationen für Orchester (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan), Gurrelieder (Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin feat. conductor: Riccardo Chailly), Verklärte Nacht / Kammersymphonien, Pierrot Lunaire / Lied der Waldtaube / Erwartung (feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), Moses und Aron, Transfigured Night / Pelleas and Melisande (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan), Chamber Works, Arnold Schoenberg (25th Anniversary Edition) (Schoenberg Quartet) and Diedrich Diederichsen trifft: Arnold Schönberg. Genres he performed: Atonal music, 20th-century classical music, Serialism, Art song, Chamber music and Classical music.

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Ernst Toch

Ernst Toch (December 7, 1887 Leopoldstadt-October 1, 1964 Santa Monica) also known as Dr. Ernst Toch was an Austrian film score composer, composer, artist, author, professor, musician and music artist.

His most important albums: Symphonies 2 & 3 (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin feat. conductor: Alun Francis).

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Victor Gruen

Victor Gruen (July 18, 1903 Vienna-February 14, 1980 Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

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Karl Schönherr

Karl Schönherr (February 24, 1867 Axams-March 15, 1943 Vienna) a.k.a. Dr. Karl Schönherr was an Austrian physician, writer and screenwriter.

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Charlotte Eisler

Charlotte Eisler (August 2, 1894 Ternopil-August 21, 1970 Vienna) also known as Charlotte Demant was an Austrian singer, pianist and music teacher. She had one child, Georg Eisler.

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Eduard Von Steinle

Eduard Von Steinle (July 2, 1810 Vienna-September 19, 1886 Frankfurt) was an Austrian personality.

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Egon von Jordan

Egon von Jordan (March 19, 1902 Duchcov-December 27, 1978 Vienna) also known as Egon v. Jordan, E. von Jordan or Egon Jordan was an Austrian actor.

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Elfriede Gerstl

Elfriede Gerstl (June 16, 1932 Vienna-April 9, 2009) was an Austrian personality.

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