Czech movie actors born in the year 1932

Here are 9 famous actors from Czech Republic were born in 1932:

Radoslav Brzobohatý

Radoslav Brzobohatý (September 13, 1932 Vrútky-September 12, 2012 Prague) also known as Radek Brzobohatý or Radovan Brzobohatý was a Czech actor. His children are called Ondřej Brzobohatý and Radana Brzobohatá.

Ladislav Smoček

Ladislav Smoček (August 24, 1932 Prague-) also known as Ladislav Smocek is a Czech actor.

Ladislav Trojan

Ladislav Trojan (August 1, 1932 Prague-) a.k.a. L. Trojan is a Czech actor. He has two children, Ivan Trojan and Ondřej Trojan.

Zdenek Braunschläger

Zdenek Braunschläger (January 30, 1932 Boskovice-) also known as Zdenek Braunschlager is a Czech actor and screenwriter.

Stanislav Zindulka

Stanislav Zindulka (May 5, 1932 Jilemnice-) also known as S. Zindulka is a Czech actor.

Josef Zíma

Josef Zíma (May 11, 1932 Prague-) otherwise known as Josef Zima or Zíma, Josef is a Czech actor and singer.

Leoš Suchařípa

Leoš Suchařípa (February 16, 1932 Varnsdorf-June 14, 2005 Prague) was a Czech actor. His children are called David Sucharípa and Pavel Suchařípa.

Miroslav Zounar

Miroslav Zounar (June 15, 1932 Osečnice-March 28, 1998 Prague) was a Czech actor. He had one child, Martin Zounar.

Eduard Cupák

Eduard Cupák (March 10, 1932 Brno-June 23, 1996 Prague) was a Czech actor.

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