Famous musicians born in the year 1921

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1921:

Ástor Piazzolla

Ástor Piazzolla (March 11, 1921 Mar del Plata-July 4, 1992 Buenos Aires) also known as Astor Piazzolla, Astor Piazolla, Astor Piazzola, Piazzolla*Astor, A. Piazolla, Ástor Piazolla, Astor Piazzolla Y Su Orquesta Típica, Astor Piazzolla y su Orquesta, Piazzolla, Astor or Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla was an Argentine composer. His children are Diana Piazzolla and Daniel Piazzolla.

Discography: Libertango, Nuevo Tango: Hora Zero, La Camorra, Adios Nonino, Bandoneón sinfónico (Athens Colours Orchestra feat. conductor: Manos Hadjidakis, bandoneón: Astor Piazzolla), Songs From a Heavy Heart: Essential Tangos 1984-1989, Piazzolla & José Angel Trelles, Tres Tangos / Aconagua (Kuopio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Atso Almila, accordion: Mika Vayrynen), Astor Piazzolla Remixed and 20 Greatest Hits. Genres: Nuevo tango, Opera, Film score and Jazz.

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Humphrey Lyttelton

Humphrey Lyttelton (May 23, 1921 Eton-April 25, 2008 London) a.k.a. Humphrey Lyttleton, Humph, Humphry Lyttelton, Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton, Lyttelton, Humphrey or Humphrey Littleton was a British musician, radio personality, writer, cartoonist, composer, presenter and trumpeter.

His albums: Trouble in Mind, The Best of Humphrey Lyttleton, Bad Penny Blues: 1955-1956, Classic Years, Movin' and Groovin' and Humph Plays Standards. Genres he performed: Jazz and Dixieland.

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Steve Allen

Steve Allen (December 26, 1921 New York City-October 30, 2000 Los Angeles) also known as Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen, Steven Allen or Stephen Valentine Patrick William "Steve" Allen was an American writer, comedian, talk show host, actor, screenwriter, musician, composer, television producer, film score composer and tv personality. His children are called David Allen, Bill Allen, Steve Allen Jr. and Brian Allen.

His albums include Steve Allen Plays Jazz Tonight, A Man Called Dagger, Music for Tonight, Soulful Brass, On the Air! The Classic Comedy of Steve Allen, Steve Allen at the Roundtable and Poetry for the Beat Generation.

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Peter Ustinov

Peter Ustinov (April 16, 1921 Swiss Cottage-March 28, 2004 Genolier) also known as Peter Alexander Ustinov, Alexander von Ustinov, Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov, Ustinov, Peter Alexander Baron von Ustinow, Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, Sir Peter Ustinov or Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, CBE was a British screenwriter, actor, author, comedian, opera director, theatre director, presenter, film director, film producer, journalist, voice actor, playwright, humorist, diplomat and educator. He had four children, Andrea Ustinov, Igor Ustinov, Pavla Ustinov and Tamara Ustinov.

His albums: Peter & The Wolf and Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus: Eine musikalische Erzählung von und mit Sir Peter Ustinov (Litauische Kammerphilharmonie feat. conductor: Karl Anton Rickenbacher).

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Carol Channing

Carol Channing (January 31, 1921 Seattle-) also known as Carol Elaine Channing is an American singer, actor and comedian. She has one child, Channing Carson.

Her albums: Hello, Dolly!.

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Georges Brassens

Georges Brassens (October 22, 1921 Sète-October 29, 1981 Saint-Gély-du-Fesc) a.k.a. G. Brassens or Brassens, Georges was a French singer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète, La mauvaise réputation, Cupidon S'en Fout, Georges Brassens récital n°1, Georges Brassens récital n°2, Georges Brassens et sa guitare N°5, Georges Brassens, Volume 6, Volume 13 : Inédits : Archives 1953-1980, Auprès de mon arbre and Auprès de mon arbre.

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Nelson Riddle

Nelson Riddle (June 1, 1921 Oradell-October 6, 1985 Los Angeles) also known as N. Riddle, Nelson Smock Riddle Jr., Nels or Nelson Smock Riddle, Jr. was an American sailor, trombonist, composer, music arranger, film score composer, orchestrator and actor. He had seven children, Rosemary Riddle, Maureen Alicia Riddle, Leonora Celeste Riddle, Bettina Riddle, Cecily Jean Riddle, Christopher Riddle and Nelson Riddle III.

