Bulgarian musicians died at 64

Here are 5 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 64:

Iliya Kirchev

Iliya Kirchev (December 28, 1932 Bulgaria-September 11, 1997) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Georgi Partsalev

Georgi Partsalev (June 25, 1925 Levski, Pleven Province-October 31, 1989 Sofia) also known as Георги Иванов Парцалев, Patzo or Georgi Ivanov Partsalev was a Bulgarian actor.

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Stefan Dimitrov

Stefan Dimitrov (November 22, 1939 Burgas-August 13, 2004 Sofia) was a Bulgarian opera singer and actor.

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Stefan Toshev

Stefan Toshev (December 18, 1859 Stara Zagora-November 27, 1924 Plovdiv) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Emil Dimitrov

Emil Dimitrov (December 23, 1940 Pleven-March 30, 2005 Sofia) also known as Dimitrov, Emil was a Bulgarian singer and songwriter. He had one child, .

His albums: Only a life is not enough, Golden Hits II, , Golden Hits I, Diva Samodiva, Private Eye, Autographs, Accordion, One life only and Twenty Years With Emil's Songs. Genres: Pop music.

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