British music stars deceased in Cancer

Here are 34 famous musicians from United Kingdom died in Cancer:

Charles Gray

Charles Gray (August 29, 1928 Bournemouth-March 7, 2000 London) a.k.a. Donald Marshall Gray, Gray, Charles, No Neck, Oliver Gray or Marshall was a British actor and voice actor.

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Lyn Murray

Lyn Murray (August 13, 1909 London-April 29, 1989 Los Angeles) also known as Lionel Breeze or Lynn Murray was a British film score composer and conductor.

His discography includes: The Hunters / On The Threshold Of Space and To Catch a Thief / The Bridges at Toko-Ri. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Ella Logan

Ella Logan (March 6, 1913 Glasgow-May 1, 1969 Burlingame) a.k.a. Georgina Allan, Ella Allan, Ina Allan or Logan, Ella was a British singer and actor.

Her albums: Are You Havin' Any Fun / Something I Dreamed Last Night and Ella Logan Sings Favorites from "Finian's Rainbow".

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Laurence Olivier

Laurence Olivier (May 22, 1907 Dorking-July 11, 1989 Ashurst) otherwise known as Laurence Kerr Olivier, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Lord Olivier, Lieut. Laurence Olivier, Larry, Kim, The Lord Olivier, Baron Olivier, Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier of Brighton, Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier of Brighton, OM, The Right Honourable The Lord Olivier OM or Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, OM was a British actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter, television producer and voice actor. His children are Tarquin Olivier, Richard Olivier, Julie Kate Olivier and Tamsin Olivier.

Related albums: A Christmas Carol.

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Derek Lamb

Derek Lamb (June 20, 1936 Bromley-November 5, 2005 Poulsbo) also known as Derek Reginald Steven Lamb or Derek Reginald Lamb was a British film director, screenwriter, film producer, animator and musician. His children are Richard Steven Lamb and Thomas Derek Lamb.

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Jack Buchanan

Jack Buchanan (April 2, 1891 Helensburgh-October 20, 1957 London) also known as Walter John Buchanan, Jack Buchannan, Walter John "Jack" Buchanan or Chump Buchanan was a British actor, singer, film producer, film director and screenwriter. He had one child, Theo Bassett.

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Norrie Paramor

Norrie Paramor (May 15, 1914 London-September 9, 1979 Chipping Barnet) also known as Norman William Paramor, Norrie Paramor och Hans Orkester, Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra, B-side Norrie or Paramor, Norrie was a British conductor, composer, record producer and film score composer.

His albums include Cliff Richard 1950s, Just We Two and Norrie Paramor’s The Wonderful Waltz.

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Iona Brown

Iona Brown (January 7, 1941 Salisbury-June 5, 2004 Salisbury) also known as Brown, Iona was a British conductor.

Her albums include The Best of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Serenade: Berühmte Werke der Klassik / Famous Classical Works, Suite in A minor / 2 Double Concertos, Britten: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge / Tchaikovsky: Serenade for strings / Mozart: Divertimento K 137, 5 Violin Concertos, Cello Concertos, Strauss: Metamorphosen / Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence, Baroque Horn Concertos, Recorder Suite in A minor / Viola Concerto / Tafelmusik and .

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Kenneth Connor

Kenneth Connor (June 6, 1918 Islington-November 28, 1993 South Harrow) a.k.a. Kenneth Connor MBE or Mr. Kenneth Connor was a British actor, soldier and radio personality. He had one child, Jeremy Connor.

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Dick Morrissey

Dick Morrissey (May 9, 1940 Horley-November 8, 2000 Kent) a.k.a. Morrissey, Dick was a British , .

His albums: It's Morrissey, Man!, Have You Heard, Storm Warning!, There and Back, Sonny Stitt / Live at Ronnie Scott's, Souliloquy, After Dark, Super Jam, Charly Antolini Meets Dick Morrissey and Right-On. Genres: Jazz, Hard bop, Jazz fusion and Soul jazz.