His albums: Batman: Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album, Hey... Let Yourself Go / C'mon... Get Happy, Lolita, The Best Of, Batman, El Dorado, Oklahoma / Can Can, Love Is a Game of Poker, Route 66 & Other TV Themes / More Hit TV Themes and Sea of Dreams / Love Tide. Genres related to him: Big Band, Traditional pop music and Jazz.

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Herb Ellis

Herb Ellis (August 4, 1921 Farmersville-March 28, 2010 Los Angeles) also known as Ellis, Herb was an American guitarist and musician.

His albums: In a Mellow Tone, Rhythm Willie, Soft & Mellow, Texas Swings, The Concord Jazz Heritage Series, Down-Home, Roll Call, Soft Shoe, Windflower and Nothing but the Blues. Genres he performed include West Coast jazz, Cool jazz, Bebop, Swing music and Mainstream jazz.

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Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin (December 4, 1921 Winnipeg-April 20, 2013 Neauphle-le-Château) also known as Winnipeg`s Sweetheart, deanna_durbin, Edna Mae Durbin or Durbin, Deanna was a Canadian singer and actor. She had two children, Jessica Louise Jackson and Peter David.

Her albums include Can't Help Singing, America's Sweetheart of Song! and The Golden Voice Of.

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Jimmy Giuffre

Jimmy Giuffre (April 26, 1921 Dallas-April 24, 2008 Pittsfield) a.k.a. Giuffre, Jimmy, James Peter Giuffre, Jimmy Guiffre, Jimmy Guiffree, Guiffre, Jimmy or James P. Giuffre was an American film score composer, music arranger, musician, clarinetist and saxophonist.

Discography: Jimmy Giuffre 3 - Thesis, The Jimmy Giuffre 3, Conversations With a Goose, Fusion, Trav'lin' Light, Free Fall, Night Dance, Quasar, The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / The Music Man and Paris Jazz Concert. Genres he performed include Jazz, Cool jazz, Free jazz, Chamber jazz, Third stream, Folk jazz and West Coast jazz.

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Arthur Grumiaux

Arthur Grumiaux (March 21, 1921 Les Bons Villers-October 16, 1986 Brussels) also known as Grumiaux, Arthur was a Belgian pianist and violinist.

Discography: The Violin Sonatas, Arthur Grumiaux, Early Recordings, 3 Sonatas / Syrinx, Violin Sonatas, The Romantic Violin, Volume 2: Famous Encores, Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Arthur Grumiaux), The Violin Sonatas, Works for Violin and Orchestra, Complete Trios and The Violin Concertos. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Louis Frémaux

Louis Frémaux (August 13, 1921 Aire-sur-la-Lys-) also known as Louis Fremaux is a French conductor.

His albums: Concierto de Aranjuez / Fantasía para un gentilhombre (feat. guitar: John Williams), Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, , Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, The Carnival of the Animals, Organ" Symphony / Piano Concerto No. 2 / Havanaise, Symphony no. 3 "Organ" / The Carnival of the Animals, Symphony no. 3 op. 78 in C minor / The Carnival of the Animals, Requiem / Cantique de Jean Racine and Requiem / Cantique de Jean Racine.

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Pedro Knight

Pedro Knight (September 30, 1921 Cuba-February 3, 2007 Arcadia) also known as Knight, Pedro was an American trumpeter.

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Richard Adler

Richard Adler (August 3, 1921 New York City-June 21, 2012 Southampton) a.k.a. Adler, Richard was an American composer, lyricist and theatrical producer. His children are called Andrew Adler, Christopher Adler and Katherine Adler.

His albums: Kwamina (original Broadway cast), Damn Yankees (1955 Original Broadway Cast), Calamity Jane / The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees, The Pajama Game, The Lady Remembers (The Statue of Liberty Suite) / Wilderness Suite and The Pajama Game.

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Tal Farlow

Tal Farlow (June 7, 1921 Greensboro-July 25, 1998 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) a.k.a. Octopus, Talmage Holt, Talmage Farlow, Talmage Holt Farlow or Farlow, Tal was an American guitarist.

His albums: Verve Jazz Masters 41, The Complete Verve Tal Farlow Sessions, A Sign of the Times, Chromatic Palette, Cookin' on All Burners, On Stage, The Return of Tal Farlow/1969, The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow, Chance Meeting and Tal. Genres he performed include Cool jazz, Bebop and Jazz.

