German musicians who were born in 1943

Here are 23 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1943:

Hartmut Haenchen

Hartmut Haenchen (March 21, 1943 Dresden-) also known as Haenchen, Hartmut is a German conductor.

His most recognized albums: Der Tod & das Mädchen, Symphony No. 4 in G major (Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Hartmut Haenchen), Bach Kantaten Bwv 35 Bwv 169 Bwv 49 (Jochen Kowalski feat. Orchestra Kammerorchester CPE Bach, Choir Rias-Kammerchor) and 6 Stücke Op. 150, Suite Op. 149.

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Roy Black

Roy Black (January 25, 1943 Bobingen-October 9, 1991 Heldenstein) a.k.a. Gerhard Höllerich or Black, Roy was a German singer and actor.

Discography: Ich denk' an dich, Die Singles 1969 - 1972, Für immer, Für dich allein, Star Edition, Wanderjahre, Ganz in weiß / Ich suche dich, Die Singles 1964 - 1968, Ganz in Weiss and Wünsche und Gedanken: Seine schönsten Weihnachtslieder. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Wolf Wondratschek

Wolf Wondratschek (August 14, 1943 Rudolstadt-) is a German writer and screenwriter.

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Hanna Schygulla

Hanna Schygulla (December 25, 1943 Chorzów-) a.k.a. Hannah Schygulla is a German actor, singer, artist and music artist.

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Cornelia Froboess

Cornelia Froboess (October 28, 1943 Wriezen-) a.k.a. Conny Froboess, Connie Froboess, Conny Frobös, Conny Froboes, Conny Froeboess, Connie Froebess, Conny Froebess, Die Kleine Cornelia, Cornelia Froboess, Conny, Cornelia or Conny Froboeß is a German singer and actor.

Her discography includes: Schlager & Stars, Die Singles 1961 - 64, Connys Party, Made in Germany, Die Singles 1964 - 67, Die kleine Cornelia, O, diese Jöre, and .

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Michael Holm

Michael Holm (July 29, 1943 Szczecin-) also known as Holm, Michael is a German singer.

His discography includes: Meine Größten Erfolge, Mendocino, Seine Großen Erfolge, , Tränen lügen nicht, , , , and .

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Udo Zimmermann

Udo Zimmermann (October 6, 1943 Dresden-) is a German conductor and composer. His child is called Claudia Michelsen.

His related genres: Opera.

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Michael Kunze

Michael Kunze (November 9, 1943 Prague-) also known as Kunze, Michael is a German author, lyricist and songwriter.

His albums include Elisabeth: Het ware verhaal van Sissi, keizerin van Oostenrijk, Elisabeth: Gesamtaufnahme Wien, Mozart, Elisabeth, Rebecca (original cast), Rebecca (Stage Palladium Theater Stuttgart), and Elisabeth - Gesamtaufnahme Live - Jubiläumsfassung. His related genres: Musical theatre and Pop music.

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Christian Brückner

Christian Brückner (October 27, 1943 Wałbrzych-) a.k.a. Christian Bruckner is a German actor and voice actor. He has two children, Kai Brückner and Timm Brückner.

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Conny Bauer

Conny Bauer (July 4, 1943 Sonneberg-) also known as Konrad "Conny" Bauer or Conrad Bauer is a German trombonist.

His most important albums: Between Heaven and Earth.

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Hanna Schwarz

Hanna Schwarz (August 15, 1943 Hamburg-) also known as Schwarz, Hanna is a German , .

Related albums: Symphonie no. 9, Symphonie Nr. 6 / Rückert-Lieder (Chicago Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Claudio Abbado) and Rigoletto highlights.

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Kurt Demmler

Kurt Demmler (September 12, 1943 Poznań-February 3, 2009 Berlin) also known as Kowarski was a German musician, singer, songwriter and lyricist.

His albums include , and .

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Lena Valaitis

Lena Valaitis (September 7, 1943 Klaipėda-) a.k.a. Valaitis, Lena is a German singer.

Discography: Best Of, So oder anders, and .

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Ludwig Güttler

Ludwig Güttler (March 16, 1943 Sosa, Germany-) also known as Ludwig Guttler or Güttler, Ludwig is a German , .

His most important albums: Die goldene Trompete, , Trompeten-Konzerte, , , , , and Weihnachts-Oratorium, BWM 248 (Concentus Musicus Wien feat. conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt).

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Nick St. Nicholas

Nick St. Nicholas (September 28, 1943 Plön-) a.k.a. Klaus Karl Kassbaum is a German bassist.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Heavy metal, Psychedelic rock, Acid rock and Blues rock.

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Volker Kriegel

Volker Kriegel (December 24, 1943 Darmstadt-June 14, 2003) also known as Volker Kriegal, Kriegel, Volker or Mathar was a German songwriter, cartoonist, author, musician and music director.

His albums include Spectrum, Topical Harvest, House-Boat, Lift!, Inside: Missing Link, Das Beste aus den Siebzigern, Eastern Vibes, Psychedelic Jazz Guitar, and . Genres: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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Wolfgang Karius

Wolfgang Karius (June 4, 1943 Gummersbach-) is a German conductor.

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Manfred Schnelldorfer

Manfred Schnelldorfer (May 2, 1943 Munich-) otherwise known as Schnelldorfer, Manfred is a German , .

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Marika Kilius

Marika Kilius (March 21, 1943 Frankfurt-) also known as Kilius, Marika is a German , .

Her albums include Honeymoon in St. Tropez.

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Paul Graetz

Paul Graetz (February 16, 1943 Berlin-February 16, 1943 Hollywood) was a German actor.

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Günter Sommer

Günter Sommer (August 25, 1943 Dresden-) also known as Gunter Sommer is a German drummer.

His albums: Riobec, Cappuccini Klang, , Leo Smith / Peter Kowald / Günter Sommer, If You Want the Kernels You Have to Break the Shells, The Storming of the Winter Palace, , Αφορισμοί - Aphorisms (26 Statements on the Situation), Between Heaven and Earth and . Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Elke Heidenreich

Elke Heidenreich (February 15, 1943 Korbach-) also known as Elke Helene Rieger is a German journalist, actor, presenter and author.

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Tom Astor

Tom Astor (February 27, 1943 Schmallenberg-) a.k.a. Astor, Tom is a German singer and composer.

Discography: Meine schönsten Songs, Country Welthits, Der Deutsche Country-Sänger Tom Astor, Hautnah, Trucker Weihnacht, , , , and . His related genres: Schlager music and Country.

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