Indonesian musicians died when they were 63

Here are 6 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 63:

Hasballah M. Saad

Hasballah M. Saad (July 14, 1948-August 23, 2011 Bekasi) otherwise known as Hasballah Saad was an Indonesian politician.

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Syahrir (February 24, 1945 Indonesia-July 28, 2008) was an Indonesian politician.

He died in lung cancer.

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Prijono (July 20, 1905 Yogyakarta-March 6, 1969 Indonesia) was an Indonesian politician. His child is called Ami Priyono.

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Mohamad Mochtar

Mohamad Mochtar (July 1, 1918 Cianjur-December 1, 1981 Jakarta) also known as Moh Mochtar or Tarzan of Java was an Indonesian actor and cinematographer.

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Rachmat Kartolo

Rachmat Kartolo (March 13, 1938 Jakarta-September 18, 2001 Jakarta) also known as Rahmat Kartolo was an Indonesian singer, actor, composer and film director.

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Adnan Kapau Gani

Adnan Kapau Gani (September 16, 1905 West Sumatra-December 23, 1968) was an Indonesian actor and politician.

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