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Ray Moore

Ray Moore (January 2, 1942 Liverpool-January 11, 1989) also known as Moore, Ray was a British presenter.

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Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman (January 8, 1941 Stoneygate-October 4, 1989 Maidstone) also known as Graham Arthur Chapman, Graham Whicker Chapman, Dr. Graham Chapman, Cambridge Circus, Graham Spam Spam Spam Chapman, Graham C. Chapmansberg, Hamrag Rachman, The Usual Lot, Graham C. Chapmanberg, Gray Chapman, Montypython Flyingcircus or Monty Python was a British writer, physician, comedian, actor and screenwriter. He had one child, John Tomiczek.

Discography: Looks Like Another Brown Trouser Job.

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Norman Smith

Norman Smith (February 22, 1923 Edmonton, London-March 3, 2008 East Sussex) a.k.a. Hurricane Smith, Huricane Smith or Norman “Hurricane” Smith was a British engineer.

His albums include Don't Let It Die and The Best Of.

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Neil Aspinall

Neil Aspinall (October 13, 1941 Prestatyn-March 24, 2008 Manhattan) also known as Neil Stanley Aspinall, Neil S. Aspinall or Nell was a British record producer, road manager and film producer.

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Richard Wright

Richard Wright (July 28, 1943 Hatch End-September 15, 2008 London) also known as Rick Wright, Wright, Rick, Wright, Richard, Richard William Wright or Richard William "Rick" Wright was a British musician, songwriter, organist, keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist. He had three children, Gala Wright, Ben Wright and Jamie Wright.

His most important albums: Broken China, Wet Dream and Identity. His related genres: Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, Experimental rock, Electronic music, Jazz, Art rock and Hard rock.

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Jimmy Logan

Jimmy Logan (April 4, 1928 Dennistoun-April 13, 2001 West Dunbartonshire) also known as James E. Logan, James Allan Short, James Logan, Jimmy Logan OBE, FRSAMD or James Alan Short was a British singer, actor, theatrical producer, impresario, theatre director and author.

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Alistair Hulett

Alistair Hulett (October 15, 1951 Glasgow-January 28, 2010 Glasgow) also known as Hulett, Alistair was a British , .

His albums include Dance of the Underclass, Red Clydeside and Live in Concert. Genres related to him: Folk music.

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Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren (January 22, 1946 Stoke Newington-April 8, 2010 Bellinzona) otherwise known as Malcom McLaren, McLaren, McLaren, Malcolm or Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren was a British entrepreneur, musician, talent manager, film score composer, singer-songwriter, impresario, visual artist and fashion designer. He had one child, Joseph Corré.

Discography: Buffalo Girls, Buffalo Gals Stampede, Madam Butterfly, Malcolm McLaren's Paris starring Catherine Deneuve, Fans, Swamp Thing, Duck Rock, Paris, Double Dutch and Buffalo Gals Back to Skool. Genres he performed include Punk rock, New Wave, Rock music, Rock and roll, Hip hop music and Dance music.

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Paul Samson

Paul Samson (June 4, 1953 England-August 9, 2002 Norwich) otherwise known as Samson, Paul was a British musician.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Blues rock.

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G. H. MacDermott

G. H. MacDermott (February 27, 1845-May 8, 1901 Clapham) a.k.a. Gilbert Hastings MacDermott was a British singer.

Genres he performed include Music hall.

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Mick Karn

Mick Karn (July 24, 1958 Nicosia, Sicily-January 4, 2011 Chelsea) also known as Anthony Michaelides or Karn, Mick was a British oboist and bassist.

His albums include Three Part Species, More Better Different, Each Eye A Path, The Collector's Edition, The Tooth Mother, Bestial Cluster, Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters, Titles, Buoy and Love's Glove. His related genres: Avant-garde, Punk rock, Post-punk, Experimental rock, Avant-garde music and New Wave.

