Canadian actors who deceased in 1987

Here are 4 famous actors from Canada died in 1987:

Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene (February 12, 1915 Ottawa-September 11, 1987 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Lyon Chaim Green O.C., LL.D., Lyon Himan Greene, The Voice of Doom, The Voice of Canada, Lyon Himan "Chaim" Green, Lyon Chaim Green, Chaim, Lyon Himan Green, Lyon Himan "Chaim" Greene, Lorne Green, Hyman or Lyon Himan Green, OC was a Canadian actor and musician. He had three children, Gillian Greene, Belinda Susan Bennet and Charles Greene.

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John Qualen

John Qualen (December 8, 1899 Vancouver-September 12, 1987 Torrance) also known as Johan Mandt Kvalen, John M. Qualen, John T. Qualen, John Kvalen, John Olson, John Oleson or Kvalen was a Canadian actor, musician and historian. He had three children, Elizabeth Qualen, Kathleen Qualen and Meredith Qualen.

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Alain Montpetit

Alain Montpetit (September 24, 1950 Montreal-July 15, 1987 Washington, D.C.) a.k.a. King of Disco was a Canadian actor.

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Lang Jeffries

Lang Jeffries (June 7, 1930 Ontario-February 12, 1987 Huntington Beach) also known as Bill Lappin or Jeffrey Lang was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Kent Lappin.

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