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Franny Beecher

Franny Beecher (September 29, 1921 Norristown-February 24, 2014 Philadelphia) a.k.a. Francis Beecher was an American , .

Genres he performed include Country and Jazz.

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Pierrette Alarie

Pierrette Alarie (November 9, 1921 Montreal-July 10, 2011 Victoria) was a Canadian singer.

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Phyllis Curtin

Phyllis Curtin (December 3, 1921 Clarksburg-) a.k.a. Curtin, Phyllis is an American singer.

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Giuseppe Di Stefano

Giuseppe Di Stefano (July 24, 1921 Motta Sant'Anastasia-March 3, 2008 Santa Maria Hoè) a.k.a. Giuseppe di Stefano, di Stefano, Giuseppe or Pippo was an Italian opera singer.

His most important albums: Neapolitan Songs, Il mito dell'opera, Tosca, Great Opera Recordings: Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Heroes, Italy, Tosca and Opera Arias. Genres: Opera.

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Antony Hopkins

Antony Hopkins (March 21, 1921 Bush Hill Park-May 6, 2014 Berkhamsted) also known as Ernest William Antony Reynolds or Antony Hopkins CBE was a British film score composer, pianist, conductor and radio broadcaster.

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Lili Chookasian

Lili Chookasian (August 1, 1921 Chicago-April 10, 2012) was an American singer.

Discography: 9th Symphony "Choral".

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Joe Maphis

Joe Maphis (May 12, 1921 Suffolk-June 27, 1986) also known as Maphis, Joe was an American guitarist, singer, composer and fiddler.

His albums: Fire on the Strings, Country Music's Two Guitar Greats, Country Guitar Thunder, Country Guitar Giants and Flying Fingers.

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Jerome Hines

Jerome Hines (November 8, 1921 Hollywood-February 4, 2003) was an American singer.

Discography: Macbeth.

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Joonas Kokkonen

Joonas Kokkonen (November 13, 1921 Iisalmi-October 2, 1996 Järvenpää) a.k.a. Kokkonen, Joonas was a Finnish composer.

His albums: Metamorphosis for 12 Strings and Harpsichord: "...Durch Einen Spiegel..." / Symphony No. 1 / Symphony No. 4 (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Paavo Berglund), Symphonies nos. 1 & 2 / Opus sonorum, The Four Symphonies / Requiem, Cello Concerto / Symphonies nos. 3 & 4, , , Music for String Orchestra / The Hades of the Birds, Song Cycle / Symphony no. 1 and . Genres: 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Webb Pierce

Webb Pierce (August 8, 1921 West Monroe-February 24, 1991) also known as Webb Michael Pierce, Pierce, Webb, Web Pierce, Webb Price or Price, Webb was an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Greatest Hits - Finest Performances, Honky Tonk Songs, In the Jailhouse Now (feat. Willie Nelson), The Wandering Boy 1951-1958, The Wondering Boy (The King of 50s Country), The Wondering Boy 1951-1958, Webb Pierce : King of the Honky-Tonk, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Webb Pierce, There Stands the Glass / I'm Walking the Dog and Back Street Affair / I'll Always Take Care of You. Genres he performed include Country, Honky-tonk and Rockabilly.

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John de Lancie

John de Lancie (July 26, 1921 Berkeley-May 17, 2002 Walnut Creek) was an American oboist and musician. He had one child, John de Lancie.

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Grant Johannesen

Grant Johannesen (July 30, 1921 Salt Lake City-March 27, 2005) was an American pianist.

His albums: Piano Concerto in A Minor - Peer Gynt Suite.

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Adolph Herseth

Adolph Herseth (July 25, 1921 Lake Park-April 13, 2013 Oak Park) was an American trumpeter.

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William Bergsma

William Bergsma (April 1, 1921 Oakland-March 18, 1994 Seattle) otherwise known as William Laurence Bergsma was an American , .

Genres: Opera.

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Richard Wayne Dirksen

Richard Wayne Dirksen (February 8, 1921 Freeport-July 26, 2003 Washington, D.C.) also known as Richard Dirksen was an American organist, composer and conductor.

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Maro Ajemian

Maro Ajemian (July 9, 1921-September 18, 1978) a.k.a. Ajemian, Maro was an American , .

Discography: Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano.

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Helen Bonchek Schneyer

Helen Bonchek Schneyer (January 10, 1921 United States of America-July 16, 2005) was an American singer.

Her discography includes: Ballads, Broadsides And Hymns.