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Joyce Grenfell

Joyce Grenfell (February 10, 1910 Westminster-November 30, 1979 Chelsea) also known as Joyce Irene Phipps, Joyce Irene Grenfell, Joyce Greenfell or Joyce Grenfell O.B.E. was a British actor, singer-songwriter and comedian.

Her albums include Requests the Pleasure: The Best of Joyce Grenfell.

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Donald Swann

Donald Swann (September 30, 1923 Llanelli-March 23, 1994 London) also known as Swann, Donald, Donald Swann (with Gervase De Peyer), Donald Swann (with Charlotte Mitchell & Shirley Hall), Swann, Donald (with De Peyer, Gervase), Swann, Donald (with Mitchell, Charlotte & Hall, Shirley), Donald Swann (with Lilli Malandraki & Gervase De Peyer) or Swann, Donald (with Malandraki, Lilli & De Peyer, Gervase) was a British musician, composer and comedian.

His albums include The Road Goes Ever On and Poems and Songs of Middle Earth.

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Stanley Myers

Stanley Myers (October 6, 1930 Birmingham-November 9, 1993 Kensington and Chelsea) also known as Myers was a British film score composer.

His albums include The Deer Hunter and Other Themes, Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles", Sitting Target, The Deer Hunter, , Taffin, Paperhouse, Mona Lisa / Castaway, The Zero Boys and Hotel / Kaleidoscope.

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Digby Wolfe

Digby Wolfe (June 4, 1929 London-May 2, 2012 Albuquerque) also known as Wolfe, Digby was a British actor, screenwriter, teacher and writer.

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Peter Dyneley

Peter Dyneley (April 13, 1921 Hastings-August 19, 1977 London) also known as Peter was a British actor and voice actor. His children are Richard Dyneley and Amanda Dyneley.

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Roger Hammond

Roger Hammond (March 21, 1936 Stockport-November 8, 2012 Ealing) also known as John Roger Hammond was a British actor.

His albums include Shallow Tracks.

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Chris Stamp

Chris Stamp (July 7, 1942 East End of London-November 24, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Christopher Stamp, Christopher Thomas Stamp or Christopher Thomas "Chris" Stamp was a British record producer, psychotherapist, talent manager, art therapist, film producer and film director. He had two children, Rosie Stamp and Amie Stamp.

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Mike Leander

Mike Leander (June 30, 1941 Walthamstow-April 18, 1996 London) a.k.a. Michael George Farr, Michael Leander or The Marquis of Kensington was a British film score composer, songwriter, film producer, music arranger and record producer.

Discography: Cool Drinks and Warm Company.

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Mary Losseff

Mary Losseff (March 13, 1907 Vladivostok-July 3, 1972 London) also known as Mara Loseff was a British singer and actor. Her child is called Dimitri.

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Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner (January 27, 1948 Dulwich-October 24, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Gardner, Kim or Gardner & Dyke Ashton was a British musician and actor.

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Larry Adler

Larry Adler (February 10, 1914 Baltimore-August 6, 2001 London) also known as Larry Adler Et Al., Lawrence Cecil Adler or Lawrence "Larry" Cecil Adler was a British musician, actor and film score composer.

His albums: The Best of Larry Adler, The Best Of, The Great Larry Adler: Original Recordings 1934–1947, The Man I Love, Stormy Weather, , It Ain't Necessarily So, The Glory of Gershwin and Harmonica Virtuoso.

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Stan Tracey

Stan Tracey (December 30, 1926 London-December 6, 2013 Tupelo) also known as Stanley William Tracey or Tracey, Stan was a British composer, jazz pianist and pianist. He had one child, Clark Tracey.

His discography includes: Little Klunk / Showcase, Suspensions and Anticipations and Tracey / Wellins Play Monk. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Danny La Rue

Danny La Rue (July 26, 1927 Cork-May 31, 2009 Royal Tunbridge Wells) a.k.a. Daniel Patrick Carroll, La Rue, Danny, Danny La Rue, OBE or the Drag Queen was a British drag queen, actor and entertainer.

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