Finnish actors died in 2009

Here are 4 famous actors from Finland died in 2009:

Seppo Kolehmainen

Seppo Kolehmainen (January 18, 1933 Pielavesi-February 23, 2009 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor.

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Åke Lindman

Åke Lindman (January 11, 1928 Helsinki-March 3, 2009 Espoo) also known as Ake Lindman, Åke Leonard Lindman, Ake Leonard Lindman or Åke Leonard Järvinen was a Finnish actor, film director, television director, screenwriter, football player and film producer. He had three children, Tom Lindman, Heidi Lindman and Heidi Kara.

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Jarmo Savolainen

Jarmo Savolainen (May 24, 1961 Iisalmi-June 11, 2009 Helsinki) was a Finnish composer, musician, jazz pianist and actor.

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Tauno Söder

Tauno Söder (January 13, 1927 Gromovo-May 2, 2009) also known as Tauno Huugo Söder was a Finnish actor.

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