Filipino music stars who deceased at age 63

Here are 6 famous musicians from Philippines died at 63:

Simeon Toribio

Simeon Toribio (September 3, 1905 Bohol-June 5, 1969) a.k.a. Simeon Galvez Toribio was a Filipino personality.

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Raul Roco

Raul Roco (October 26, 1941 Naga, Camarines Sur-August 5, 2005 Quezon City) a.k.a. Raul Sagarbarria Roco or Raul S. Roco was a Filipino lawyer, politician and film producer. He had six children, Robbie Pierre Roco, Raul Roco Jr., Sophia Roco, Sareena Roco, Rex Roco and Synara Roco.

He died as a result of prostate cancer.

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Romy Diaz

Romy Diaz (November 14, 1941 Pampanga-May 10, 2005 Metro Manila) also known as Romy Diax, Judas or Romy was a Filipino actor.

He died in tongue cancer.

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Roy Alvarez

Roy Alvarez (March 23, 1950 Pagbilao-February 11, 2014 Quezon City) a.k.a. Leandro Delantar Alvarez was a Filipino actor, screenwriter, film director and television director.

He died in cardiac arrest.

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Jojo Lapus

Jojo Lapus (April 12, 1943 Makati-September 20, 2006 Makati) also known as Julio M. Lapus, Jojo M. Lapus, Jojo M. Lapuz or Jojo Lapuz was a Filipino screenwriter, journalist and columnist. He had one child, John Lapus.

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Apeng Daldal

Apeng Daldal (October 12, 1928 San Luis, Pampanga-February 9, 1992 Manila) also known as Serafin Gabriel was a Filipino actor, writer, singer and comedian.

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