Czechoslovakian musicians died at 72

Here are 10 famous musicians from Czechoslovakia died at 72:

František Šťastný

František Šťastný (November 12, 1927-April 8, 2000) was a Czechoslovakian personality.

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František Ipser

František Ipser (August 16, 1927 Czechoslovakia-December 8, 1999 Czech Republic) was a Czechoslovakian personality.

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Jaroslav Balík

Jaroslav Balík (June 23, 1924 Prague-October 17, 1996 Prague) was a Czechoslovakian screenwriter and film director.

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Milan Kymlicka

Milan Kymlicka (May 15, 1936 Louny-October 9, 2008 Toronto) a.k.a. M. Kymlicka was a Czechoslovakian composer, music arranger, conductor and film score composer.

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Karl Löb

Karl Löb (March 15, 1910 Teplice-January 20, 1983 Berlin) also known as Karl Loeb was a Czechoslovakian cinematographer.

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Jan Roth

Jan Roth (November 10, 1899 Náchod-October 4, 1972 Prague) was a Czechoslovakian cinematographer and actor.

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Fred Sersen

Fred Sersen (February 24, 1890 Czechoslovakia-December 11, 1962 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ferdinand Sersen, Ferdinand Motodei Sersen or Fred M. Sersen was a Czechoslovakian painter.

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Jan Curík

Jan Curík (November 1, 1924 Prague-December 4, 1996 Prague) also known as Jan Curik was a Czechoslovakian cinematographer, film director and screenwriter.

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Zdeněk Hajný

Zdeněk Hajný (January 30, 1942-March 1, 2014) was a Czechoslovakian painter, graphic designer and psychologist.

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Jaroslav Marvan

Jaroslav Marvan (December 11, 1901 Prague-May 21, 1974 Prague) also known as Jar. Marvan, J. Mavran or J. Marvan was a Czechoslovakian actor. He had one child, Alena Marvanová.

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