Danish movie stars born in 1930

Here are 6 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1930:

Hardy Rafn

Hardy Rafn (September 17, 1930 Slagelse-January 23, 1997 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

Preben Kaas

Preben Kaas (March 30, 1930 Aalborg-March 27, 1981 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor, screenwriter, film director, comedian and film score composer. His children are called Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Jeppe Kaas, Lone Kaas, Kaas Hanne and Pernille Kaas.

Verner Tholsgaard

Verner Tholsgaard (September 2, 1930 Denmark-May 2, 2001 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

John Hahn-Petersen

John Hahn-Petersen (November 4, 1930 Copenhagen-January 4, 2006 Copenhagen) also known as John Charles Hahn-Petersen or John Hahn Petersen was a Danish actor.

Henning Skaarup

Henning Skaarup (November 21, 1930 Denmark-February 17, 2012) was a Danish actor, screenwriter and voice actor.

Svend Johansen

Svend Johansen (May 17, 1930 Frederiksberg-) is a Danish actor and film producer.

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