Hungarian actresses born in 1910

Here are 5 famous actresses from Hungary were born in 1910:

Steffi Duna

Steffi Duna (February 8, 1910 Budapest-April 22, 1992 Beverly Hills) also known as Stephanie Berindey was a Hungarian dancer and actor. Her children are called Julianna Benito and James O'Keefe.

Ilona Massey

Ilona Massey (June 16, 1910 Budapest-August 20, 1974 Bethesda) a.k.a. Ilona Hajmássy, Ilona von Hajmassy, Ilona Hagymasi or The new Dietrich was a Hungarian actor and opera singer.

Zsuzsa Simon

Zsuzsa Simon (October 24, 1910 Oradea-May 27, 1996 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor and voice actor. She had one child, Zsuzsa Mányai.

Katalin Karády

Katalin Karády (December 8, 1910 Budapest-February 8, 1990 New York City) also known as Karady Katalin, Katalin Kanczler or Karády Katalin was a Hungarian singer and actor.

Olga Eszenyi

Olga Eszenyi (January 27, 1910 Brașov-April 1, 1992 São Paulo) was a Hungarian actor.

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