British music stars died at age 62

Here are 19 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 62:

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Wittgenstein (April 26, 1889 Vienna-April 29, 1951 Cambridge) also known as Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein or Ludwig "Lucki" Wittgenstein was a British philosopher, architect and teacher.

He died caused by prostate cancer.

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William Morris

William Morris (March 24, 1834 Walthamstow-October 3, 1896 London) a.k.a. W. Morris was a British graphic designer, architect, novelist, writer, designer, artist and visual artist. He had one child, May Morris.

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John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes (June 5, 1883 Cambridge-April 21, 1946 East Sussex) also known as John Maynard Keynes, 1st Baron Keynes was a British economist, politician and investor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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John Byron

John Byron (November 8, 1723 Newstead Abbey-April 10, 1786 London) was a British personality.

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Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh (October 28, 1903 Hampstead-April 10, 1966 Combe Florey) otherwise known as Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh, Arthur St. John Waugh, Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh, Evelyn or He-Evelyn was a British writer, novelist and screenwriter. His children are called James Waugh, Maria Teresa Waugh, Michael Septimus Waugh, Margaret Evelyn Waugh, Mary Waugh, Harriet Mary Waugh and Auberon Waugh.

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Joseph Wolstenholme

Joseph Wolstenholme (September 30, 1829 Eccles-November 19, 1891) was a British mathematician.

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Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb (December 22, 1949 Douglas-May 20, 2012 London) also known as ROBIN GIBB, Robin Hugh Gibb, Robin or Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE was a British singer, songwriter, composer, actor, musician, record producer and film score composer. He had four children, Spencer Gibb, Melissa Gibb, Robin-John Gibb and Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb.

His albums include Robin's Reign, How Old Are You, Magnet, Magnetic Tour, Secret Agent, Sing Slowly Sisters, My Favourite Christmas Carols, Juliet, Live with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra and Walls Have Eyes. Genres: Pop music, Disco, Rock music, Pop rock, Adult contemporary music, Soft rock, Blue-eyed soul, Funk, Synthpop, New Wave, Baroque pop, Psychedelic pop and Psychedelic rock.

He died in pneumonia.

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Isobel Barnett

Isobel Barnett (June 30, 1918 Aberdeen-October 20, 1980) was a British personality.

She died in drug overdose.

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George du Maurier

George du Maurier (March 6, 1834 Paris-October 8, 1896 London) otherwise known as George Du Maurier was a British cartoonist and author. He had five children, Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, Beatrix du Maurier, Gerald du Maurier, Guy du Maurier and Marie Louise du Maurier.

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Gareth Williams, Baron Williams of Mostyn

Gareth Williams, Baron Williams of Mostyn (February 5, 1941 Prestatyn-September 20, 2003 Gloucestershire) was a British barrister and politician.

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Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens (April 13, 1949 Portsmouth-December 15, 2011 Houston) also known as Christopher Eric Hitchens or Hitch was a British journalist, commentator, essayist, critic, writer and author. He had three children, Antonia Hitchens, Sophia Hitchens and Alexander Hitchens.

He died as a result of esophageal cancer.

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Richard Trevithick

Richard Trevithick (April 13, 1771 Tregajorran-April 22, 1833 Dartford) was a British engineer and inventor. He had one child, Francis Trevithick.

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Walter J. Turner

Walter J. Turner (October 13, 1884 South Melbourne-November 18, 1946 Hammersmith) a.k.a. Walter Turner, Walter James Turner or Walter James Redfern Turner was a British novelist, writer, critic and poet.

He died in cerebral thrombosis.

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Arthur Whitten Brown

Arthur Whitten Brown (July 23, 1886 Glasgow-October 4, 1948 Swansea) was a British personality.

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Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath

Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath (September 13, 1734-November 19, 1796 St George Hanover Square) also known as Thomas Thynne, 3rd Viscount Weymouth was a British politician and groom of the stool. He had one child, Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath.

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Lachlan Macquarie

Lachlan Macquarie (January 31, 1762 Ulva-July 1, 1824 London) was a British personality.

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Reginald Dyer

Reginald Dyer (October 9, 1864 Murree-July 23, 1927 Long Ashton) was a British personality.

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Henry Havelock

Henry Havelock (April 5, 1795 Bishopwearmouth-November 24, 1857 Lucknow) was a British personality. He had one child, Sir Henry Havelock-Allan, 1st Baronet.

He died in dysentery.

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Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer

Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (December 5, 1661 London-May 21, 1724 London) was a British politician. He had one child, Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer.

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