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Ben Weisman

Ben Weisman (November 16, 1921 Providence-May 20, 2007 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Benjamin Weisman, Weisman, Ben, Mad Professor or The Mad Professor was an American songwriter and composer.

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Baburaj (March 9, 1921 Kozhikode-October 7, 1978) a.k.a. Mohammad Sabir Baburaj, M. S. Baburaj or Babukka was an Indian singer, musician, composer, film score composer and music director.

Genres he performed: Film score.

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Graciela Rivera

Graciela Rivera (April 17, 1921 Ponce-July 17, 2011 Mays Landing) was a Puerto Rican singer.

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Candido Camero

Candido Camero (October 22, 1921 Havana-) a.k.a. Camero, Candido, Cándido de Guerra Camero or Candido is a Cuban musician.

Discography: Beautiful, The Conga Kings, The Anthology, Drum Fever, Brujeias De Candido, Dancin' & Prancin', In Indigo, Candido (feat. Al Cohn) and The Volcanic & Latin Fire. Genres: Jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz and Disco.

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Jeanne Demessieux

Jeanne Demessieux (February 13, 1921 Montpellier-November 11, 1968 Paris) otherwise known as Demessieux, Jeanne was a French organist.

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Dennis Berry

Dennis Berry (August 21, 1921-June 21, 1994) also known as Dennis Alfred Berry or Frank Sterling was a British , .

Genres he performed: Jazz, Light music and Classical music.

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Sena Jurinac

Sena Jurinac (October 24, 1921 Travnik-November 22, 2011 Augsburg) a.k.a. Srebrenka Jurinac, Srebenka Sena Jurinac or Sena was an Austrian singer and actor.

Her albums include .

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Constance Keene

Constance Keene (February 9, 1921 Brooklyn-December 24, 2005) was an American pianist.

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George Barnes

George Barnes (July 17, 1921 South Chicago Heights-September 5, 1977 Concord) otherwise known as Barnes, George was an American guitarist and composer.

His albums include Plays So Good, Gems and Something Tender. Genres: Jazz, Pop music, Swing music, Rock music, Blues and Country.

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John Bunch

John Bunch (December 1, 1921 Tipton-March 30, 2010 New York City) was an American jazz pianist and pianist.

His most well known albums: NY Swing and New York Swing: Cole Porter Collective. Genres: Jazz.

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Manitas de Plata

Manitas de Plata (August 7, 1921 Sète-November 5, 2014) otherwise known as Plata, Manitas de was a French , .

His albums include Ole! Guitarra flamenco, Flaming flamenco, Les grands succès de, Libres Conto El Viente, The Guitar Artistry of Manitas de Plata, Archivo de Flamenco, Spanish Guitar Favorites, , and . Genres: Flamenco.

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Hurshul Clothier

Hurshul Clothier (November 18, 1921 Chester-April 2, 2006 Eufaula) was an American musician and bandleader.

Genres he performed: Western swing.

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Dick Rowe

Dick Rowe (June 9, 1921-June 6, 1986) also known as Richard Rowe was a British , .

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Luigi Creatore

Luigi Creatore (December 21, 1921 New York City-) a.k.a. Creatore, Luigi is an American record producer and songwriter.

His albums include Maggie Flynn (Original Broadway Cast Recording).

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Stafford Smythe

Stafford Smythe (March 15, 1921-October 13, 1971) was a Canadian , .

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Darío Moreno

Darío Moreno (April 3, 1921 Aydın-December 1, 1968 Istanbul) otherwise known as Dario Moreno or David Arugete was a Turkish guitarist, composer, singer, lyricist and actor.

His albums include Dario Moreno, Oh ! Qué Dario !, Si tu vas à Rio, Compilation, Tropical Dario, Hatıralar Hayal Oldu / Olam Boyun Kurbanı, Mulata Ye Ye Ye, Moreno Poy poy, Long Bos and Si Tu Vas A Rio / Viens.

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Julius Watkins

Julius Watkins (October 10, 1921-April 4, 1977 Detroit) also known as Watkins, Julius was an American , .

His albums include The Jazz Modes and .

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Iakovos Kambanelis

Iakovos Kambanelis (December 2, 1921 Naxos-March 29, 2011 Athens) a.k.a. Iakōvos Kampanellēs, Iakovos Kampanellis or Iakovos Kabanellis was a Greek novelist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist and poet. He had one child, Katerina Kambanelli.

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