Finnish actors born in 1960

Here are 10 famous actors from Finland were born in 1960:

Teijo Eloranta

Teijo Eloranta (January 3, 1960 Helsinki-) is a Finnish screenwriter and actor.

Jukka Keinonen

Jukka Keinonen (April 24, 1960 Heinävesi-) is a Finnish actor.

Mikko Kuustonen

Mikko Kuustonen (March 4, 1960 Leppävirta-) also known as member of Pro Fide is a Finnish singer-songwriter, screenwriter and actor. He has two children, Iina Kuustonen and Minka Kuustonen.

Vesa Wallgren

Vesa Wallgren (November 4, 1960 Tampere-) also known as Vesa Tapani Wallgren is a Finnish actor.

Marcus Groth

Marcus Groth (June 10, 1960 Helsinki-) also known as Groth, Marcus is a Finnish actor.

Mikael Rejström

Mikael Rejström (January 31, 1960 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Micke Reijström, Micke Rejström or Miikkael Rejström is a Finnish actor.

Heikki Rantanen

Heikki Rantanen (January 18, 1960 Jämsä-) is a Finnish actor.

Jukka Pitkänen

Jukka Pitkänen (July 13, 1960 Toijala-) a.k.a. Jukka Tapani Pitkänen is a Finnish actor.

Jari Elsilä

Jari Elsilä (April 10, 1960 Liminka-) also known as Jari is a Finnish actor.

Carl-Kristian Rundman

Carl-Kristian Rundman (December 7, 1960 Vantaa-) a.k.a. Karl-Cristian Rundman is a Finnish actor.

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